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Concepto de edificio ecológico basado en el uso de bloques de paja comprimida


Oferta Tecnológica
Una pyme holandesa ofrece un concepto de edificio basado en el uso de bloques de paja comprimida. La utilización de bloques de paja comprimida o componentes rellenos de paja permite ahorrar costes y energía. La empresa ofrece experiencia técnica, maquinaria y competencias para construir edificios ecológicos. Se buscan constructoras innovadoras para arrendar el sistema a usuarios finales.


Dutch environmentally-friendly building concept based on use of pressed straw blocks is looking for Partners to lease the system.
A Dutch SME offers a building concept based on the use of pressed straw blocks. The use of pressed straw blocks / or straw filled components results in energy and cost savings. The company offers technical expertise, machinery and skills to realise environmentally-friendly buildings. The SME is looking for contact with innovative building companies to lease the concept to end-users.
A Dutch SME, founded in 2013, is active in the development of efficient manufacturing processes for the production of straw based building components and houses.
The current way of building with concrete and stones consumes a lot of energy and natural resources.
Straw is an inexpensive residue with interesting values with regard to isolation and sound reduction. It is a cradle to cradle product that is also renewable. The energy demand is minimal during the production, as well as during the processing, the use of the building, and the potential demolition
The straw-building-concept is based on the use pressed straw blocks. The company developed a straw pressing machine that enables production of precision blocks from pressed straw. The pressed blocks can be processed in two ways:
1. The blocks, avaiable in many sizes, can be integrated into prefab building elements, such as front, corner, floor and roof elements. In doing so, high-end building components are produced from a local residue for house-building as well as non-residential buildings.
2. In the blocks profiles can be made. The profile consists of a tongue and groove in order to create joint blocks. Because of this, it is possible to produce flat, strong and stable walls from pressed straw with a minimum of (comparatively expensive) construction elements. There is a wide range of forms and measurements, so many desired building can be produced. The form of these blocks make other construction materials dispensable.

The exterior of all elements is provided by default with a layer of foam with a minimal thickness of 1 cm The blocks and elements are made in an efficient way and assembled into a complete building (shell of the house). Because of this, cost-effective and high quality healthy and comfortable buildings can be realised.
The Dutch SME offers technical expertise, machinery and skills to realise environmentally-friendly buildings. The Dutch SME is looking for contact with innovative building companies to lease the concept to end-users; experience in mechanical engineering si favorate. The soght company must have any experience in the building envrionment and must be innovative.
Advantages and Innovations:
Building with pressed straw according to the sophisticated concept of a Dutch SME offers several advantages compared to both conventional building and to tradiotional straw building:
· Constructions on the inside of the straw wall, which means no thermal bridges or material stress-strains that are worth mentioning.
· Form and size holding precision blocks, these blocks with groove and tongue or solely tongues result in extremely flat walls.
· Very little crack formation, so the chances of any leakage in the isolation are zero. Because of this, less material (loam) to finish off the flat walls is used.
· Because the blocks with groove and tongue are assembled into joint blocks, it results into a very stable and strong wall construction.
· Through the application of blocks with tongues we can create space within the wall, so it becomes easy to incorporate pipe works.
· By producing and processing efficiently, the costs of labour are comparatively low and the quality of the final product high.
Stage of Development:
Available for demonstration
Design Rights,Patents granted
CommeR Statunts Regarding IPR Status:
The patent is valid in The Netherlands for the pressing machine.
On the straw blocks model rights for the Europe countries are applicable.

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The partner plays a role in the building process and has strong interest in green building and the use of materials like straw as isolating filler in construction elements. The know-how for building in straw and the rent of the production equipment according to the concept can be achieved in a commercial agreement with technical assistance, a license agreement can be discussed for use on a longer term and limited to a specific region, a manufacturing agreement is possible for the supply of construction elements or other parts.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME <= 10
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
Languages Spoken:


Technology Keywords:
02006002 Construction methods and equipment
02002005 Forming (rolling, forging, pressing, drawing)
02006001 Materials, components and systems for construction