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Clúster francés ofrece experiencia en biomateriales y productos de química verde


Oferta Tecnológica
Un clúster francés especializado en biomateriales y productos de química verde ofrece su experiencia en diseño de nuevos procesos y materiales a socios de distintos sectores (agroalimentación, envasado, impresión, plásticos, transporte, medicina y construcción). El clúster desarrolla proyectos en distintos campos: nuevas propiedades y funciones de materiales, ecodiseño y procesos de fabricación innovadores, química verde para nuevos biomateriales y procesos de alto rendimiento y avanzados para distintos sectores (eficiencia energética, química verde, metrología y fábricas del futuro). El objetivo es establecer acuerdos de cooperación técnica e investigación.


R-Y-D and technology expertise in the fields of biosourced materials and green chemicals offered
A French cluster specialised in biobased materials and green chemicals offers its expertise in designing new processes and/or materials to partners from sectors ranging from agro-food to construction, under a research or a technical cooperation agreement.
The French cluster has expertise in green chemicals and biobased materials for applications in 8 main industries: the tableware, the packaging, the printing, the plastics, the agro-food, the transport, the construction and the medical industries.

It gathers the know-how of companies and research and technology organisations, and brings together researchers, academia, entrepreneurs and the civil society in mutualised labs and projects mixing fundamental and applied research on a multidisciplinary and cross-sectoral approach. Furthermore, it has established partnerships with other clusters and public authorities.

The cluster can offer to conduct research or technical cooperation on client projects in the following fields:
- New properties and functions of materials : food preservation, coating and surface treatment, adhesives, traceability, authentication, marking technologies, contactless technologies, communicators and smart materials, activation surfaces, structural optimisation, controlled porosity, detergency , decontamination, UV resistance, flame retardance, sensors and surface micro-sensors, self-powered and autonomous materials, sensory properties and performance, for example.
- Eco-design and innovative manufacturing processes: use of alternative resources for a cleaner chemistry, management of recycled materials, circular economy, mastering material sourcing, industrial design and eco-design, co-design, weight reduction and reduced raw material use, recyclability by design, end of life management, disassembly, reuse, etc.
- Green chemistry for new biobased materials: new resources (plant biomass ... ), natural polymers, plant resins, new composites, new solvents, plasticizers, additives, lubricants, binders, inks, etc., new paints, varnishes and glues as well as formulation of compounds, films, 3D parts or technical products.
- High-performance and advanced processes for various fields including energy efficiency, green chemistry, metrology, the factories of the future.

It offers to cooperate with the engineering community, R-Y-D laboratories, as well as with other clusters with similar or complementary activities.

It also proposes its technical expertise to businesses from the above mentioned industries needing to integrate R-Y-D and/or new materials or processes into their product and project developments.

It offers to work under research or technical cooperation agreements with partners and is also open to collaborate on EU projects.
Advantages and Innovations:
- Access to a private R-Y-D institute specialised in green chemistry and biobased materials in several application areas.
- Access to a new R-Y-D center dedicated to biomimicry.
- An integrated set of complementary R-Y-D programs that can benefit client projects, including in the fields of production and use of biomass, plant chemistry and applications in terms of processes and material properties.
- Experience in H2020 and Interreg projects.
Stage of Development:
Already on the market
Secret Know-how

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The cooperation partner can be a foreign company active in the tableware, the packaging, the printing, the plastics, the agro-food, the transport, the construction or the medical industries, an engineering or a R-Y-D center, or a cluster with similar or complementary activities, wanting to develop projects and/or products in the field of bio-materials or green chemicals.

The partner can be looking for expertise at different stages of the project: from R-Y-D to prototyping and testing, all the way to the manufacturing process phase.

The French cluster offers to work under a technical or a research cooperation agreement with its partners.

It is also interested in research cooperation under the scope of EU projects such as Horizon 2020, COSME or Interreg.


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02007020 Biobased materials
06006001 Biomateriales
06006005 Biomateriales de alto rendimiento
03004 Ingeniería y tecnología química
10002013 Tecnologías verdes / producción limpia