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Centro español de biotecnología que ofrece servicios completos y know-how a empresas investigadoras está interesado en participar en proyectos de investigación conjunta en el campo de bioplásticos


Oferta Tecnológica
Un instituto español de investigación biotecnológica ofrece su experiencia y equipos en aislamiento e identificación de microorganismos, purificación y caracterización de proteínas, genómica, metagenómica, transcriptómica, metatranscriptómica, proteómica, desarrollo de procesos de producción y validación de productos microbianos de alto valor. El centro de investigación está interesado en unirse a un consorcio para presentar una propuesta a la convocatoria "Comunidades de microorganismos para biodegradación de plásticos (RIA) - CE-BIOTEC-05-2019" del programa H2020 bajo un acuerdo de investigación.


Spanish biotechnological centre offering complete services and know-how for research companies is interested in joint research projects in the field of bioplastics
A Spanish biotechnological research institute offers expertise and equipment in isolation and identification of microorganisms, protein purification and characterization, genomics, metagenomics, transcriptomics, metatranscriptomics, proteomics, process development of microbial high-value products production and validation. The centre is interested in joining a consortia in order to submit a H2020 proposal to the call "biotechnology on plastic degradation" under a research cooperation agreement.
The organization is a Spanish biotechnological private non-profit research institute, founded in 1993, whose main activities are related to molecular biology and microbial biotechnology. The institution keeps close links with industrial research and innovation. The team of researchers covers several techniques and counts with a long experience in scientific research in European funded projects.

The Institute´s research team is seeking partners to build a collaborative project on plastic degradation. For this, the team would provide expertise in the following areas.

Cultivation and isolation of microorganisms
The institute is focused on the molecular biology of actinobacteria, fungi, wine yeasts and algae for improving industrial applications. Besides, the isolation and characterization of microbial strains involved in metal and wood degradation are the core of two European funded projects. These include microbial (fungi, yeast, bacteria) isolation from natural sources, taxonomical location, microbial manufacturing capabilities development, raw materials degradation, scale-up (5, 20, 300 liters) and metabolites production analysis.

Genomics, metagenomics, transcriptomics and metatranscriptomics
The genomics unit of the institute counts with the required equipment and experience to carry out total DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) and RNA (ribonucleic acid) isolation of high quality from difficult matrices and (micro)organisms. This material is the basis to genomics studies. These include: identification and phylogenetic classification of microbial isolates, shotgun metagenomics analysis, whole genome sequencing and transcriptomics analysis.

The proteomics unit of the institute has all the required facilities and procedures to conduct gel-based proteomics analyses, including sample preparation, purification, cleaning from different (micro)organisms or fluids, visible and fluorescent staining, two-dimensional Western detection and protein identification by mass spectrometry.

Protein purification and characterization
The expertise and means for protein production are offered, which cover different vectors and microbial platforms (both in bacteria and fungi) and protein engineering. Also they have experience in the screening, isolation and characterization of different enzymes (individually or in cocktails) as well as in the study and analysis of enzymatic reactions (determination of optimal conditions and the kinetic parameters).

Process development of microbial high-value products production and validation
- Test of collection of microorganisms (bacteria and fungi) for the production of high added value products using culture broths where plastic-degrading microorganisms have previously grown in the presence of plastic wastes as substrate.
- Genetic engineering or random mutagenesis of plastic-degrading microorganisms for the production of high added value products using plastic wastes as substrate.
- Test for potential interesting activities shown by plastic-degrading microorganisms grown in the presence of plastic wastes as substrate.
- Identification of active molecules produced by plastic-degrading microorganisms grown in the presence of plastic wastes as substrate by means of metabolomics.
- Cytotoxicity tests to evaluate safety of novel antimicrobial compounds produced by plastic-degrading microorganisms grown in the presence of plastic wastes as substrate.

The institute, looking for private and public partners, would like to collaborate on joint research and development projects, under research cooperation agreements. In the short term this call has been identified: "Microorganism communities for plastics bio-degradation (RIA) - CE-BIOTEC-05-2019".
Advantages and Innovations:
· Experience in Horizon 2020
· Technical knowledge and equipment
· The team is experienced in collaboration with several international actors
· Novel biotechnological approaches for the management of mixtures of plastics by use of microorganisms and enzymes.
· Transformation of plastics into their monomers and production of high value products in an ecofriendly and sustainable bioprocess.
· Decrease the environmental contamination due to plastics.
Stage of Development:
Available for demonstration
Secret Know-how

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The institute is interested in contact with industries, academia or research organizations, interested in biodegradation of plastics, to join a project in order to submit a proposal to H2020 subprogramme Biotechnology on plastic degradation (CE-BIOTEC-05-2019).

The partnership considered is research cooperation agreement.


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R&D Institution
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