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Búsqueda de socios para participar en proyectos (Horizonte 2020, Eurostars) y desarrollar nuevas herramientas de diagnóstico lab-on-a-chip con un valor añadido


Oferta Tecnológica
Una start-up portuguesa especializada en tecnologías de diagnóstico está comprometida con el suministro de ensayos de diagnóstico molecular rápidos y portátiles, con una amplia variedad de aplicaciones en diversos mercados y especialmente en agricultura, alimentación y veterinaria. Su tecnología incluye tratamiento de muestras, amplificación de ADN y detección de ADN, todos integrados en un cartucho desechable, y un lector electrónico. La empresa busca socios académicos e industriales, etc. con el fin de establecer acuerdos de joint venture, licencia, servicio o cooperación técnica o participar en proyectos de los programas Horizonte 2020 o Eurostars.


Seeking partners developing projects (H2020, Eurostars), to which a novel lab-on-chip diagnostics tool provides added-value
Diagnostics technology Portuguese start-up is committed to delivering a new generation of rapid, portable molecular diagnostic tests with broad applications across several markets, with an initial focus in ag/food/animal health.

The SME is looking for partners (academia, industry, etc.) considering joint venture, license, services or technical cooperation agreements, to achieve an international goal within a Horizon 2020 (H2020) or Eurostars projects already delineated.

The company is a start-up, spin-off from top Portuguese academic institutions, established in 2013, with a world class experience in biotechnology, electronics (including chips manufacturing) and physics, with a proven track record in managing start-ups, with a team with world class experience.

The company has a Letter of Intent from a leading pharmaceutical company, and has won several international awards in the fields of agtech and animal health. It also has experience with
Horizon2020 projects.

The company developed a technology that comprises four core elements: sample treatment, DNA amplification, and DNA detection, all integrated within a disposable cartridge, and an electronic reader to operate the said cartridge.

This diagnostic tool is an easy to use in-vitro diagnostic (IVD): performing direct DNA extraction, amplification and detection, this all in one portable device is currently focused on the detection of bovine mastitis - an inflammation of the dairy cow´s mammary gland, whose treatment depends on the bacteria involved.

The technology is adjustable to different needs and its adaptation or further validation within an international project will contribute to a more robust reach to the market and a stronger industrialization and commercialization phases.

This SME is looking for partners and a coordinator for H2020 (or Eurostars) calls, namely, but not limited to:
-SFS-13-2017, to which the Company´s product is a close match, since it is a diagnostic tool, focused on the animal health and agricultural fields, and it has already been tested with real milk and vine samples;
-NMBP-13-2017, to which the Company´s product is a close match, since it is a portable key-enabling-technology, with a wide range of possible applications, from animal health to agriculture and to human health;
-SFS-10-2017, to which the Company´s product is a match, since it is focused on the identification of bacteria responsible for bovine mastitis, a disease that affects terrestrial livestock worldwide;
-BG-08-2017, to which the Company´s product is a match, since it is a novel portable diagnostic tool, that can be oriented to the identification of specific seafood pathogens or seafood properties, thus contributing to improve its safety and dietary properties;
-RUR-12-2017, to which the Company´s product is a match, since it can be integrated on a European network and feed specific diagnostic results - this is a possibility since the diagnostic tool includes an electronic reader, connected online and allowing the visualization of simple diagnostic results off-site;
-BB-02-2017, to which the Company´s product is a match, since it includes an electronic reader, connected online and allowing the visualization of simple diagnostic results off-site, that can be statistically processed and used by bio-based industries, such as dairy, for example;
-SFS-46-2017, to which the Company´s product is a match, since it is a diagnostics tool, beyond the state-of-the-art, that besides the identification of bacteria on a sample, also gives information on that specific pathogen´s resistance to antibiotic, thus contributing to a parsimonious usage of drugs, to animal welfare and to a positive impact on animal and global health;
-FOF-09-2017, to which the Company´s product is a match, since it is a novel diagnostic tool, thus predictive, and it can be incorporated in an already existing production system, completing the functions of this system and increasing its operating life;

The start-up considers joint venture, license, services or technical cooperation agreements, according to the type of partnership that best suits the consortium and incorporates more added-value to the project. This project would preferably be developed in the fields of animal health, agtech, agri-food or human health and to which the company´s technical expertise and project management experience can be an advantage.
Advantages and Innovations:
The company´s technology:
- is a "on site" diagnostic solution;
- allows the screening of samples for relevant bacteria and antibiotic resistance genes in a single shot, within a few hours, ensuring a prompt diagnosis and treatment decision (ensures the judicious deployment of antibiotics);
- allows the reduction of device components from macro to micro or even nano-scale and the improvement in efficiency of the detection of pathogens in samples, making use of a novel magnetorresistive DNA sensing technology;
- is simpler than other commercial options and does not require a specialized user, any farm worker can perform the test, leading to lower barriers to its usage.;
- is at least as accurate as current solutions (non-inferiority vs bacterial culture tests).

This technology is also more versatile and informative than existing onsite tests, since it allows, with the same sample, the detection of several bacteria and antibiotic resistances. It must be underlined that it will not be necessary to send samples to a central laboratory for analysis, eliminating logistics and contamination concerns.

To ensure its broad applicability in different sectors, notably in agricultural settings, the technology has already been tested with vine samples, parallel to milk.
Stage of Development:
Available for demonstration
Secret Know-how,Patent(s) applied for but not yet granted,Patents granted,Trade Marks

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
- Looking for partners interested in the company tests for cooperation under license agreement, technical cooperation agreement and services agreement

- Looking for SMEs, private or public companies, universities or research organizations as partners and, mainly, as consortium leaders, for joint venture agreement under H2020 or Eurostars consortiums, to whom the Company´s expertise and scientific know-how introduces added-value to already structured projects

- The Company´s expertise and technological know-how will introduce added-value to the following H2020 calls (not limited to these):
·SFS-13-2017: Validation of diagnostic tools for animal and plant health
·NMBP-13-2017: Cross-cutting KETs (Key-Enabling Technologies) for diagnostics at the point-of-care
·SFS-10-2017: Research and approaches for emerging diseases and pests in plants and terrestrial livestock
·BG-08-2017: Innovative sustainable solutions for improving the safety and dietary properties of seafood
·RUR-12-2017: Networking European farms to boost thematic knowledge exchanges and close the innovation gap
·BB-02-2017: Towards a method for the collection of statistical data on bio-based industries and bio-based products
·SFS-46-2017: Alternative production system to address anti-microbial drug usage, animal welfare and the impact on health
·FOF-09-2017: Novel design and predictive maintenance technologies for increased operating life of production systems


Type and Size of Client:
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
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Technology Keywords:
06002 Biología / biotecnología
06002007 Ensayos in vitro, experimentos
06004 Micro y nanotecnología relacionada con las ciencias biológicas
06001018 Virus, virología / antibióticos / bacteriología