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Empresa griega del sector agrotécnico ofrece pruebas beta de un dispositivo avanzado de aprendizaje profundo para incrementar el rendimiento de los cultivos


Oferta Tecnológica
Una pyme griega ha desarrollado un dispositivo plug -Y- play avanzado de aprendizaje profundo que se instala de forma sencilla en el techo de un tractor. El dispositivo es capaz de leer los parámetros de los cultivos y decidir en tiempo real la cantidad adecuada de fertilizantes y pesticidas. Dicho dispositivo ayuda a los agricultores a incrementar considerablemente su rendimiento y productividad y a reducir los costes operacionales diarios. La empresa busca usuarios de pruebas beta (agricultores y sindicatos de agricultores) con el fin de establecer acuerdos de cooperación técnica.


An agritech SME providing for beta-testing a state of the art deep learning device that helps farmers boosting their crop yield
A Greek SME has developed a state of the art deep learning plug-Y- play device which is easily installed on the roof of the tractor. The device is able to read crop parameters and decide in real time about the right amount of inputs (fertilizers/pesticides). It helps farmers substantially increase their performance by boosting yield, decreasing day to day operational costs. The company is willing to sign technical copperation agreement with beta-testing users that could be farmers or farmer unions
The Greek SME is a company incorporated in 2016 by pioneer farmers and engineers with a goal to combine their experience from both sectors and provide farmers with agtech products that will make them more productive, increase their performance and help the valuable environment.

The Greek SME has developed a state of the art deep learning plug -Y- play device which is easily installed on the roof of every tractor in the world and existing machinery. It helps farmers substantially increase their performance by boosting yield, decreasing day to day operational costs, while at the same time, enhancing the quality of the crops and protecting the environment. It is consisted by a set of hyperspectral cameras, table to both read crop parameters, decide about the right amount of inputs (fertilizers / pesticides) depending on the operation that the farmers execute, and control the attached machinery for executing this advice, all in real time.
All data gathered is uploaded in the company´s cloud infrastructure where they are combined with additional user inputs and weather data sets which are visualized in colored maps in our front-end web platform where every farmer can gain access.
Overall the device is the only one that offers a unique combination of real time sensing, real time machinery control and actionable data gathering from every inch of the field.
Advantages and Innovations:
Sensing precision.
The use cameras instead of sensors. Unlike sensors, the cameras are not only capable of measuring the spectral reflectance of crops, but they are also able to understand shapes and environmental characteristics that improve the quality of measurement. For example, if a farmer is passing through an area with poor crop density, common sensors would get a very low value due to reading the soil while the camera does not take soil into consideration. It isolates the plants, understand that crop density is not good and makes the right decision.

Real time operation - not changing farmer´s habits
No adding any extra steps in a farmer´s everyday habits. Such steps increase complexity. Instead, the solution is plug -Y- play and the farmer has only to worry about driving within the field. The rest is taken care of the system

Artificial Intelligence - Deep Learning
One major problem that most of the existing systems face is scalability. They may be good in certain areas but have no luck in operating in others. The system use proprietary computer vision and artificial intelligence algorithms that ADAPT to the local farming practices and climate status of every country and every area..

Stage of Development:
Available for demonstration
Secret Know-how,Patent(s) applied for but not yet granted

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The company is looking for the first beta-testers to sign technical cooperation agreement. They could be farmers and farmer unions that understand the importance of variable rate application of inputs in their fields (fertilizers / chemicals) and want to use such technology in order to improve their performance. For this reason, they will agree to get the product by paying a very small installation fee (the terms are under negotiation) and a small fee per hectare of use per year (under negotiation) in order to partly cover the installation costs and cloud infrastructure maintenance costs. The company will work closely to them, getting feedback from the everyday use and in return they will provide a written commit that will replace their product with the new one made, based on their feedback with no additional cost.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME <= 10
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
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Technology Keywords:
07001007 Agricultura de precisión
07001001 Maquinaria agrícola / tecnología
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