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Empresa griega ofrece un software innovador de fácil manejo para administración y distribución online de servicios de viajes


Oferta Tecnológica
Una empresa griega del sector de informática, con diez años de experiencia en software innovador y especializado, ha desarrollado un software de administración y distribución online de servicios de viajes. La plataforma tiene importantes ventajas frente a las soluciones actuales gracias a su flexibilidad y escalabilidad, lo que permite dar soporte tanto a compañías muy pequeñas como a grandes empresas. La tecnología puede emplearse como una solución modular, ya que pueden incorporarse distintos módulos en función de las necesidades. La empresa busca integradores de sistemas y desarrolladores de sistemas de gestión empresarial en el sector turístico con el fin de establecer acuerdos de licencia.


Greek SME offers an innovative, user-friendly software solution for the administration and online distribution of travel services
A Greek IT company, with a decade of experience in innovative and specialized application software, has developed a software solution for the administration and online distribution of travel services.The offered platform has significant advantages from existing solutions due to its flexibility and scalability. The company seeks system integrators and business management system developers in the tourism sector for licence agreement.
The company currently specializes in the development of applications and software for the administration and online distribution of travel services, such as destination management companies, online travel agencies and incoming travel agencies.

The maximization of sales and the reach of more potential clients is a major target in the tourism sector. Thus, an efficient connection of the company with its partners and clients is required in order to obtain the information that they require online without delays, maximize responsiveness and minimize administrative costs.

In order to address those issues and to enable the drastic expansion of distribution networks and sales volume, the company has developed an e-Tourism platform which is an integrated software solution for the administration and online distribution.

The offered platform consists of a diverse set of applications which support the daily operations and due to its innovative technologies it facilitates fast performance and reliability.

It includes innovative functions such as the ability for local representatives and sellers to sell excursions on the ground to tourists by using a mobile device or via the web. All vouchers could be also printed on-the-spot using mobile printers. The use of mobile devices is also utilised in order to enable airport personnel to easily greet and manage tourists upon their arrival at the airport. It can also be used to organize effectively tourist handling on the ground, check online the arrival lists, allocate tourists transportation on-the-spot, and record non-shows and check-in times.

The company seeks to find partners for licence agreement where the partner either requires the product for own use, or reaching their clientele by exploiting the platform.
Advantages and Innovations:
The offered platform has a series of advantages and innovations such as flexibility and scalability, which allows the support of very small companies up to very large corporations.
Moreover, it can also be employed as a modular solution, meaning that any of the application modules can be incorporated as required. It also deploys desktop, web and mobile applications, depending on the scope and functionality required by the client. It offers a very fast average response time for large volume of system requests and searches and streamlines and optimizes daily operations, thus not only maximizing efficiency and service quality, but also boosting business executive performance. This happens because it provides them with the right decision making tools and timely information, which in turn facilitates growth for travel companies by enhancing their access to travel distribution channels.

Stage of Development:
Already on the market
Secret Know-how,Exclusive Rights

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The Greek SME is looking to collaboration with partners under a licence agreement. The partner should either wish to exploit the product for own use or for their clientele. The Greek company can introduce, analyze and customize the solution according to the clients´ needs.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME 11-49
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
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Technology Keywords:
01003006 Computer Software
01003013 Information Technology/Informatics