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Empresa alemana ofrece una tecnología de producción de biogás mediante el uso de cianobacterias


Oferta Tecnológica
Una pyme alemana que trabaja en el campo de producción de biogás ha desarrollado una tecnología para la producción novedosa y descentralizada de biogás mediante films cianobacterianos utilizando solo CO2 y luz solar. La tecnología se basa en la formación de intermediarios energéticos a partir de cianobacterias y, después de un proceso complejo de conversión, la culminación de metano, principal componente del biogás. El uso de este proceso como alternativa a la producción de biomasa de algas supone un gran cambio, ya que las algas necesitan más luz solar y una temperatura más alta de crecimiento que las cianobacterias. La empresa busca socios con el fin de establecer acuerdos de investigación y cooperación técnica para continuar con el desarrollo e implementar la tecnología.


German SME offers new technology for biogas production using cyanobacteria
The R-Y-D-performing SME from Berlin working in the field of biogas production, developed a technology which enables the innovative and decentralised production of biogas by cyanobacterial biofilms using only CO2 and sunlight. The company is looking for research and/or technical cooperation agreement for further development and implementation of their technology.
The German R-Y-D-performing company was established 2015 as a spin-off from one of Berlin´s universities. The company is activ in the field of decentralized production of biogas and has developed an innovative and efficient technology for this process.

As a renewable energy resource today biogas is superior energy resource. It can be cheaply stored, has a high heating value and burns completely climate neutral. Nowadays biogas is produced by exploitation of crops raising ethical and environmental concerns. To reduce land abuse and free farm land from energy crop production and in favour of avoiding residual waste, the company developed a technology which enables the production of biogas by cyanobacterial biofilms using only CO2 and sunlight. Accordingly the company is able to offer a decentralized biogas production technology which empowers homeowners not only to heat their homes climate responsible and independent from market fluctuations, but also to use a climate neutral energy production based on biogas as an energy source that can be stored without significant losses.

This technology is competitive to the state of the art algae technology as well. The technology is based upon the formation of early energetic intermediates from cyanobacteria and - after a complex conversation process - the culmination of methane, the heating component of biogas. Using this process and not relying on the pure algae biomass production, makes this technology a game changer. Algae biogas production is less efficient. Algae need more sunlight and a higher growth temperature than cyanobacteria. The biogas produced with algae also includes sulphuric residues, which result in a costly gas purification procedure. The new technology with CO2 being metabolized by the cyanobacteria can offer a green energy production that is distinguished by a climate neutral CO2 balance. Moreover the cyanobacteria don´t need high amounts of energy and an inefficient conversion step into biogas. By immobilizing them on a solar panel they will function like a factory that consumes only the energy for staying alive while producing intermediates that are easily convertible into biogas. Therefore, the process will have an improved economic viability compared to existing fossil heating solutions used by home owners today. Especially the cheap storage capacities for biogas are making this process superior to other renewable energies such as solar power.

The special approach of conversion into biogas enabled the company to apply for a patent on this process. Currently the copmany is working on the design and development of a prototype and aims to have it finished by 2017.

The company is looking for partners for a technical cooperation agreement for implementation, testing and demonstration of the prototype in projects, which are focused on biogas production. They also want to establish a research cooperation agreement to find a partner who would join their activities for exploratory research and developement of the technology. The partner should supply some capacities in the related field, like screening possibilities and metabolic analysis.
This agreement can be carried out as a part of a H2020 R-Y-D project, espacially in the societal challenges 5 area - "Climate action, environment, resource efficiency -Y- raw materials". Participation in Eurostars funding projects is also possible.
Advantages and Innovations:
· decentralized autonomously heating (electricity with use of Combined heat and power - CHP)
· independent from oil and gas prices
· climate neutral
· easily storable biogas
· scalable technology
· no competition to agriculture
· only sunlight and CO2 needed
· alternative to photovoltaics
· bacteria as molecular plants
Stage of Development:
Under development/lab tested
Patent(s) applied for but not yet granted

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
For technical cooperation agreement:
The company is focusing on partners such as constructors of energy-efficient houses, distribution / installation partners and pilot customers who can provide facilities for the installation of demonstrators respectively prototypes.
The tasks to be performed by the partner sought are:
· The implementation of technology, further (joint) development of new applications or adaption of technology for specific demand.

For research cooperation agreement:
The company is interested in cooperation partners that can perform or help with screenings and the improvement of the technology. The potential partner should have a specific existing technological capacities. Possible partners are universities, R-Y-D institutions, R-Y-D performing companies from the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy.
The tasks to be performed and/or the capacities provided by the partner sought are:
· R-Y-D capacities in the field of biogas production
· Analysis facitlites like screening possibilities and metabolic analysis.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME <= 10
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
Languages Spoken:


Technology Keywords:
04006 Biogás y digestión anaeróbica (AD)
04009 Captura de carbono
04001007 Tecnología de conversión de electricidad a gas
10002013 Tecnologías verdes / producción limpia