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Búsqueda de socios para continuar con el desarrollo de una soldadura de biovidrio y silicato para unión, revestimiento y modificación de superficies


Oferta Tecnológica
Una empresa alemana ha investigado el uso de una soldadura de biovidrio y silicato que ha combinado con tecnologías de procesamiento muy innovadoras. Como resultado se obtiene un implante dental híbrido muy novedoso hecho de titanio y cerámica y una superficie de implante de cerámica modificado con células activas. Otras aplicaciones de su tecnología incluyen implantes para cirugía maxilofacial y oral, ortopedia, química, automoción, industria aeroespacial, etc. La empresa está interesada en transferir los resultados para desarrollar nuevas aplicaciones industriales y busca socios internacionales con el fin de establecer acuerdos de I+D y cooperación técnica.


Partnersearch for joint further development of silicate bioglass solder for bonding, coating and surface modification
A company from Germany investigated in the use of silicate bioglass solder combined with very innovative processing technologies. As a result a highly innovative material-locking hybrid dental implant made of titanium and ceramic and the creation of a modified cell-active ceramic implant surface was developed. The partners now want to transfer the results into further industrial applications. International partners for joint R-Y-I or technical cooperation are desired.
A family driven, very innovative and well connected dental laboratory from the North-East of Germany investigated in processing technologies to use silicate bioglass solder for material locking bonding of zirkonia (ceramic) and titanium to produce modified, cell-active implant surfaces in dental implantology.

Based on the yearlong experiences and joint research with a well-known Institute for Implant Technology and the Chair of Fluid Technologies and Microfluidics from a local university, a highly innovative hybrid dental implant was developed.

Outstanding features of this already patented implant are a new composite material achieved by material-locking bonding of zirconia and titanium by help of glass solder and a modified, cell-active ceramic implant surface as well achieved through glass solder.

Thereby the combination of advanced technologies and different materials applied lead to extraordinary results: on the one hand instead of spraying to generate a defined glass coating, extrusion of a glass solder suspension using a single drop generator is used (inkjet), leading to a very precise and selective coating. On the other hand, the ablation of the glass solder surface is succeeded using ultrashort pulse laser, leading to highest roughness parameters ever.

Parallel to the transfer of the new dental implant into the market the company and its partners want to adapt the processes and technologies to other applications. Further application options are presented with implants in oral and maxillofacial surgery, orthopedics, as well as in the chemical, automobile, aerospace industries and many other sectors.

International partners from universities, research institutions, industries or Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) interested in applying and implementing adaequate Research and Innovation Projects such as Fast track to innovation (FTI), Eurostars or others are wanted. Also technical cooperation outside of R-Y-I projects are possible.
Advantages and Innovations:
The described applications are absolute unique, high innovative and proteced by European patents.

Using silicate bioglass solder for bonding, coating and surface modification has the following advantages:

(1) Bonding of Titanium and Zirkonia
Comparative tests with conventional NimeticCem adhesives from ESPE AG (Seefeld, Germany) clearly showed that a incomparably high strength can be achieved with the glass solder.

Additional investigation implemented came to the results, that bioglass solder not only combines ceramics and titanium to a composite material, but can be also used to lock ceramics to ceramics. So far, the following combination have been successfully proved: ZrO2 or Ti with LS2 or ZrO2 with LS2). This offers even more possibilities to create implants or non-medical devices.

(2) Surface coating
The inkjet-technology facilitates in particular the generation of a defined glass solder deposit on the inner conus of dental implants, which was not possible before by spraying.

(3) Surface modification:
The ablation of the glass solder surface is succeeded using ultrashort pulse laser (UKP), leading to highest roughness parameters ever. As a result, the implant is a very densely and bacteriostatic hybrid implant, that grow into the jaw in a very short time and is as robust as a full titanium implant.

In relation to the manufacturing of implants UKP-lasering has the following tangible advantages:
· Compared to sandblasted surface, one obtains a defined surface structure.
· Realization of very different surface structures is possible.
· Surface structure can be deposited very exactly and locally varied (direction of pattern).

Stage of Development:
Available for demonstration
Secret Know-how,Patents granted
CommeR Statunts Regarding IPR Status:
European Patents

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
Partner (acedemic, industrial, SME) for joint project implementation searched. Project are meant to do final adaptions on patented processes and materials and bring those on the market and to developed and test new fields of application in the aerospace, automobil, chemical industry or elsewhere. Programs envisaged are are Eurostars or Fast Track to Innovation (FTI). Open also for other programs.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME <= 10
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