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Consejo británico ofrece un banco de pruebas de un vehículo conectado y autónomo (CAV) para ensayos y desarrollo de nuevas tecnologías


Oferta Tecnológica
Una autoridad local británica que ha desarrollado un vehículo conectado y autónomo (CAV) busca socios para probar innovaciones y agilizar su implementación en el mundo real. El banco de pruebas ofrecerá acceso abierto a todo tipo de organizaciones y se dirige a desarrolladores de software, sensores, unidades de tierra, comunicaciones inalámbricas emergentes como 5G, unidades a bordo (OBU), aparcamientos inteligentes, vehículos eléctricos/híbridos y sistemas de seguridad informática. El desarrollo e implementación de CAV ofrecerá importantes ventajas sociales y de inclusión social, así como oportunidades de negocio a los sectores de automoción, comunicaciones, infraestructuras y transporte en la UE. El objetivo es establecer acuerdos de cooperación técnica.


Urban connected autonomous vehicle (CAV) test bed demonstrator offered by a UK council for trialling and developing new technologies
A UK local authority has developed a connected autonomous vehicle (CAV) test bed and are seeking partners to test innovations in order to accelerate deployment in the real-world. The test bed will give open access to all organisations types, targeting developers of software, sensors, roadside units, emerging wireless communications such as 5G, on-board units (OBU), smart parking, electric/hybrid vehicles and cyber security systems under technical cooperation agreements.
A real world connected car to infrastructure demonstrator has been developed by a UK midlands based local authority offering the following specifications and solutions to SMEs and OEMs wishing to trial, test and deploy new technologies in this market:

- Testing of technical and commercial viability
- Explore services and emerging technologies
- Testing of Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) and Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I) communications (=V2X)
- Testing the interoperability between vehicle manufactures and technology providers
- Trial of a connected "app"/dashboard for Virtual Road side and driver messaging
- Specific connected autonomous vehicles - CAV / V2V / V2I / V2X technologies that can be tested:
- Vehicle self-navigation
- Vehicle pacing behaviour
- Vehicle stopping behaviour
- Vehicle passing in lane behaviour
- Mapped stop sign behaviour
- Interfering vehicle avoidance
- Pedestrian avoidance
- Interactive Parking with Pods
- ISection
- Roundabouts
- Traffic lights
- Pedestrian crossings
- Valet parking
- Maximum speeds (60mph roads)
- Emergency Vehicle Warning (EVW) - Sends a signal directly from the emergency vehicle (e.g. ambulance, fire engine, police vehicle) to nearby connected cars. Driver is informed that the emergency vehicle is approaching and advised to make way for it.
- Intersection Priority Management (IPM) - Assigns priority when two or more connected vehicles come to an intersection without priority signs or traffic lights.
- Intersection Collision Warning (ICW) - Warns the driver when it is unsafe to enter an intersection, due to a high probability of collision with other vehicles.
- Electronic Emergency Brake Light (EEBL) - Alerts the driver when a vehicle in front suddenly brakes, providing advanced warning, especially when the driver is unable to see the lights of the braking vehicle due to weather conditions, road layout or other vehicles in between.
- Collaborative Parking - Provides real-time information about free parking spaces either in the vicinity or close to the driver´s final destination.
- In-Vehicle Signage (IVS) - Sends information about road conditions, congestion or other incidents directly to the in-car display, rather than having to rely on expensive gantry systems.
- Green Light Optimal Speed Advisory (GLOSA) - Sends traffic light information to the connected car which is able to calculate the optimal speed for approaching the lights, potentially minimising the number of red light stops, improving traffic flow and reducing emission levels from idling vehicles.
- Light Speed Autonomous Transit Systems (LSAT-S or ´Pods´)

The local authority is seeking users from global OEMs and SMEs to start-ups at all levels of autonomy and readiness, specifically targeting developers of software, sensors, roadside units, emerging wireless communications such as 5G, on-board units (OBU), smart parking, electric / hybrid vehicles and cyber security systems to utilise their test bed under technical cooperation agreements.
Advantages and Innovations:
Driven by the need to reduce traffic congestion and accidents on our roads, the development and deployment of CAVs will provide significant societal benefits and social inclusion, as well as business opportunities for the automotive, communications, infrastructure and transport sectors across the EU.

Demonstrating CAVs on road, in real-world driving situations, not only helps to establish confidence in the technology, but also provides invaluable learning that can be incorporated to achieve the ultimate aim of making them, and the additional services that they could provide, a commercially viable and desirable means of road-transport. Furthermore the testing will be supported by extensive public engagement and a database of participants who will help support the more human elements of technology and service evaluation.

To attract continued R-Y-D investment into the region and the UK, the test infrastructure will be operational after the project conclusion and will be fully self-sustaining. Emerging contemporary issues such as last mile parcel delivery services and inductive charging can also be tested
Stage of Development:
Available for demonstration
Design Rights,Exclusive Rights

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:

Global OEMs and MNE
- Small and Micro SMEs
- Medium SMEs
- Start Ups
- R-Y-D organisations
- Universities
- Government Authorities (Sharing best practice)

Roles and areas of expertise - targeting developers of:

- Software
- Sensors
- Roadside units
- Emerging wireless communications such as 5G
- On-board units (OBU)
- Smart parking
- Electric / hybrid vehicles
- Cyber security systems


Type and Size of Client:
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
Languages Spoken:


Technology Keywords:
02008005 Road Transport
02010003 Sistemas y transporte
02008006 Traffic Engineering / Control Systems
02008002 Transporte intermodal