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Búsqueda de socios para desarrollar conjuntamente una plataforma médica/clínica de servicios de diagnóstico de patología molecular


Oferta Tecnológica
Una pyme chipriota fundada en 2012, que desarrolla proyectos de I+D y TIC, está especializada en diagnóstico del cáncer y terapias de medicina personalizada. En colaboración con universidades, la empresa está desarrollando una plataforma para satisfacer el suministro y demanda de servicios de diagnóstico rutinario de patología molecular. El consorcio busca investigadores con el fin de continuar con el desarrollo de la plataforma mediante acuerdos de cooperación técnica, así como para desarrollar un algoritmo de suministro y demanda mediante acuerdos de investigación.


Partners sought to co-develop an e-medical / clinical molecular pathology diagnostic services platform
A Greek/Cypriot SME consultant for R-Y-D and ICT projects established in 2012 is specialized in cancer diagnosis -Y- personalized medicine therapies. Together with universities, they are developing a platform to satisfy the supply -Y- demand for routine -Y- molecular pathology diagnostic services.
The Consortium seeks R-Y-D partners to:
- further develop the platform through a technical cooperation agreement,
- to develop a supply and demand algorithm through a research cooperation agreement.
A small capitalization company with intelligent and experienced management in the field of Health/ICT services has established key contracts with a Greek research centre and a Greek university regarding big data analysis.

The platform being developed by the SME will also be a portal/hub for medical / pharmaceuticals researchers, and physicians; it will offer testing services, from classical clinical pathology tests to molecular diagnostics. It will transfer biopsies and surgical pathology specimens from the customers´ location (at an accredited diagnostic laboratory anywhere in Europe).

It will address personalized medication issues and focus on specialist preventive and diagnostic testing, consult on pathologies and serious diseases as well as clinical cures and therapies, with a focus on diagnostic hematopathology.

It will provide:
- a world-class molecular, histology and histopathology service
- mediation for ordering diagnostic tests on-line
- medical/clinical services for the management and execution of innovative diagnostics and research.

The platform will offer hospitals and clinical doctors, as well as private practitioners and doctorate -Y- post-doc researchers, the opportunity to find and purchase accurate diagnostic services and advice online through this international interdisciplinary platform.


Platform is being developed in three STAGES.

STAGE I. An e-shop - where diagnostic laboratories offer routine and molecular pathology diagnostic services (tests). Prices are standard and fixed.

STAGE II. Managing supply and demand: Users requiring bulk packages of anatomical/pathological e-services complete a form addressed to the suppliers (laboratories) through the platform, negotiating special rates.
The company´s intervention guarantees the agreement and the transaction process from start to finish. Users will be fully satisfied by receiving: best value for money, applied best practices -Y- benchmarking techniques as well as accuracy, consistency and punctual delivery of diagnostic results.

STAGE III. At this stage, a proprietary algorithm will be developed that can give an accurate measure of the supply of, and demand for, the platform´s services at any given moment of the day. This algorithm is presently under development.

The platform will offer diagnostic test results based on selected biomarkers for colorectal cancer, lung cancer and many other neoplasias and mutations. This will include prognosis consultation for personalized therapies on targeted health issues to medical professionals (hospitals, research institutions, pharmaceuticals, clinics for genetics, biomedical laboratories, private practitioners mainly general surgeons and gynecologists).

All collaborating laboratories have state-of-the-art histology and imaging equipment including confocal laser microscopy, digital slide scanning, laboratory-to-desktop interrogation of images and reports and access to experienced medical pathologists.
Specimens are expedited 24/7/365. Furthermore, whether transporting human organs, blood or research (even drug-treated blood for new cancer treatments), shipments will remain viable.

The company is seeking companies or R-Y-D institutions with the relevant expertise to collaborate in stage III of the platform´s development.

The company also plans to use this platform as a basis for a project proposal to be submitted under HORIZON 2020.
Advantages and Innovations:
The design of this new e-clinical platform, built from scratch, will consist of special features and technical parameters based upon the needs of the EU, incorporating best practices for international markets, international regulations and business -Y- medical ethics.

The procedures for using the platform will be safe, timely and easy to follow.

The platform will offer to hospital clinicians, as well as to private practitioners and researchers, the opportunity to find and purchase accurate diagnostic services and advice online at competitive prices through an international interdisciplinary platform. They simply select the best diagnostic solution for their needs among those proposed online and send the biopsies to their chosen laboratory.

It is a platform in which the demand for anatomical pathology diagnostic services meets the supply offered by distinguished laboratories from all over the world, according to best practices.

Through novel benchmarking techniques and quality assurance, together with the certifications applicable, the consortium will upload the best offerings from the collaborating laboratories and research centres on a daily basis.

Stage of Development:
Available for demonstration
Secret Know-how

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
Research cooperation agreement:
The company is looking for companies or R-Y-D institutions with experience in the development of market-maker algorithms that can determine the levels of supply and demand of a given service, or that can conduct research into a proprietary algorithm for the benchmarking of diagnostic results according to best practices

Technical cooperation agreement:
Companies/institutions in the bio-medical field are also sought who are willing to pool resources in order to further develop the platform through a technical cooperation agreement.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME <= 10
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
Languages Spoken:


Technology Keywords:
01004001 Applications for Health
06005004 Diagnóstico remoto
06005 E-salud
01004 IT and Telematics Applications