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Concepto de tecnología de perforación múltiple para exploración de yacimientos de petróleo, gas y minerales para ofrecer una exploración y producción productivas, mejores, asequibles y medioambientalmente seguras


Oferta Tecnológica
Una empresa búlgara de ingeniería ha desarrollado una estructura conceptual de una tecnología rentable y respetuosa con la naturaleza para mejorar el rendimiento de procesos de perforación. Esta tecnología combina varios métodos y ofrece mejores resultados en la productividad que los ofrecidos por los procesos de perforación actuales. La empresa busca socios industriales y académicos y centros de investigación con el fin de establecer acuerdos de investigación, cooperación técnica o joint venture, así como inversores potenciales.


Multiplex drilling process technology concept for oil, gas, mineral deposits exploration and production to offer enhanced productivity, better, less expensive and environmentally-friendly safer exploration and production
A Bulgarian engineering company has developed a conceptual structure /know-what/ of cost-effective and nature-friendly technology for enhanced drilling performance. It combines various methods and offers much higher productivity results compared to the contemporary drilling processes. The company is looking for research/technical cooperation or joint venture to develop the whole technology chain with partners from the field of industry, academia and research institutions or potential investors.
A Bulgarian engineering company works on a technology concept, offering a solution to a number of problems, such as saving additional expenditures on time, energy, labour costs, drill casings, etc. The concept suggests cost-effective options for avoiding the use of a drilling rig tower for a single well location and the numerous damages related to delays due to broken drill bits and other parts. The fully developed technology should allow reducing the number of wells drilled and mitigate the accidents, hence environmental pollution with poisonous chemicals to the air and water.
Multiplexing drilling is not burdened with a lot of "natural" constraints inherent in the currently used technologies, enabling a quantum leap of efficiency. The proposed concept suggests achievable solutions to the time, money and labour consuming current methods by offering to release resources of people, rigs and money to be used for exploration, development and use on other fields and expand access to more deposits as well as decreasing the expenditures, while allowing for higher productivity and less time.
The concept combines activities like drilling, layer exploration, pipe-laying and pumping simultaneously on several different depths/horizons, each one in an independent, different direction, randomly guided in 3 dimensions with several drill heads /moles/ that drills complex shaped tunnels (mole holes) and build the shells around every single tunnel inside. It offers much enhanced drilling performance through a cost-effective and nature-friendly method. It is still at a concept stage but there are a few prototypes manufactured, which have showed very promising results.
The company would like to further elaborate on the concept and is looking for research/technical cooperation or joint venture agreements to develop the full technology chain with potential partners from the field of industry, academia and research institutions, geology, geophysics, oil chemistry, tools and drilling equipment manufacturers, electronics, software and guiding systems developers, etc. The company is also offering the project to potential investors.
Advantages and Innovations:
The concept offers hints and steps to cost-effective and environmental-friendly methods for enhanced drilling performance, which results in higher productivity compared to the contemporary drilling processes, offering a multiplex approach. In some cases, it may replace the hydraulic fracturing and speed up the in-situ oil shale retorting.
Stage of Development:
Concept stage
Secret know-how
CommeR Statunts Regarding IPR Status:
The concept is secret know-how /not disclosed yet know-what/ under development so no IPR has been applied for yet.

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The Bulgarian company is looking for potential partners from the field of industry, academia and research institutions, geology, geophysics, oil chemistry, tools and drilling equipment manufacturers, electronics, software and guiding systems developers, etc. to develop the full technology chain from the current concept. The potential partner is expected to perform R-Y-D coordination, design, prototyping, testing, other supporting activities in the research/technical cooperation or joint venture agreement. The company is also opened for potential investors for a financial agreement.


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Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
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Technology Keywords:
02006006 Construction engineering (design, simulation)
02006005 Construction maintenance and monitoring methods & equipment
02002009 Machine Tools