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Empresa alemana busca un inversor para continuar con el desarrollo de una tecnología de mejora alimentaria


Oferta Tecnológica
Una pyme alemana busca socios con el fin de establecer acuerdos financieros y continuar con el desarrollo de una tecnología de mejora alimentaria de granos destilados para generar productos comerciales. En la industria de elaboración de cerveza, en alza en todo el mundo, se generan una gran cantidad de granos usados que se emplean principalmente como pienso para animales. Anualmente se producen 1.680.000 toneladas de granos destilados en Alemania y 33.000.000 en todo el mundo. Para obtener un nuevo alimento crujiente, el grano destilado será fermentado e hidrolizado mediante extrusión. La empresa dispone del know-how y tecnología de procesos necesarios.


German SME seeks financial investor for further development of a food upgrade technology
A German SME seeks partners for investment in a financial agreement for further development of a food-upgrading technology of distillers spent grains. The aim is to generate new marketable products. The SME disposes over the necessary know-how and process technology.
Looking at the brewing industry, which is globally on the rise, amounts of spent grain residues come up, being mostly used as animal fodder. Annually there is a production of distillers spent grains (DSG) of 1.680.000 tons in Germany and 33.000.000 tons worldwide. The huge amounts as well as the valuable ingredients are forming a wide potential for a food-innovation, based on biotechnological processes.
A German SME has therefore run tests with very good results. The company has already realized a high number of marketable projects applying microbial and enzymatic processes and shows up with a deep know-how in these fields. In the next step it is planned to build up a new manufacturing product line for a food-upgrade product with the benefit and deep knowhow of the process technologies needed. The raw material for the new product line is DSG. To realize this, industrial partners are sought, willing to invest in the food-upgrading process with the aim, to generate new marketable products.

Process steps:
In order to obtain a new crispy food product, DSG will be fermented and hydrolized with cooking extrusion. It is necessary, to treat the DSG with microbial and enzymatic processes to extend the life span of the DSG (usually only two days if not treated). Secondly the DSG will be treated with enzymatic fermentation, to get a sweet and tasty basis for further products without adding sugar. After the process treatment with cooking Extrusion, the material allows the production of snacks or cereals which will show a new product category on the food market.
To achieve the two mentioned goals, different microorganisms and enzymes must be developed respectively, properly combined to get the desired effects.
The growing demand of high value nutritional products which can currently be observed, benefits the marketability of such a new product line furthermore. Also a significant contribution towards the production process equipment industry can be made.
Advantages and Innovations:
Food upcycling means that also food residues - as much as possible - are used to generate new products. In this case distillers spent grains, which are residues out of the brewery industry, are used in order to generate a new product. This ecologic and nutrition-aware product line can lead to economically promising new business opportunities.
Stage of Development:
Field tested/evaluated
Secret Know-how

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
Type of Partner: Investor
Activity of Partner: Financial Investment
Role of Partner: Invest in a proofed and promising food-upgrading process with aiming to new marketable food products;
Advanced payment bonds or performance bonds are envisaged.
Depending on the scale of delivery and credit standing of the purchaser, a common prefinancing - up to 3 years - between the clients principal bank and the investor is possible.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME 11-49
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
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Technology Keywords:
06006012 Bioprocesos
06006011 Fermentación
08001005 Tecnología de alimentos
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