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Empresa griega de ingeniería ofrece una solución vanguardista de simulación de ingeniería para resolver problemas complejos


Oferta Tecnológica
Una pyme griega de ingeniería ofrece un paquete de simulación basado en el método de elementos de contorno (BEM) para resolver problemas complejos de ingeniería que cubre un amplio campo de aplicaciones previamente inviables o muy costosas con otros métodos competitivos. Se trata de un método rápido y preciso. La empresa ofrece soluciones vanguardistas de simulación de ingeniería en todo el ciclo de desarrollo de un producto, desde el diseño del concepto hasta las pruebas de los prototipos. Se buscan socios con el fin de establecer acuerdos de cooperación técnica, investigación y licencia.


Greek engineering SME offers state of the art engineering simulation solution to solve complex problems
A Greek enineering SME offers a simulation package based on Boundary Element Method (BEM). The simulation package can solve complex engineering problems, covering a wide area of applications, previously not feasible or very costly with other competitive methods. In the same time, the method is very fast and accurate. The company is looking for technical or research cooperation agreements, as well as licencing the technology.
Founded in 2014, the Greek engineering SME operates in the global market and partnering with engineering companies, product manufacturers, research centers and universities. The company provides state of the art engineering simulation solutions throughout the product development cycle, from concept design to prototype testing. The company applies simulation expertise and operational experience to solve challenging -Y- complex problems.

Nowadays, engineers solve industrial problems using software packages mainly based mainly on Finite Element Method (FEM). In FEM, the part to be analysed is considered in whole and divided into smaller pieces (discrete elements). FEM can be used in some cases but in the same time, the method is very demanding in computational resources. For this reason, FEM faces serious difficulties in solving effectively some engineering cases such as multi-cracking fracture mechanics problems, large-scale problems dealing with infinite/semi-infinite domains, outdoor -Y- underwater acoustics (e.g. infrasound, noise pollution), soil mechanics (e.g. earthquake waves, foundations, vibration isolation), radiation and scattering (e.g. radar, antennas), etc.

The Greek company offers an in-house developed simulation software package based on accelerated Boundary Element Method (BEM). It is well known in the scientific community that BEM is ideal for providing accurate and reliable solutions to the aforementioned engineering problems. The software fills the gap among existing software packages and reinforces the simulation toolbox of engineers and scientists. In BEM, the discretization is restricted only to the system boundary. The main advantage of BEM over FEM is a more efficient computation performance. Another advantage is that the BEM method offered by the Greek company can deal with the cases mentioned.

BEM is not so widely applicable compared with FEM. In some cases, BEM could lead to an increased storage and computational time requirements. The Greek software is not falling in this case. On the contrary, the software excels in terms of speed, almost 10 times faster than the competitive solutions and in storage requirements.

The software package applies the following modules:

- Wave Scattering for particle sizing and ultrasonic applications
- Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI) for underwater acoustics, noise prediction and vibro-acoustics applications
- Electromagnetics for electrostatic or magnetostatic fields, Maxwell equations, ship signature, corrosion protection, fracture mechanics applications and wave propagation in non-homogeneous -Y- composite materials.

The Greek company is looking for companies or research organizations facing engineering challenges that can be solved with simulation tools. The types of collaboration sought are technical or research cooperation, as well as licencing for the commercial exploitation of the technology offered.
Advantages and Innovations:
The Greek solution has been awarded with the first prize in an international simulation competition for scientific and commercial solutions design offered. The solution has the following advantages and innovations:

· High accuracy of computed results
· Reduce of the design uncertainty, reduce of the risk of failure -Y- the costs
· Boundary Element Method provides solution to engineering challenges that cannot be resolved by traditional simulation tools
· High performance cloud-based platform. It delivers 10 times faster performance than the competition thanks to a parallel computing process. In the same time, the platform provides 10 times bigger simulation model size.
· Low computational needs
· Intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI)
· Parametric design under request and continuous customer support.
Stage of Development:
Already on the market
Trade Marks

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The Greek company is constantly looking for partnerships and collaborations with hi-tech companies, research centres, institutes and universities for solving complex engineering problems and contribute in the design of technical solutions.
The Greek company is looking for technical or research cooperation agreements with the mentioned types of partners. The fields of applications are wide enough to encompass any engineering area where simulation driven product development is required. There is also interest to participate in common R-Y-D projects, either EU funded or not.
The Greek company is also willing to provide its solution for a licensing agreement. In this case, the Greek company will grant the right to exploit the platform by a company interested in it and accept royalties.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME 11-49
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