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Empresa francesa ofrece experiencia en aislantes de guata


Oferta Tecnológica
Una empresa francesa está especializada en el uso de aislantes de guata contra el frío y tiene dos líneas de producción: una para aislamiento térmico y fabricación de ropa protectora, moda, sacos de dormir para el sector militar y fibras de poliéster con aislamiento térmico, y una segunda línea de fabricación de mantas y almohadas. La empresa ofrece experiencia en aislamiento de edificios (guata de poliéster) y centra su actividad de I+D en aislantes de guata o no tejidos. La empresa ofrece servicios de fabricación y busca socios con el fin de establecer acuerdos de investigación y cooperación técnica.


A French SME offers its expertise on upscale wadding for different types of partnerships.
A French company specializing in upscale wadding manufactures cold protection clothing, blankets, pillows, but also thermal insulation for habitat. It has its own expertise on a revolutionary building insulation (polyester wadding). The SME focuses primarily on the R-Y-D of the insulating wadding or non-woven. It seeks partners to work on technical and research cooperations but provides also its services as manufacturer.
A French SME is based on a unique know-how that has been enriched since more than 150 years. Now, the company is one of the leading experts in wadding isolation against the cold.
The company has two productions sites: one for thermal insulation (cotton type), for cold protection clothing, fashion, sports, sleeping bags for the military as well as thermal insulation polyester fibers for habitat, the other one is for the production of blankets and pillows.

At the beginning, the company was a major player of the fraying textile (manufacturing blankets principally).

During the 60´s, the SME uses its know-how of the textile fraying to do the same with synthetic fibres waste and will work it then in sheet. It complements its activity by developing the quilting business. Soon, the company specializes in cold protection (technical clothing like jackets). The SME becomes the leader in the Europe over-refined.

Over the years, the waddings are lighter with the arrival of thin fibres. New fibers help to remove excess moisture and heat generated by an intense effort. It will open the door to a technical market.

The French SME is positioned in the extreme cold field (making sportswear winter and snowboard) as in the areas of sportswear, ready-to-wear, haute couture, children clothing, and work or protection clothing. It also has a unit for padding and a lining production for sofas, mattresses and bolsters. The company is also involved in the manufacture of duvets and pillows based on microfibers.

In the last 6 years, the company has developed a revolutionary building insulation (polyester wadding). This thermal insulator "manufactured in the region" including polyester fibres, of European origin, are from the recycling of plastic bottles. It is fully and easily recyclable. Its composition ensures high durability of the product.

Polyester fibers arrive in tablets packaging, the fibers are manually fed into machine called "openers". Fibers of different length and size are mixed in this machine. In "loaders" machines, the fibers are opened / aerated to be transported in the pipes. A machine will then comb the fibers to form a web. The machine will display several web layers to form the desired thickness to form a blanket. The more layer, the better the thermal value. The blankets are crossed by thousands of needles that bind the fibers together. Then it goes to the oven and under the effect of heat will melt the polyester fibers.

To design and manufacture high quality wadding, the company plays on the fibre section but also with fibres with specific properties (fireproof, aromatic, antibacterial, etc.) The company uses its expertise in developing technical wadding with high thermal power.

In terms of research and development, the company offers its technical expertise to research cooperation and technical cooperation agreements.

The scope of this French SME can be in the building, construction and materials sectors.

Furthermore, the company offers its know-how on the insulation wadding or non-woven, whether for medical, building, etc. and offers manufacturing agreements.
Advantages and Innovations:
Each year, the SME transforms 4,000 tons of fiber on its two sites. It disposes of its own logistics warehouse with 8 loading docks and 2 unloading docks. Several advantages: traceability, tests of the products by its production teams and internal laboratory; manufacturing 100% in France.

The company meets the highest standards of sustainable development. As for example, it won an award for its work in this area.

The process uses recycled plastic bottles to make wadding, blankets and its products for isolation for the building area. Besides, once arrived at the end of life, the products are easily recycled and are reinjected into the sorting circuit.

The products manufactured respect the ecosystem and provide guarantees for health: non-irritating, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, hydrophobic and very durable in time.

In just 5 years, the company increased the performance of its range of isolation of 30%. It is currently working on the French certificates of thermic regulation for the building sector. The objective of this new regulation is to contribute to improving the energy performance (heating, cooling,...) of new construction. The company is the first French company to do it.
Stage of Development:
Already on the market
CommeR Statunts Regarding IPR Status:
The scope of business: building, construction, materials

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
Currently the company offers its wadding mainly in Belgium and in overseas territories. The company focuses primarily on the R-Y-D of the insulating wadding or non-woven. The company would like to offer its expertise and shares its knowledge (medical, fireproof, building "thermal insulation and soundproof", etc. The scope of this French SME can be in the building, construction and materials sectors.

In terms of research and development, the company offers its technical expertise to research cooperation and technical cooperation agreements:

- The company would like to collaborate with users (companies, technology centers or universities) from any sector that requires thermal insulations. The partner may indicate the specific needs of the application and the French SME will adapt the materials for an appropriate use. A technical cooperation agreement will be established.

- On the other hand the company would also like to be contacted by potential partners (companies, technology centres or universities) that need the developed know-how to obtain new materials to be used in different applications. A research cooperation agreement will be established.

Besides the SME is looking for organization involved in construction and building field to sign manufacturing agreements (just in case: subcontracting and outsourcing agreements might be also interesting). The invention of its thermal insulation might be applied to construction industry, especially to insulation materials.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME 50-249
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
Languages Spoken:


Technology Keywords:
04007004 Aislamiento térmico
02007020 Biobased materials
02007002 Building materials
02007005 Composite materials
02006004 Installations related to construction (energy, lighting, …)