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Empresa griega del sector de TI se ofrece para desarrollar conjuntamente tecnologías financieras, tecnologías cívicas e innovaciones abiertas para organismos públicos/privados y oenegés


Oferta Tecnológica
Una pyme griega del sector de TI especializada en métodos y técnicas de crowdsourcing dentro de los campos de tecnologías financieras, tecnologías cívicas e innovaciones abiertas ha desarrollado nuevas soluciones para su cartera de clientes internacionales. Gracias al conjunto de destrezas de su plantilla y a su experiencia corporativa, gubernamental y empresarial adquirida a lo largo de los años, la compañía ofrece productos y servicios innovadores que permiten a los clientes cambiar la forma de interactuar con sus clientes y mejorar así sus servicios. La empresa busca organismos públicos/privados y oenegés con el fin de continuar con la investigación y desarrollar conjuntamente productos y servicios personalizados. La cooperación se establecerá en el marco de un acuerdo de investigación, cooperación técnica, servicio o joint venture.


Greek IT company offers to (co-)develop financial technologies, civic technologies and open innovations for (with) public/private organizations and NGOs
A Greek IT SME, specialized in crowdsourcing methods and techniques within the fields of financial technologies, civic technologies and open innovation, has created novel solutions for its international client base. The company seeks public/private organizations and NGOs to conduct further research and/or co-develop customized products and services through research cooperation, technical cooperation, services or joint venture agreements.
A Greek IT company has developed and implemented numerous solutions in fintech (financial technology) and civictech (civic technology) for both the private and public sector.


The company has developed a set of technological and supportive services to promote fintech in banks, payment institutions, companies and organizations, both public and private, working as a fintech enabling partner. Indicatively:
¿ Fintech Software Development Kit (SDK): SDKs built on top of existing APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to act as a new platform for case studies and application prototypes, while dramatically reducing development time and maintenance costs for new applications.
¿ Know Your Customer (KYC) as a service: KYC software to manage identification and regulatory checks in real time, while increasing scalability and reducing costs.
¿ Chat bots for citizens to interact with regarding their bank account, municipality, local authority, telephone numbers, events, pharmacies or the weather.
¿ Social Crowdfunding / Crowd investing: Platforms for collecting grants, donations and funds / equity to develop and implement projects and initiatives of public or private organizations.

Open Innovation

¿ Bootcamp (1 day duration) to solve fintech problems and digital transformation challenges in a structured way.
¿ Crowdhackathons (3 days): An open innovation process, bringing together creative and dynamic communities and key stakeholders to offer them in-depth fintech mentoring.
¿ Accelerators (6 months): The company develops innovative business ideas and transforms them into profitable fintech businesses, supports the use of open banking APIs, develops POCs (Proofs Of Concept) and innovation.
¿ An e-learning platform that offers 10 core fintech and digital transformation lessons.


The company´s solutions include:
¿ Social Wi-Fi: A wireless network that contributes to the strengthening of local entrepreneurship.
¿ A participation and consultation platform for public consultations on the projects and actions of the municipality that also evaluates and prioritizes them.
¿ A platform for the immediate and easy gathering of ideas and suggestions that the municipality or local communities wish to collect in a way that is familiar to all age groups.
¿ A platform through which citizens can report in real time problems they detect within the municipality (e.g. road faults - potholes, cleanliness issues or damage caused to municipal property etc.) or propose ideas regarding the common public space.
¿ An open data platform which presents open data from existing information systems of the municipality (e.g. accounting system, budget) and enables open data sets to be made available.
¿ Projects on the map: A modern geographical information system (GIS) for the effective management and visualization of the municipality´s projects (e.g. road construction, pedestrianization, green areas, school buildings, sewerage, electrical lighting, monuments, etc.) and actions (social, economic, educational, tourism, business, etc.).
¿ A platform that enables the support and facilitation of active citizens´ groups and encourages citizens to form such groups.
¿ A platform through which the municipality can map the creative activity and the social work projects at neighbourhood and service level such as social welfare, support for vulnerable social groups etc.
¿ A platform that engages citizens in shaping the budget of an organization and selecting actions to be funded through dedicated calls for expressions of interest.

Universities, startups, SMEs, large-sized enterprises, public organizations and/or NGOs active are sought with technical expertise in the above technologies for a research cooperation, technical cooperation or joint venture agreement, or who could benefit from them through a services agreement.
Advantages and Innovations:
Through the complementary skill-set of its staff, coupled with business expertise (corporate, governmental and entrepreneurial) gained over several years and major projects, the Greek IT SME provides innovative products and services that add value, enabling customers to change the way they interact with their clients and thus improve their services.
Apart from the internal team, there is a selected network of experts within reputable academic institutions, IT and communications companies, having an extensive and in-depth experience in developing solutions for private/public organizations and NGOs.
The company has established itself within the Greek digital market through major projects in collaboration with global software giants such as Google and Microsoft, the dominant Greek banks such as National Bank of Greece, Eurobank, cooperative banks, the Bank of Cyprus, electronic payments companies such as Mastercard, Visa and Viva-Wallet, municipalities, public transport companies, knowledge organizations and NGOs throughout Greece. At the moment the team is leading the initiative to create the first fintech cluster in Greece.

The company by numbers:
¿ 19 cloud solutions for the banking industry and public sector
¿ 324k back office users
¿ 20 crowdhackathlons
¿ 7 accelerators
Stage of Development:
Already on the market

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
Type of partner sought: Universities, startups, SMEs and large-sized enterprises, public organizations, NGOs, especially within the fields of fintech, civictech and open innovation (but not exclusively).

Role of partner sought:

Joint Venture Agreement: The above organizations are sought to help develop new IT tools/interfaces for end users in the fintech/civictech fields mentioned in the description

Research Cooperation Agreement: Universities or SMEs with R-Y-D departments are sought to co-develop the Greek company´s emerging solutions in the fintech/civictech fields mentioned in the description.

Technical Cooperation Agreement: technological capacities in the fintech/civictech fields mentioned in the description are needed to complete the company´s development of innovative solutions.

The company is looking for synergies in order to conduct research and co-develop products and services both within the scope of EU programmes and beyond EU initiatives. The team is also available for partners/clients in need of the company´s expertise, as described above.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME 11-49
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
Languages Spoken:


Technology Keywords:
01003003 Artificial Intelligence (AI)
01003006 Computer Software
01003010 Databases, Database Management, Data Mining
01003013 Information Technology/Informatics
01003025 Internet of Things