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Desarrollo de nuevas vacunas y tecnologías relacionadas


Oferta Tecnológica
Una pyme holandesa con experiencia, contactos estratégicos y un catálogo limitado en el campo de tecnologías de desarrollo de vacunas ofrece cooperación y asistencia para valorizar sus tecnologías. Los socios incluyen pymes, universidades e institutos de investigación. Los objetivos de la cooperación incluyen la participación en 1) programas de desarrollo de nuevas vacunas y tecnologías, 2) programas de vacunas biosimilares, 3) tecnologías existentes de desarrollo de vacunas y 4) consultoría. La empresa está interesada es establecer acuerdos de investigación y cooperación técnica para participar en proyectos de los programas Horizonte 2020 o Eurostars, así como acuerdos de servicio o licencia.


Development of novel vaccines and vaccine technologies
Dutch SME with expertise, strategic contacts and a limited portfolio of vaccine technology offers cooperation and support for valorisation of vaccine technology. Partners include other SMEs, universities and knowledge institutes. Considering time-limits, costs and risks the SME turns theoretic knowledge into working vaccine technology. Research and technical cooperation is offered in the framework of for instance Horizon2020/Eurostars projects. Services-, or license agreement is also offered.
Developing novel vaccines is often challenging, as it requires large investments and long development time lines, while the attrition rates are high. The owners of this Dutch SME have extensive knowledge of the present needs in the vaccine market and have experience in working with vaccine manufacturers and governments to get the product sold. They offer full service vaccine development and cooperating with partners to get vaccine technology developed, transferred and put into practice.

Established in 2016 the company reaches out to
1) Biotech companies and universities that aim to have their technology taken further;
2) vaccine manufacturers aiming to expand their product portfolio with biosimilar or novel vaccines;
3) pharmaceutical companies aiming to acquire innovative vaccine technology.

The company is looking for partnering in:
1) programs for development of novel vaccines and technologies.
2) programs for development of biosimilar vaccines.
3) off-the-shelf vaccine technologies.
4) vaccine consultancy.

ad 1) For technological and business development of novel vaccines, the SME has a focus on reducing time lines, decreasing costs and support in designing a development path and writing a business case. The company can assist in linking up with finance organizations such as venture capitalists or foundations for funding of the business case. Cooperation is offered in the frame of research-, and technical cooperation in grant-funded projects such as Horizon 2020 and Eurostars or in the framework of a services agreement.

ad 2) Programs for development of biosimilar vaccines.
Global demand for vaccines is increasing, especially in emerging markets. The increasing demand for vaccines, warrants the expansion of local production in emerging economies and increases the need for biosimilar technologies. For the establishment of such production technologies, access to the appropriate vaccine seeds and/or production cell lines as well as the transfer of know-how to develop, produce and register vaccines. In some cases, a production plant needs to be adapted or newly built. This Dutch SME offers a tailor-made approach that includes the identification of the required production technology and a strategy to acquire such. It develops and transfers essential process steps and helps in the development of regulatory strategy, such as a roadmap for local marketing authorization or WHO prequalification. Design and installation a production facility together with partners is also offered. Cooperation is offered in in the framework of a services agreement.

ad 3) For the production of influenza vaccine, the company can provide vaccine production technology and offers such program in close collaboration with partners. This technology entails the egg-based production of whole or split influenza vaccine. The technology is offered including documentation covering upstream processing (USP), downstream processing (DSP), quality control (QC) and basic regulatory affairs (RA) as well as hands-on training in production. Various extras may be included in the transfer, such as the outline of a regulatory strategy and consultancy for USP and DSP on-site. The tech transfer is executed by experts in the field, including specialists from the Netherlands as well as other European countries. The technology is offered for in-licensing.

ad 4) Vaccine consultancy is open to any company in need of expertise on this subject. The companies current partners in this field are vaccine manufacturers aiming to expand their product portfolio with biosimilar or novel vaccines and pharmaceutical companies aiming to acquire innovative vaccine technology. Cooperation is offered in the frame of services agreement.

Advantages and Innovations:
Together the companies 2 founders have 30 years of experience in pharmaceutical research, vaccine development and business development. They strive to make the best possible knowledge and contacts available to their partners making use of their extensive network in the both vaccine industry, governments and the academic field.

Combining consultancy services with a portfolio of vaccine technologies available for out licensing this company offers support for the complete process of vaccine development.
Stage of Development:
Already on the market
CommeR Statunts Regarding IPR Status:
Within every project IPR is discussed and decided on in cooperation with the partner.

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The Dutch company is looking for biotech SMEs, universities and R-Y-D institutes that are in need of expertise, strategic contacts and vaccine production technology. Partners at the beginning of the vaccine development chain are offered cooperation for product development, including design of a road map, setting up of a business case, access to specific expertise in vaccine development and production facilities as well as (executive) management support.

Partners at the end of the vaccine development chain, requiring novel or biosimilar vaccines, will be assisted in obtaining and implementing such technology. Based on the partner´s requirements and capacities, best optional technologies will be identified. Depending on their needs, full service or targeted help for each single step in the process of transfer will be provided, including identifying parties that offer the technology, the bidding process and the transfer of technology. For implementing the production process, the Dutch company may install a virtual enterprise or a consortium of parties that will engineer, build and qualify a production facility.

Depending on the complexity and funding of a project, cooperation is offered in the framework of research and technical cooperation or as a services agreement. Partners in need of vaccine production technology are offered a license agreement.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME <= 10
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
Languages Spoken:


Technology Keywords:
06006012 Bioprocesos
06001002 Investigaciones clínicas, ensayos
06001013 Tecnología médica / ingeniería biomédica
06001006 Vacunas humanas
06001018 Virus, virología / antibióticos / bacteriología