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Consorcio de investigación biomédica formado por más de 75 instituciones académicas europeas ofrece servicios de mediación, investigación y cooperación técnica


Oferta Tecnológica
Un consorcio formado por más de 75 institutos de investigación europeos de alto nivel tiene el objetivo de acelerar y analizar y eliminar los riesgos en el desarrollo de productos biomédicos y farmacéuticos. El consorcio aúna experiencia clínica, instalaciones y tecnologías disponibles en su infraestructura con un plan de desarrollo específico para satisfacer las necesidades de pymes biotecnológicas y farmacéuticas. El consorcio ofrece servicios de mediación, investigación y cooperación técnica a socios industriales interesados en poner en marcha e implementar proyectos en el ámbito biomédico.


Biomedical research consortium of over 75 leading academic institutions across Europe with high-end translational research facilities offers mediation services, technical and research cooperation
A consortium of over 75 top-level research institutes across Europe aims to accelerate and de-risk biomedical and pharmaceutical product development. It matches the clinical expertise, facilities and technologies available within the infrastructure with the specific development plan needs of SME´s, biotech and pharma companies. Mediation services, research and technical cooperation are offered to industry partners for smooth project initiation and implementation in the biomedical domain.
Life sciences researchers continuously make new discoveries about diseases and their causes. Before these new insights ´from the bench´ in the laboratory can be used for the benefit of patients ´at the bedside´, they must be developed - or translated - into products applicable for patients. Equally important is the exchange in the reverse direction. Medical observations made at the bedside need to be communicated back to the bench, thereby driving basic research and innovation towards novel and useful medical applications. Effective project coordination and excellent teamwork among scientific, clinical and regulatory disciplines is essential for successful translational research.

This European consortium brings together the cutting edge academic infrastructures and disciplines from across Europe to provide a new development pathway, open to companies in need of support for advancing biomedical innovations. The consortium comprises over 75 leading academic institutions across Europe, each renowned for its individual and high-end research facilities. The consortium has the ERIC status (´European Research Infrastructure Consortium´).

This infrastructure provides the following advantages:
-It is a single point of access to the right expertise and facilities
-It expedites the development process
-It offers access to large and diverse clinical patient cohorts

This consortium with headquarters based in the Netherlands works with a diverse range of clients to support them in creating this productive translational value chain leading to clinical development of innovative preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic products.¿¿

With top quality facilities for basic research, manufacture, non-clinical and clinical development, the consortium´s institutes offer a multidisciplinary environment including patient cohorts and key opinion leader interaction. SME´s, pharma companies and industry can take advantage of a comprehensive infrastructure for the following product classes:

- Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMP)
-Imaging and Tracing
-Small Molecules

In addition the consortium´s headquarter offers advice and capacity for:
-Translational review of projects including: confirmation of unmet medical needs, clearness of the end product envisaged, innovative character and IP clarity
-Identifying the optimal regulatory strategy during translational development including performance of EMA (European Medicines Agency) scientific advice preparation and follow-up, clinical trial document preparation, application procedure handling and deadline monitoring via the consortium´s regulatory and knowledge centres.
-Input of clinical specialists into development programmes.
-Access to large and diverse patient groups.

TA services agreement and technical and research cooperation is offered to SME´s, biotech and pharma companies.
Advantages and Innovations:
Key enabling technologies available within the consortiums infrastructure include among others:
- biomarker development and (clinical) validation.
- access to biobanks.
-PET (positron emission tomography) imaging (preclinical and clinical, including development of new PET tracers and good manufacturing practices (GMP) manufacturing).
-high field MRI (magnetic resonance imaging).
-complex in vitro and in vivo disease models.

Additionally, the consortium offers regulatory guidance for advanced therapies and has memoranda of understanding with notified bodies in several countries including the Netherlands and Czech Republic.
Stage of Development:
Already on the market
CommeR Statunts Regarding IPR Status:
The consortium does not claim IP. The associated institutes may bring in IP in specific projects.

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The consortium is looking for SME´s, biotech and pharma companies with a need for business development and/or support for identification of the right partner for consortia or joined grant applications. Identification and cooperation with the consortium´s academic partners because of their expertise and facilities in project implementation is offered.

The evnisaged cooperation can have the form of a services agreement, a technical cooperation agreement or research cooperation agreement.


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Technology Keywords:
06001003 Citología, cancerología, oncología
06001012 Investigaciones médicas
06001007 Medicina de urgencias
06001009 Terapia genética - ADN
06001006 Vacunas humanas