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Dispositivo de tamaño bolsillo para la monitorización en tiempo real y precisa y transmisión inalámbrica de señales biológicas y técnicas de humanos


Oferta Tecnológica
Una universidad checa ha desarrollado un sistema modular de monitorización inalámbrica de señales biológicas incluso bajo condiciones extremas. Existen diversos dispositivos de monitorización de este tipo en el mercado capaces de transmitir señales biológicas. Esta nueva solución permite transmitir señales desde sensores (electrocardiograma, electromiograma, resistencia de la piel, curva de función respiratoria, humedad, presión, movimiento, etc.). La ventaja del dispositivo es la precisión de la medida, que es comparable a la de dispositivos más grandes y caros (por ejemplo, polígrafos médicos). La universidad busca un fabricante y distribuidor de aparatos de monitorización electrónicos para establecer acuerdos de licencia.


Pocket-size device for precise, real-time monitoring and wireless transmission of biologic and technical signals of humans
Czech university has developed a modular system for wireless monitoring of biologic signals even under extreme conditions. On the market, there are several monitoring devices of similar kind that are capable to transmit biological signals. The advantage of the device lies in accuracy of measurement, which is comparable to much larger and more expensive devices (e.g. medical polygraphs). The university seeks manufacturer and distributor of electronic monitoring gadgets for a license agreement.
There are high-quality modular systems for wireless monitoring of biological signals, however, they are relatively big and expensive. A Czech university has managed to develop a much smaller device with similar qualities.

The novel solution, developed by a Czech university, is capable to transmit signals from sensors such as electrocardiogram, electromyogram, skin resistance (GSR - Galvanic Skin Response), breath curve, humidity, pressure, motion activity etc. Several people can be monitored concurrently, the maximum number of monitored people is limited by Wi-Fi router throughput.

The signal transmission takes place simultaneously and the data from the pocket unit are transmitted over Wi-Fi to PC, laptop or tablet for central processing. The data is received, analyzed and stored in real-time. In addition, each monitoring unit has a built-in memory card that can also be used for data storage if needed.

System has been primarily designed for online monitoring of psycho-physiological state of people even under extreme conditions. In these situations delivering immediate, accurate and detailed information about bodily reaction to various stimulus (physical, emotional and stressful) can serve biologists, psychologists, physiologists, trainers, and others to better understand causes and consequences of a specific human psycho-physiological state arising in a given time and also objectively helps them to recognize individual differences among tested subjects. The system is suitable for:

- Researches (psychiatric, physical training, behavioral)
- Diagnostics (physiology, biology)
- Stress monitoring
- Advertising
- Police investigations (lies´ detection)

Currently the battery in each monitoring unit allows for up to 24 hours of monitoring. The data transmission is dependent on Wi-Fi access point which also determines how far a tested subject can distance from it. Generally outside of a building the distance among each of the monitored subjects is larger than inside.

Optional inputs/outputs and tags
The monitoring unit provides number of 8 optional digital and 6 analog inputs and outputs. Depending on the application, the right combination of sensors is selected. In addition, it is possible to add own tags, as well. For example, an operator sitting by a PC can insert a tag into the software in order to be able to identify certain moment when something happened - e.g. the operator can mark start and end of an experiment. During evaluation phase of the experiment, the operator can, thanks to the inserted tags, investigate changes in signals in tagged phases of the experiment.

There is also an optional possibility to synchronize the monitoring unit with other devices used for an experiment.

The university seeks manufacturer and distributor of electronic monitoring gadgets for a license agreement.
Advantages and Innovations:
- Sensors used in this device are in comparable quality as expensive medical devices. Basic set includes these sensors: electrocardiogram, electromyogram, skin resistance (GSR - Galvanic Skin Response), breath curve, humidity, pressure and motion activity
- The basic set can be customized according to customer needs
- Researchers/users have a possibility to utilize 8 digital inputs and outputs and 6 analog inputs and outputs to configure their own additional features into measurement
- Pocket-size device with accuracy of measurement comparable to far bigger and more expensive measuring devices (e.g. medical polygraphs)
- Real-time monitoring up to 24 hours
- Real-time evaluation of probands that are in motion indoor and/or indoor
- The device can synchronize its data with different devices used in an experiment
- Open and documented data storage format
- User friendly software that can be operated on OS Windows, OS X, Android and Linux
Stage of Development:
Prototype available for demonstration
Patent(s) applied for but not yet granted

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The university seeks manufacturer and distributor of electronic monitoring gadgets for a license agreement.


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01004001 Applications for Health
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