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Dispositivo médico portátil para detectar el retículo venoso en el antebrazo de niños a partir de muestras de sangre


Oferta Tecnológica
Una empresa italiana especializada en tecnologías médicas está desarrollando un dispositivo portátil que permite detectar de forma precisa el retículo venoso en el antebrazo de un niño en tiempo real. El principal objetivo es identificar la vena del tamaño adecuado para insertar la aguja o catéter, actuando en poco tiempo para reducir el estrés y miedo del niño. Gracias a este dispositivo, el personal médico puede realizar muestras de sangre rápidas, seguras e indoloras y colocar un catéter venoso periférico en pacientes pediátricos. La empresa busca socios con el fin de fabricar el prototipo final y lanzar la tecnología a mercados globales mediante acuerdos de financiación, cooperación técnica, joint venture y licencia.


Portable medical device to detect the venous reticulum in child´s forearm for blood sampling
An Italian company focused on healthcare technologies, is developing a portable device which accurately detects the venous reticulum in the child´s forearm in real time. This device allows the medical staff to do a rapid, safe, painless blood sampling and peripheral venous catheter fixation in paediatrics. Partners are sought to produce the final prototype and launch the technology on global markets through financial/technical cooperation agreement. joint-venture/license agreement.
An Italian company with expertise in medical sector is developing a portable device that helps the medical staff in blood sampling and peripheral venous catheter fixation on newborn and paediatric patients. The main aim of the new device is identifying the vein of adequate size for the insertion of the needle or catheter, acting in a very short time to reduce children stress and fear.
The device is made up of a rigid arm support with a soft inner part, where the dimmer controlled light sources is placed. The patient places his arm on the structure inner part, where it is immobilized using appropriate fasteners. An inflatable band, electronically controlled, interrupts the venous flow, while a SpO2 (Saturation of Peripheral Oxygen) monitor allows the medical staff to check the effective oxygenation of the blood, and so the validity of the blood sample.
The device inner part is covered by a transparent and disposable bubble wrap, that assures a good comfort and prevents cross infections.
The device, developed in 3 different sizes from newborn to 6 years old children, is protected by an international patent.
The ideal partners have an established network within the research/clinical setting, including paediatric department of public and private hospitals, healthcare providers centres, paediatric clinics, academic institutions with a focus on child health, blood sampling laboratories, emergency points, health care projects.
The company is looking for partners interested in:
- the final prototype definition/manufacturing and the clinical validation performing, under financial and/or technical cooperation agreement;
- the new device production and launch on global markets under joint-venture and/or license agreement.

Advantages and Innovations:
The innovative feature of the new medical device is based on the use of a studded intense light source distribution; when the child has placed his arm on the device, the venous network is lighted up in real time allowing the medical and paramedical staff to take a blood sample with more safety and rapidity than traditional scenarios.
The main advantages are:
- it allows a safe, rapid and painless phlebotomy;
- the intelligent tourniquet causes the venous flow collapse before injection site and keep arteries open, while vital signs parameters monitoring;
- it gives real-time information about oxygen saturation, heart rate, the temperature during blood sampling;
- the patient arm and forearm are immobilized by the device;
- the device is dressed by toys to convince the child to accept the blood sampling;
- the light density is dimmer controlled
- it´s easy to clean because the bubble wrap (in direct contact with the patient) is disposable and the outside upholstery is moveable and cleanable;
- the device is small and portable.
A statistical study applied to thirty patients has shown that the maximum time for the operation was thirty seconds on average for all patients.
Stage of Development:
Prototype available for demonstration
Patents granted

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The company is looking for partners interested in:
- the final prototype definition/manufacturing and the clinical validation performing, under financial and/or technical cooperation agreement;
- the new device production, launch and distribution in Europe and other international markets under joint-venture and/or license agreement
License agreements will be considered with partners who wish to use the technology in their own applications.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME <= 10
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Technology Keywords:
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