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Empresa china del sector de protección medioambiental ofrece sistemas de tratamiento de aguas residuales


Oferta Tecnológica
Una empresa china del sector de protección medioambiental, pionera en su país en sistemas de tratamiento de aguas residuales, ofrece un equipo de tratamiento simultáneo de aguas residuales y lodos. Este equipo, con un alto nivel de automatización, ofrece como ventaja la instalación, funcionamiento y puesta en marcha sencillos. Además no necesita personal especializado para realizar las tareas rutinarias de mantenimiento y tiene bajos costes de funcionamiento y mantenimiento. El equipo no produce ruidos ni genera olores peculiares. La empresa busca socios en este campo con el fin de establecer acuerdos comerciales con asistencia técnica.


A Chinese environmental protection enterprise is offering sewage treatment equipment
The company is an environmental protection enterprise engaged in sewage treatment earlier than most of its peers. It offers sewage treatment equipment that can treat with sewage and sludge simultaneously. It is looking for partners in sewage treatment industry for a commercial agreement under technical assistance.
The company is focusing on water environmental protection, it is the only sewage treatment company nationwide with a registered equipment trademark. With continuous development, it has set up many affiliated companies since its establishment, such as the design company, environmental protection equipment company, environmental protection equipment sales company, environmental protection engineering company, and environmental protection engineering facility company. The business area of those companies covers equipment manufacturer, equipment sales, engineering design, engineering construction, etc.
The Group is mainly engaged in the MA Series of integrated sewage treatment equipment. Based on the introduction of the internationally-advanced production technology (of sewage purification equipment)of extended aeration activated sludge process from Italy, this series of equipment is developed by the Group after many years of research and innovation. This equipment represents the highest level of the sewage treatment industry in China.

This equipment with a high degree of automation is easy for installation, operation and commission. It requires no special personnel to keep routine maintenance, and the cost of operation and maintenance is low. With the solar energy system, it will not cost any operating expense.
The tank of MA Series is manufactured by the glass fibre reinforced inorganic plastics. The motor and the pump are imported from Germany. The connection fasteners are manufactured by corrosion resistant stainless steels. The control box and electrical components are all domestic famous brand products to ensure the service life of the MA Series, which is up to 30 years.
This equipment is without noise or peculiar smell. Except for the main body of the MA Series, the remaining part can be buried underground, and the surface can be decorated according to customers´ requirement.
The company seeks partners who want to apply these products with a commercial agreement under technical assistance.
Advantages and Innovations:
The competitive edge of the company and products). MA Series can treat sewage and sludge simultaneously. Then, the water resources can be recycled, directly reaching our company´s advanced environmental protection standard of "zero pollution, zero emission, and resources recycling". It can make us control the water pollution from the source, utilize the treated water at the source, and treat the polluted water separately.
1. MA Series has the unique self-reproduction microbial strain which resists to acid and alkali and has a strong tolerance, unique structure, and unique appearance. The three "unique" are indispensable.
2. The company combines dozens of patents for invention and special technology. The unique microbial strain can treat thousands of bacteria, making all the rivers and lakes clean.
3. The test result of PONY, an international authority, shows that the quality of effluent from the MA Series is much higher than the reuse water standard and sewage discharge standard (See the comparison table attached below) specified by the state.
4. The effluent quality is stable, not impacted by the water quality change of sanitary sewage. Traditional sewage treatment plants and other integrated sewage treatment equipment can´t do this.
5. MA Series has a small floor space. It can be used singly or in a combined way. The scale of sewage treatment can be designed according to the users´ effluent quantity in a flexible way. It can be equipped with an online effluent quality index detection and data remote transmission device to meet the customers´ regulatory requirements for effluent quality.
6. MA Series is easy to install in a short time. According to the quantity of sewage treatment, the installation period is one month for 100 tons, two months for 1,000 tons and three months for 10,000 tons. This equipment with a good restart performance has no restart period at all. It is easy to start and stop, and can be moved and re-installed as well.
Stage of Development:
Already on the market

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The company is looking for partners has experience in sewage treatment industry for commercial agreement with technial assistance.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME 50-249
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