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Control de carga online para hincado de tuberías


Oferta Tecnológica
Una pyme alemana ofrece un sistema de calidad para el control de carga online que evita daños por hincado de tuberías. Gracias al uso de dispositivos de medida especiales es posible medir la desviación angular entre las tuberías seleccionadas y la fuerza de hincado, lo que permite tomar contramedidas. El sistema evita sobrecargas e identifica problemas in situ en fase temprana. La información y análisis son accesibles online. La empresa busca socios interesados en establecer acuerdos comerciales con asistencia técnica.


Online load control for pipe jacking
A German SME offers an online load control quality assurance system that helps to avoid damage to jacking pipes. Using special measuring devices the angular deflection between selected pipes is measured and the permissible jacking force is calculated, allowing to take countermeasures. The system prevents overloading of jacking pipes and recognizes problems on site at an early stage. Data and analysis are accessible online. Partners are sought for commercial agreements with technical assistance.
The stress of jacking pipes caused by installation progress is largely determined by the amount of jacking forces, but also by the angular deflections of jacking pipes as a result of machine countermeasures. A prevalent cause of damages to jacking pipes is an overload of the pipe material inside the pipe joints.

Research results of a German university have shown that especially the material behaviour of the pressure transfer rings, arranged for the dispensation of pipe jacking forces, have a high impact on the dispensation of compressive stresses inside the joint between jacking pipes. The wood-based materials solidify with increasing jacking length due to the high number of load cycles. Hereby the basic ability to disperse the high jacking forces in the joint between the pipes is lost to some extent. The consequences are high stress spikes and local exceedance of the compressive strength. As a result, spalling, delamination or cracking of jacking pipes can occur.

A spin-off company of this German university now offers a system and solution based on these research results:

By use of special measuring devices, the angular deflections at selected pipe joints can be determined by measuring the joint between the pipe faces at four positions during jacking-process. Simultaneously the hydraulic pressure to the cylinders at the main and intermediate press stations and in addition included the extension lengths of the intermediate stations are recorded. The measured values are transmitted via converter to the evaluation software, set up on screen display inside the press container to provide all data to the machine operator and all project participants.

The use of the monitoring system ensures that the jacking pipes do not get overloaded during the installation process so that high costs caused by pipe damages can be avoided. By determining a possible overloading of the jacking pipes, the utilization is signaled so that countermeasures (angle corrections, use of intermediate jacking stations or additional greasing) can be taken.

All measured and calculated jacking data will be documented gapless and serve to demonstrate pipe jacking without damages. By installing the online load control (OLC) system and the subsequent commissioning, the work on construction site is not hindered. Because of no significant changes to the jacking pipes and the machine technology, high costs can be avoided and the system can be extended quickly in critical jacking situations. The use of monitoring pipe jacking by OLC assures the client´s required quality of their pipes and allows a low-risk and proven performance to the executive jacking companies on site. With the possibility to use the intermediate jacking stations when needed, OLC helps to increase the economic efficiency.

Partners are sought for commercial agreements with technical assistance. Partners could be public sector, civil and underground engineering, construction, pipe jacking....
The German company can offer installation and monitoring service or transfer operating know-how and train the partner´s staff.
Advantages and Innovations:
· Avoids damage to the jacking pipes at an early stage as unlike other systems, this system measures and communicates data every two seconds
· Helps to take countermeasures (angular corrections, use of intermediate station or additional greasing) when needed
· Gapless documentation and continuous reporting of all measured angular deflections and calculated jacking loads
· Graphical evaluation at every second for all project participants online
· Low costs in the range of max. 1 permille of project costs
Stage of Development:
Already on the market
Secret Know-how
CommeR Statunts Regarding IPR Status:
Based on research findings of a German university.

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
Partners sought:
Municipal sewer operators, network operators, building enterprises, civil and underground engineering, pipe jacking companies or application agents to implement the technology in their projects within commercial agreements with technical assistance. The German company is ready to support installation and offer all relevant services or to transfer operating know-how.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME <= 10
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
Languages Spoken:


Technology Keywords:
02006006 Construction engineering (design, simulation)
02006005 Construction maintenance and monitoring methods & equipment
10004008 Gestión de rescursos hídricos
10004013 Infraestructuras subterráneas
09001009 Tecnología de sensores relacionada con la realización de medidas