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Diseñador francés de unidades de bioconversión busca socios para lanzar proyectos piloto


Oferta Tecnológica
Una start-up francesa ha diseñado un equipo de bioconversión. Se trata de una biorrefinería que transforma biorresiduos en piensos para animales (pellets para peces) combinada con un sistema de fitopurificación de aguas residuales. El equipo ofrece una solución económica a productores agrícolas en zonas en las que se importan proteínas animales y vegetales. La tecnología se rentabiliza en menos de tres años. La empresa ayuda a los usuarios a rentabilizar el equipo y busca piscifactorías con el fin de lanzar proyectos piloto mediante acuerdos de financiación, joint venture o investigación.


A French start-up that designs bioconversion units is looking for partners to launch pilot-projects
A French start-up designs a bioconversion equipment. This is an insect refinery transforming bio-waste into animal feed coupled with a wastewater phytopurification system. This equipment could bring economic solution for agro producers in area where animal and vegetal proteins are currently imported.
The SME supports the users to achieve the profitability of the equipment. It is looking for partners to help it to launch pilot-projects under a financial, joint-venture or research agreement.
The French company has started its project in 2014. The company develops a bioconversion equipment. First market identified is fish production.

Upstream from fish production, they offer a flexible bio-refinery to produce feed: bio-waste feed insects that are then transformed into pellets for fish. Downstream, they bid a phytopurification system to improve the water conditions for fish and generate new incomes by selling the plants.

With low-technological solutions to create employment and be adapted to users´ skills, they will provide low-price insect equipment. The technology will be sufficiently performant to have a return on investment shorter than three years.

More than a simple supplier, they would like to help the growth of aquaculture and agriculture in area such as Africa. This is the reason why they can offer coaching to support users to always get the best yields from the system. Trainings and maintenance are key values for the company. Their knowledge on the productions issues and their capacity in resolving issues provides them the best competences to be efficient support on post-installation process.

They have already signed a first pilot-project located in a country located in West Africa.

They will to find fish farmers (individual or association) in order to enhance pilot-projects. These projects will be in co-investment with a farmer to develop and demonstrate the efficiency of the equipment. This can be done under a financial or joint venture agreement.

They also are looking for research cooperation agreements :
- to work with NGO´s (Non Gouvernemental Organisation) and associations on waste management to cooperate to test new eco-friendly business models in this sector.
- research institutes or academics. Projects could be around biowaste hygiene, impact of insect meal on fish production, new insect species rearing, etc.
Advantages and Innovations:
The first advantage of this solution is the business model which mixes efficient equipment and services. Indeed, they have split up the sales process in three different steps. During the presales process, they do a feasibility and a scaling study to develop solutions for each case. They characterize the production capacity and the requirement of trainings and they offer the best solutions.
Before establishing a sale contract, they support their client to seek grants. Then, they could start installing the equipment on farms. They also supply a bio-waste partners and value chain with training on every critical points. They can supply little equipment (<5m3) to industrial process. Concerning the post-sales process, they supply also a maintenance service, trainings and consumables replacement and updates on their equipment.

The second main advantage is the equipment. Indeed, insect is a new sector. As relatively little information is available upfront, they have built a new experiment place in France to get experience and develop its technology around insect. They are now collecting data around environmental and biological influences for a perfect insect rearing. The equipment could produce till 4 tons of insect meal/m3/year by valorising 12T/m3/year of bio-waste. With the plant production system, the production could be between 25 to 125kg/m2 depending on the chosen species and the density of fish ponds.
Stage of Development:
Available for demonstration
Patents granted

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
- Fish farmers (individual or association): in order to enhance pilot-projects in different areas and to develop sales of insect meals. These projects will be in co-investment (financial or Joint Venture agreement) with fish farmer to develop and demonstrate the efficiency of the equipment. As a balance, they will set his subsidiary on the farms and could organize the visit of the production site. This demonstrator will help the team to conclude new sales of the equipment.

- Research institutes or academics: the company has a lot of research opportunities to lead. Projects are around biowaste hygiene, impact of insect meal on fish production, new insect species rearing ... As it will be part of the territories, they are looking to gather research fellows.

- NGO´s and Associations on waste management to cooperate in projects to test new business models on this sector: The association will operate the collection and the transport of the biowaste to the pilot-project and they will organize the remuneration system for the associations or NGOs.

- Governments support: they will set up new sustainable business into territories and they need to be supported by governments and ministries on at least communication. The French start-up will help local private partners to get funds to buy equipment and set-up waste management process. To do so, they need the support of local authorities.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME <= 10
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Technology Keywords:
10003001 Biotratamientos / compostaje / bioconversión
08001004 Procesado de alimentos
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