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Dispositivo conectado para equipos de protección personal que reduce los accidentes laborales


Oferta Tecnológica
Una start-up catalana ha desarrollado el primer dispositivo portátil para reducir considerablemente los accidentes en entornos industriales. Este dispositivo instalado en el interior del casco del usuario y conectado a un sistema inteligente previene accidentes, identifica las causas exactas y certifica el grado de seguridad de un entorno de trabajo. El producto, que ha sido probado en campo con éxito por empresas del sector de la construcción, consta de al menos cinco sensores multifunción para monitorización de la salud y seguridad y sistemas de posicionamiento, alarma y extracción de datos, todos conectados a un sistema central mediante radiofrecuencia y Bluetooth. La empresa busca compañías industriales con el fin de establecer acuerdos de joint venture, así como aseguradoras para firmar acuerdos de licencia.


Connected device for personal protective equipment aiming to decrease work related accidents
A Catalan start-up developed the first wearable device to significantly reduce accidents within industrial environments. The device installed inside workers´ helmets and connected to a smart system can prevent accidents, establish the exact causes and certificate the degree of safety of a work scenario. It has been succesfully field-tested by construction companies. They are looking for industrial companies for a joint venrture or insurance companies for a license agreement
Reduction of work-related accident and improvement of work environment is a strategic challenge. Every year more than 3 million workers are victims of serious accidents.

24.2% of the European workers consider their health and safety is at risk because of their work and 25% declared that work had relevant negative effect on their health.

39% of fatal accidents at work within the EU-28 take place within the construction and manufacturing sectors and all can be prevented through improved security measures
and solutions.

A Catalan start up invented the first multi-utility ICT Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) directly installed inside workers´ helmets and connected to a smart System that may drastically decrease work-related fatal accidents of at least 20%.

This innovation addresses a wide range of users and can be used by all those categories of people since it can be safely attached inside any EU standard helmet.

The device consists of at least 5 multi-purpose sensors capable of health and security monitoring (heart rate, thermal stress, gases), positioning and alarm systems (for use impacts, check in/out and falls) and data mining all connected to a central system via radio frequency and/or Bluetooth.

The device alerts workers in case of hazard as well as all information can be checked and analyzed by managers in order to collect data, prevent accidents and improve management. This will see reduced the number of work-related accidents as well as an enhancement of management quality resulting in productivity growth for the
It has been validated and certified in real environment by GESEME, an independent occupational-safety company and tested by various construction companies.

The catalan start up is looking for 2 types of partners :
* Or an industrial company interested by a joint venture in order to use or comercialize the device
* Or an Insurance company interested in a licensing agreement in order to implement this system to his business model for professional insurances and recomand it to its clients.
Advantages and Innovations:
It´s the only device on the market that combines : impact detector, positionning system, thermal stress algorithm, heart rate sensor an the ability to fit with any helmet on the market at a competitive price.

This device fits with any helmet because it is attached to the net/grid inside the helmet and can be removed. It works using Radio Frequency as well as Bluetooth connection. This function makes the device reliable and guarantees an excellent connection.

Impact sensor: detects intensity of collisions as well as the angle/direction of the impact

Sensor of negligence: a sensor detects if the helmet is worn and properly fastened.

Gas sensor: detects gas leakages and alerts the worker and the system.

Heart rate sensor: identifies situations of stress for workers by monitoring heart rate.

Thermal stress algorithm: a sophisticated thermometer and humidity sensors to detect body and external conditions together with pulsometer resolve indicating safe conditions to operate in that area.

Panic button: in case of a hazard, workers can push a button and ask for assistance. An alarm will notify risk/security managers.

Risk management monitoring:

Check-in/Check-out sensor: provides information related to total number of worked hours

Data-logger: Non volatile memory is integrated within the system in order to record all generated events within the device.

Positioning system: Movement and activity of workers are clearly streamed live and is visible.

Alarm system: in case of: negligence in the use of helmet, gas leaks, thermal stress, impacts, elevate heart rate, an automated alarm is reported for warns managers responsible for security in worksite.

3 working modes: On line (real time) / On-Off line (information is stored but alarms are still working in real time) / Off line (dates are stored for analysis)
Stage of Development:
Prototype available for demonstration
Secret Know-how

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The Catalan company is interested by 2 types of partners :

* an industrial partner interested by the technology for a joint venture agreement in order to develop the product. The partner investment would be use to produce the device and the partner would use it in its market o would comercialize it, depending of its sector.The catalan company would provide a pilot to this partner.

* an insurance company interested by owning this risk management tool and able to recomend the use of the device to its clients for a license agreement.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME <= 10
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
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Technology Keywords:
01004001 Applications for Health
01004016 Gestión de análisis de riesgos
01004017 Gestión de la seguridad e higiene en el trabajo
01003025 Internet of Things
09001009 Tecnología de sensores relacionada con la realización de medidas