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Centro de investigaciones y pruebas ofrece experiencia en I+D en los campos de vehículos eléctricos, turbocompresores, motores y acústica


Oferta Tecnológica
Un centro francés de investigaciones y pruebas en los sectores de automoción, ferroviario y aeroespacial ofrece asistencia a pymes, grandes empresas, centros de I+D y universidades para realizar pruebas y llevar a cabo actividades de ingeniería bajo acuerdos de cooperación técnica e investigación. El centro se organiza en torno a cuatro actividades principales: motores, NVH (ruido, vibración y severidad), turbocompresores y electricidad. La empresa es conocida en todo el mundo por su know-how en la industria de automoción (vehículos ligeros, camiones pesados y coches de Fórmula 1). Su experiencia también encuentra aplicación en la industria de defensa.


Test center and R-Y-D expertise offered in the fields of electric vehicles, turbochargers, engines and acoustics
A French high-tech research and test center for the automotive, rail and aerospace industries proposes to assist SMEs, large companies, R-Y-D centers and universities to perform tests and engineering activities under a technical or a research cooperation agreement.
The French company is an independent test center. Organized into 4 technical activities: engine, NVH (noise, vibration and harshness), turbocharger and electrics, it offers its expertise and provides high-technology test means to the automotive, the rail and the aeronautics industries. The company is recognized at the international level for its know-how in the automotive industry for all types of vehicles including light vehicles, heavy trucks and Formula 1 vehicles. Its expertise also finds applications in the defense industry.

The company offers research and technology cooperation in vehicle and equipment testing, focusing on technological challenges in transport, mobility and environment.

Set on over 7000sqm the R-Y-D and testing center includes:

1/ A Turbocharger Test Centre equipped with 5 independent and secured test cells, each of them fitted with an individual workshop for tests preparation and storage.

2/ An engine Test Center with:
- 4 dynamic test beds for engine development testing, up to 238 kW and 525 N.m
- 2 test beds with test cell temperature regulation
- 1 test bed with required safety functions for LPG and CNG engine testing
- 2 static test beds for engine durability testing, up to 300 kW and 910 N.m
- 1 acoustic test bed for powertrain in a fully anechoic test cell, 300 kW and 1400 N.m
- Combustion air : Independent controls of temperature and humidity in each test cell
- Fuels : 10 different feed lines, total storage capacity of 74 000 litres. Fully compatible with Flex Fuel (Ethanol)
- LPG : 1 line, 2 000 litres capacity ; CNG: tank unit up to 206 m3.
- Specific equipment includes:
o AVL InMotion: Engine test within a virtual driving environment via HIL technique
o Engine inlet coolant temperature control module (temperature control between -30 and 120°C in steady-state operation, thermal shock from 90 to -30°C in less than 2 minutes after engine shutdown)
o Alternator and air-conditioning system loading modules

3/ Acoustic chambers:
- 3 coupled reverberation chambers
- A semi-anechoic chamber
- A full anechoic powertrain test bed

4/ 1 noise test track: 900 m long test track with roundabouts at each end for noise, wet road or roughness tests, etc.

5/ Vibration testing facilities including:
- 1 electrodynamic shaker : 53 kN
- 1 electrodynamic shaker : 5 kN
- Horizontal table
- Climatic chamber from 150°C down to minus 40°C
- Squeak -Y- rattle test bench
- Laser vibrometer
- Power sensor
- Acquisition system: Dataphysics 10 values, Signal Star

6/ An electrical Test Center:
- Power equipment in controlled climate environment (-40°C to +90°C)
- Impedance spectroscopy measurements (from 10 µHz to 20 kHz)
- RIPPLE simulation
- Instrumentation for module test lines up to 24 temperatures measurements and 24 additional voltage measurements
- Battery Management System (BMS) for module test lines by CAN link or other protocols
- Traceability of cells via Test Explorer (Kratzer Automation) Software

The French research and test center offers to work with the engineering community, industry, academics and R-Y-D laboratories. It proposes to collaborate under a research cooperation agreement on R-Y-D projects, including European projects, or under a technical cooperation agreement to develop prototypes or test protocols.
Advantages and Innovations:
- The French company provides its clients with the most suitable service for their needs: its engineers and technicians support all or part of the work ranging from installation to result analysis, and perform client tests in complete confidentiality.

- The company can also study and adapt its equipment to realize client projects, offering engine control development services (hardware and software) with its partners to build a demonstrator prototype.

- It has experience in NVH (noise, vibration and harshness) Research -Y- Development programs such as REVA, CISIT, etc.

- Constantly attentive to the latest technologies and ensuring a technological watch the company provides its partners with solutions fitted to their new needs.

- Research is focused on reducing CO2 emissions and consumption while maintaining driving pleasure. Furthermore, in order to apply an environmental policy based on energy solutions development, the company had opened an electrical vehicle test center, enabling it to consider and characterize the behavior of batteries used in the automotive, the railway and the aeronautic industries.

- A recognized player in its field, the company is achieving high rankings as a contributor, in various roles, to a number of consortia and excellence and competitiveness clusters. Its teams also benefit from technical exchanges and collaboration with leading European academics.
Stage of Development:
Already on the market
Secret Know-how

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The company is looking for new partners from the industry and academia with projects in the automotive, rail, aerospace or defense fields aiming at developing prototypes or testing new protocols, as well as expanding their test capabilities to new techniques and technologies, and looking for expertise to help refine, consolidate and validate procedures.

Partners can also be interested in collaborating on R-Y-D projects, including EU-funded projects, in the fields of the electrification of vehicles, for example.

The French R-Y-D and test center offers to collaborate under a technical cooperation agreement for client projects. It can also offer it services under a research cooperation agreement for client R-Y-D projects.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME 11-49
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
Languages Spoken:


Technology Keywords:
02009001 Diseño de vehículos
02009014 Electricidad y electrónica para automoción
02009012 Ingeniería de automoción
02009003 Vagones de ferrocarril
02009004 Vehículos para transporte por carretera