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Empresa griega del sector de TI ofrece un software integrado para trazabilidad alimentaria


Oferta Tecnológica
Una pyme griega del sector de TI ha desarrollado un software para los sectores de alimentación y minorista que garantiza la trazabilidad completa de un producto en cada una de las fases de la cadena de producción. Este software se ha diseñado a medida para soportar las condiciones extremas del interior de almacenes e industrias, específicamente en las áreas de producción, suministro, procesamiento y venta, y ofrece una solución integral de trazabilidad. La empresa busca socios del sector de TI con el fin de establecer acuerdos de cooperación con asistencia técnica para continuar con el desarrollo y ampliar las aplicaciones del software. Asimismo ofrece asistencia técnica a usuarios finales de la industria alimentaria para instalar y adaptar el software a necesidades específicas.


Greek IT SME offers integrated software solution for supporting food traceability
A Greek IT SME has developed a software solution for food industrial and retail businesses, ensuring full product traceability in every step of the production chain. The proposed custom designed software can be installed on production, delivery, processing and sales areas, offering an integrated traceability solution. The company is looking for commercial partnerships with technical assistance.
The Greek SME was established in 2014 and is located in Athens. Its expertise lies on the fields of informatics, and more specifically in the design, development and installation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems according to the clients´ needs.
According to European legislation, all companies involved in the food industry must implement a traceability system. Moreover, in many cases food companies need to know the location and the form of their inventory.
Using the proposed software, which is custom designed for the clients´ needs and is installed on weighing stations, all peripherals (scales, scanners, RFID readers, mixers, transportation systems, accounting systems) are seamlessly integrated and complete traceability of the final product is achieved, since all the required data which prove the identity of the product and show its origin, are collected, recorded and stored in the central database.
The specialized software solution is installed on industrial PCs which are protected against immersion, heavy seas or powerful jets of water (following IEC standard 60529, more specifically Ingress Protection 66 and Ingress Protection 67), and built to withstand the extreme conditions inside warehouses and industries, and more specifically inside production areas, delivery areas, processing areas and sales areas with the goal to save time and money spent, by automating business processes. The software solution includes labels for products which are custom designed according to code and client, an option to separate customer orders depending on the products that each sector is responsible for, execution of customers´ orders and automatic update of the sale invoice, management of orders so suppliers can have a better control of the raw materials receipts, automatic invoice printing, access rights and actions per user or user group, weighing scale settings through user-friendly interface (such as automatic load weighing with stabilization, selection of printing labels, totals, subtotals etc.), automatic batch creation upon receipt with the possibility to automatically register all the data, online connectivity and updates on orders and sales, manual receipts with automatic update of the transaction in Odysseus ERP, lots handling to and from a specific company and possibility of simultaneous weighing of several lots during their reception.
Traceability features include complete management of lots from import to production and delivery of products and goods, compliance with national and international standards, regulations and laws, and precise information on the location and the form of the stock, assuring that in a case of product withdrawal, all information on the batch and specific product is available.
From ordering, receiving and warehouse management, to processing, handling and sales, the software supports the customer and makes sure no costly mistakes are made. Additionally, this integrated software (which incorporates a full-scale ERP) offers custom reports and analytics and high-level custom security which contributes to higher consumer confidence in the product and maximization of the client´s profitability, through a time and cost effective performance.
The company is looking for partners in the IT sector to form a collaboration which will include technical assistance, for further development of the software solution and for the expansion of the software´s applications. Furthermore, the SME is looking for end users in the food sector (both industrial and retail) which will install the software, and through the technical assistance of the aforementioned company will customize it according to their specific needs.
Advantages and Innovations:
The main advantages of the software solution are:
· Complete traceability from the raw materials´ order to the delivery to the customer.
· Online data collection straight from the production line.
· Automatic product labelling with barcode data in compliance with GS1 barcoding standards and other international standards.
· Photo snapshot of the product during weighing and automatic registration of weight-date-time-species-operator-client in the database.
· Overview, monitoring and financial control of the entire procurement and production process, ensuring fast response times, time and money efficiency, cost reduction.
· Automatic alerts in case of a mistake or inconsistencies during goods receiving.
Stage of Development:
Already on the market
Design Rights,Exclusive Rights,Copyright

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The SME is looking for company, mainly from the IT sector which under guidance and training will be able to further install the software tool and expand its scope to additional applications.
Additionally, the SME is looking for end users in the food sector and more specifically SMEs and larger industries in the meat industry to establish commercial collaboration agreement with technical assistance. Due to the nature of the proposed technology, which needs to be installed on different stages of the industrial process and can be custom designed, the Greek SME must work hand in hand with the partner, to ensure that specific client requirements are properly met.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME 11-49
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