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Búsqueda de licenciatario para una tecnología de fabricación de bobinados autónomos de máquinas de coser pespunte


Oferta Tecnológica
Un departamento de una universidad checa con larga experiencia en innovaciones textiles ha desarrollado una nueva tecnología de fabricación de bobinados autónomos para máquinas de coser pespunte. Esta tecnología permite fabricar los bobinados de forma eficaz y aumentar la calidad y productividad del proceso de costura de manera significativa. La universidad busca socios interesados en fabricar la tecnología bajo acuerdos de licencia.


Licensee sought for technology enabling manufacture of self-supporting lower windings for sewing machines
A Czech university has developed new technology for manufacturing of self-supporting lower windings intended for lock-stitch sewing machines. The offered technology enables effective manufacture of these windings and increases the quality and productivity of the sewing process in a significant manner. Researchers are looking for partners interested in production of the technology under a license agreement.
The offered technology has been developed at the department of the Czech university, which has a long track of record in textile innovations.

Self-supporting lower windings are windings especially designed for lock-stitch sewing machine. At present there are neither commercially available any technologies for the manufacture of self-supporting lower windings. There is also a demand from the textile industry for utilizing self-supporting lower windings on older textile machines.

In comparison with direct competition, the offered technology of self-supporting lower windings differs by the absence of a supporting flanged tube. For utilizing self-supporting lower windings in sewing machines a new type of looper is available on the market, where the lower windings does not rotate and the thread is unwound from the centre of the package. This eliminates the inertial dynamic effects of the windings during stops and run-ups in the sewing process.

This technology has been tested on a newly developed machine, enabling to manufacture up to 10 lower windings simultaneously. The achieved characteristics of the manufactured lower windings considerably increase the quality and productivity of the sewing process.

Researchers are looking for partners interested in licensing the invention under a license agreement and start production of the offered technology.
Advantages and Innovations:
- Increased productivity and quality of the sewing process of lock-stitch sewing machines
- The self-supporting lower windings contain at least double the length of wound thread compared to a traditional flanged package of the same dimensions. This allows double the sewing time without the need to exchange the package and provides a reduction in downtimes during the sewing process to as little as one half
- The self-supporting lower windings have a precisely defined length of wound yarn with the prescribed tolerance and it is possible to gain an advantage by programming the stop of the sewing machine with a bid to replace the depleted lower package, e. g. at the end of a seam. Therefore, the defined length of the thread in the package permits the rest of the thread in the lower winding to be minimised by choosing the optimum length of seam
- Using new type of looper the self-supporting lower windings do not rotate during the sewing process. That means that the thread is unwound from the centre of the package, which considerably reduces thread breaks when starting and stopping the sewing machine. This brings increasing the quality and productivity of the sewing process
- The offered technology allows as many as 10 self-supporting lower windings to be manufactured simultaneously on the new machine, which increases the efficiency of their manufacture and lowers their price
- The technology utilizes precise cross winding, which permits individual winds to be laid close to each other at a prescribed constant distance in every wound layer of the package. This distance can be chosen in such a way that the winds may be laid close to each other
Stage of Development:
Available for demonstration
Secret Know-how

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
Type of partner sought:

Specific area of activity of the partner:
Producer of sewing threads, manufacturer of sewing machines

Task to be performed by the partner sought:
Researchers are looking for partners interested in licensing the invention under a license agreement and start production of the offered technology.


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