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Dispositivo médico láser portátil para astronautas


Oferta Tecnológica
Una empresa lituana ha diseñado un dispositivo láser-magnético portátil para el tratamiento de enfermedades de las articulaciones y músculos y para procesos regenerativos. La capacidad de curación se basa en la exposición sin contacto al tejido biológico con radiación láser y campo magnético al mismo tiempo. Este dispositivo permite curar de forma más rápida que cualquier otro equipo disponible actualmente en el mercado. La empresa está interesada en implementar el dispositivo para astronautas que trabajan en la Estación Espacial Internacional (ISS).


Lithuanian scientific company is offering portable healing laser device for astronauts in ISS
Lithuanian scientific company designed portable laser-magnetic device for healing various joint diseases, for curing muscles and for regenerative processes. Proficiency of the cure is based on the non-contact exposure to the biologic tissue with the laser radiation and magnetic field at the same time. Device heals faster than any other similar ones existing on the market. Company seeks for implementation of device for astronauts healthcare working at ISS.
Lithuanian company is well experienced in laser-based applications in the field of regenaration of human body functioning. Company´s laser devices are exported in more than 40 world countries.
The biophysical mechanism of the effect of laser irradiation and magnetic field therapy to biological tissues and blood have not been investigated enough. However, findings of experimental research provide an explanation of this phenomenon related to the molecular power level. When living cells are influenced by a quantum of laser irradiation, ion channels of membranes excite and open. The move of ions is then activated. The theory of screw explains how the channel influenced by laser irradiation gets into resonance. Such bio-resonance phenomenon is the source of excitation of biochemical reactions, bio-stimulation, activation of membrane and metabolic processes. Therefore, molecules are exciting, the microcirculation of substances is activating, the metabolism is getting better and the blood viscosity is decreasing.

Magnetic field influence on living tissues is positive too. Human organism consists of approx. 70 percent of water. If water molecules are influenced by a magnetic field their magnetic dipoles are orientating along lines of the magnetic field. In addition, this improves the conditions for quantum absorption of laser irradiation and expands the effect of laser therapy.

Helium-Neon and Argon lasers have been mostly used in earlier medical laser devices. Recently, other devices of wide spectrum of electromagnetic waves have appeared. However, these and other devices of intensive light effect have little influence on a surface (about 1.5 cm of depth into bio-tissues). Other limitations include very big size of the devices and large energy outlay.

Due to the progress in modern laser, nano- and microelectronic technologies, new possibilities have emerged in designing innovative, subcompact, noninvasive, sterile, with painless effect, high efficiency and with high technical characteristics laser - magnetic devices, which can be applied in various fields of medicine.

Research and experience has shown that the laser radiation and magnetic field effects in complex biological tissues, blood, skin is:
- changes blood viscosity, lowers blood pressure;
- Anti-inflammatory in nature;
- Relieves pain by avoiding the use of painkillers;
- Stimulates metabolism and blood circulation;
- Biologically stimulate a variety of human functions;
- Strengthens the body´s immune system, liquefy the blood;
- Improves oxygen uptake in the cells and cell nutrition microcirculation;
- Accelerates healing, regeneration of cells, the body´s defense processes.

The above mentioned features, especially lowering of blood presure might help astronauts feel better during their work at ISS. The company seeks for contract with NASA Glenn research centre.
Advantages and Innovations:
The Lithuanian company is an experienced scientific-technical institution in the area of portable healing laser. It creates and produces modern non-contact portable laser, laser-magnetic medical devices for individual uses, civil and war medical posts; laser technologies in medicine and industry.

Laser medical devices are used in physiotherapy, Artrology, Traumatology, Dermatology, Proctology, Neurology, Pulmonolgy, Stomatology, Gynaecology, Gastro logy and etc. The effectiveness of treatment is reached by influencing human´s bio-tissues, bioactive points, and blood, skin with a flow of laser infrared rays together with magnetic field.

It is known that during long stay and work at ISS human heart´s blood pumping features are slighly changing. The device is not tested yet for specialists working in microgravity conditions. This is why the company seeks for mutual research of devices´ healing effects on human heart functioning. Company is reaqdy to present device for NASA for further research aims.
Stage of Development:
Already on the market
Patents granted

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
- Type of partner sought: Glenn Research Centre, NASA

- Specific area of activity of the partner: health, safety, and effective performance of astronauts

- Task to be performed by the partner sought: testing of portable laser device in ISS


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Industry SME <= 10
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