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Componentes de purga altamente eficaces para moldeo por inyección y extrusión que reducen costes y tiempos de inactividad


Oferta Tecnológica
Una pyme austríaca ha desarrollado gránulos de limpieza para máquinas de procesamiento de termoplásticos. Durante el procesamiento en máquinas de moldeo por inyección o dispositivos de extrusión, se generan impurezas a largo plazo. La cantidad de gránulos utilizados es solo de un tercio si se compara con los productos comunes, y se aplican a temperaturas de 180°C- 450°C. Los gránulos reducen los costes de limpieza y tiempos de inactividad y permiten una purga eficaz incluso a temperaturas elevadas. La empresa busca socios en Benelux, Suiza y Hungría con el fin de establecer acuerdos de comercialización con asistencia técnica y cooperación técnica para desarrollar nuevas aplicaciones.


Highly effective purging compounds for injection moulding and extrusion reducing costs and down times
An Austrian SME developed cleaning granulates for thermoplastic processing machines. Only one third of the amount of usual products is needed and they are applicable at processing temperatures of 180°C- 450°C. They decrease cleaning costs and down times and enable effective purging even at high temperature conditions. The SME is looking for commercial agreements with technical assistance and technical cooperations (development for new applications) in Benelux, Switzerland and Hungary.
Processing of thermoplastics in injection moulding machines or extrusion devices leads to impurities in the long run. Burnings and severe solid depositions (e.g. pigments) occur in different parts of the machines resulting in damaged products (black spots, inhomogeneities) and/or in machine breakdown. Thus (regular) cleaning of the machines is essential. To avoid time-consuming disassembly together with abrading mechanical cleaning of the parts (without full cleaning success), purging compounds are applied. But usual compounds on the market still don´t work effectively enough: they are material and time intensive, often without achieving entire purity; for processing temperatures 300°C - 380°C, very poor cleaning effects are realized.

The Upper Austrian SME succeeded in developing new purging compounds together with tailored cleaning methods with very high effectiveness and applicable in a temperature range up to 450°C.
The compounds consist of thermoplastics, additives for mechanical and chemical cleaning and thermal stabilisers. The composition of the compounds and the production process of the granulates are adapted and optimized according to the specific use case.

The following cleaning methods are offered for injection moulding machines and extruders:
- Basic cleaning: cleaning of the plasticating unit (screw, cylinder, nozzle) removing persistent depositions such as burning, pigmentations etc.;
- Switching of material and colour: a quick and very gentle change of the processing thermoplastic in relation to colour and quality;
- Hot runner basic cleaning: applicable for open tools (quickest version), closed tools (if technically required) and even for highly polished tools;
- Shutting down: cleaning process for the controlled stoppage of the processing machines at weekends or holidays;
- High-temperature basic cleaning: removing persistent depositions in the plasticating unit in a working range from 320ºC - 450ºC;
- Crash-cleaning: is applied during a basic cleaning of very contaminated machines (which for instance have never been cleaned);

According to the specific requirements the suitable cleaning method together with the right amount and composition of purging compound are offered. If necessary a combination of different methods and compounds is applied. For new applications tailored compounds (also in small lots) are developed.

Some technical details:
- suitable for processing the following thermoplastics: PS, ABS, SAN, ASA, PA, POM, PBT, ABS/PC, PBT/PC, PC, PMMA, PE, PP, PET, TPE, TPU, PEEK, PPS, PSI, PSU;
- processing temperatures: 180°C - 450°C
- processing instructions and material safety data sheets are available for all compounds

The Upper Austrian SME is looking for partners from Benelux, Switzerland and Hungary:
- small companies for technical distribution of the innovative purging compounds;
- all sizes of thermoplastics processing companies (injection moulding or extrusion) with high quality requirements and cleaning challenges;
Commercial agreements with technical assistance and technical cooperations (developments for new purging applications concerning thermoplastic materials, processing temperatures etc.) are sought.
Advantages and Innovations:
The main innovative aspects are the compositions of the purging compounds together with the chosen cleaning method and the tailored processing conditions.

The main advantages are:
- very high effectiveness: only one third of the quantity of usual products on the market is needed to achieve excellent cleaning results => cleaning time is significantly reduced leading to lower costs for cleaning and quicker continuation of production;
- less unpleasant odour due to quicker cleaning process
- excellent cleaning effects also for applications with high processing temperatures: 300°C - 450°C => enables efficient cleaning in cases, where cleaning so far was not possible;
- even applicable for cleaning of highly polished tools;
- the compounds are tested and applied for several years; material safety data sheets are at hand;
- continuous further development and improvement due to increasing customer needs;
- for very special applications new tailored compounds can be developed;
- regular cleaning generally leads to increased product quality, less reject and less down time of machines.
Stage of Development:
Already on the market
Secret Know-how,Trade Marks
CommeR Statunts Regarding IPR Status:
Trade mark registered in Austria

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
Specific area of activity of the partner:

- small companies active in the technical distribution of purging compounds, thermoplastics, additives, injection moulding machines, tools and/or peripheral devices;
- all sizes of companies processing thermoplastics (by injection moulding or extrusion) with high quality requirements and the need for effective purging technologies;

Task to be performed by the partner:

1) commercial agreement with technical assistance:
- technical distribution partner: the partners are expected to acquire new end users in their country and provide technical support. The partners should buy and sell the products at their own expense. Essential know how is transferred to the partners via training and technical assistance.
- thermoplastic processing companies: they have to provide all technical requirements for their specific purging application. Together with them a suitable cleaning process is chosen. For application of standard compounds a test free of charge is offered. Know how is transferred to the thermoplastic processing company via training and technical assistance.

2) technical cooperation:
If necessary a new purging compound adapted to the specific needs of the thermoplastic processing company is developed in close cooperation.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME <= 10
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
Languages Spoken:


Restrict dissemination to specific countries:
Belgium, Hungary, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Switzerland


Technology Keywords:
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02002014 Extrusion
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