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Empresa alemana especializada en tecnologías verdes ofrece soluciones económicamente innovadoras para aumentar el valor añadido de residuos y biomasa


Oferta Tecnológica
Una empresa alemana especializada en tecnologías verdes ha desarrollado una solución muy eficiente y de bajo coste para extraer aceites, grasas y otros componentes de valor y aumentar el beneficio de flujos residuales industriales y biomasa. Para poder utilizar el método de extracción húmeda, solo es necesario adaptar la tecnología de extracción mejorada como un elemento para procesar los parámetros y modificar la técnica actual. El estado del arte de la tecnología es la posibilidad de obtener aceite a partir de materiales de base biogénicos mediante extracción y/o prensado mecánico utilizando un disolvente como hexano. La empresa busca socios con el fin de establecer acuerdos de cooperación técnica, investigación o licencia.


German GreenTech Company seeks partners for it´s economically innovative solutions to increase the added value of residual materials and biomass
A GreenTech company from Germany has developed a very efficient and low-cost solution to extract oils, fats and other single valuable components to increase the benefit from industry waste streams and biomass materials. Therefore, it is only needed to adapt the innovative technology as an element to process parameters and to modify the already existing technique. Partnership is envisaged in terms of technical cooperation agreements, research cooperation or license agreements.
The German client is a leading company providing solutions and leading-edge technologies for extraction and de-oiling of industrial biomass waste streams. Additionally, it is specialized in developing and providing solutions for a combination of processing and isolation of high-valuable compounds out of biomass waste streams to increase efficiency and create value.

Hexane extraction is common practice to gain oily components from raw materials and biomass. The equipment is standardized and reasonably priced on the market. Now, the German client has developed very economically and cost efficient innovative solutions to increase the benefit of residual materials, e.g. in coffee grounds, palm oil residues, orange peel residues, coconut shells and more. In order to be able to use the wet extraction, it is only necessary to adapt the improved extraction technology as an element to process parameters and to modify the already existing technique.

Many raw materials are suitable for the specialized extraction process with efficient but also different results. Further research demonstrated that coffee oil is suitable for various applications, such as the use as biofuel/ biodiesel.

The steps will be demonstrated on the example of coffee beans:
Basis is that there are large quantities of pure coffee oil in the coffee ground. Initial situation is that extraction material is very fine, the coffee oil is firmly bound in the complex of the substance and the material very tightly pored as well as very moist (residual moisture up to 65%). So far, an essential factor for an economical hexane extraction was the drying of the material down to 20% moisture content. To dry materials with residual moisture contents of up to 65% to these values, processes have been developed which were able to extract the entire oil without drying and independently of the residual moisture and despite unfavourable material properties.

This means that depending on the sort of coffee beans used about 23-31 % oil content can be extracted from the total dry volume. This can be realized with the innovative technology from the client, which is working with an improved extraction technology via hexane.

The source material can contain 60% of water and more. Nevertheless, no previous drying is necessary to receive the result of oil extraction of about more than 90%, which is very efficient. Wet extraction allows an energy-efficient opportunity to produce oil with solid-liquid extraction.

Therewith, it is possible to increase the benefit many times over, while at the same time having just marginally higher operating costs. A more confident sale of the extracted products is another positive more result.

In addition to current solutions, the technology described has the potential for other oil plants and oily materials to be possible.
Therefore, the client is interested in international cooperation providing technology and transferring know-how, process development, equipment and consulting services to any world-wide partner. Therefore, partners from industry or research are sought to jointly develop the solution based on further oily materials. Partnership could be realised in terms of research or technical cooperation agreements.

The German client is also interested in strong partners who are ready to expand on international markets and to act as licensee for the described technology. For that reason, the client is looking for cooperation partners from industry to conclude license agreements as well.

Beside of the suggested opportunities for partnerships, the client is very open for other types of cooperation.
Advantages and Innovations:
Advantages are:
- Much more cost- efficient than previous methods
- High profit opportunities
- Highly efficient results of moisture extraction
- Wide range of applications
- Huge and worldwide access able markets

Processes in terms of extraction:
The state-of-the-art of this technology is that oil can be obtained from biogenic starting materials by mechanical pressing and/or extraction by using of a solvent like hexane. These two methods are economically applicable under following limitations:
a) Limited moisture content (max 20%)
b) Open-pored starting material
c) Basic material with a not too small grain size
Note: CO2 extraction is still under R-Y-D and not used or competitive for large-scale industrial dimensions.

The new method is having the following advantages under the conditions of a so-called moisture extraction:
a) Moisture content can be up to 80%
b) It can be waived on pressing or drying
c) The extractant is reusable
d) The process is technically simpler and more efficient than comparable processes
e) The process can be combined and/or added or even integrated into existing plants or manufacturing sites
f) The method can be applicable with small modifications on standard hexane systems
g) The process is much more economical than comparable processes (energy costs down by 90%, first grade efficiency in de-oiling)
h) At least 98% of the contained oil can be gained
Stage of Development:
Already on the market
Patent(s) applied for but not yet granted,Patents granted

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
In general, the client is very open for various types of cooperation depending on jointly agreed goals with partners.
Please find below three examples:
The German company is specialised in the extraction and de-oiling of industrial biomass waste streams. Now they are planning to adapt the solution to further oily residual materials. For that reason, they are interested in joint development of its unique and efficient technology together with partners from research or industry.

This could be realized together with partners, which are dealing with oily materials and want to increase their oil with solid-liquid extraction, e.g. in the fields of agriculture, food and/or fragrance. Partnership is foreseen in terms of a research cooperation agreement or a technical cooperation agreement.

Beside of this, the client is offering its existing solution as licensor to interested partners who plan to expand on international markets. For that reason, the client is looking for cooperation partners from industry to conclude license agreements as well.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME <= 10
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
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Technology Keywords:
02007020 Biobased materials
05004002 Extracción
02007009 Materials Handling Technology (solids, fluids, gases)
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