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Empresa griega ofrece una solución de simulación para optimizar la protección catódica en estructuras marítimas o barcos y busca usuarios finales para probar la tecnología


Oferta Tecnológica
Una pyme griega de ingeniería ofrece una herramienta de simulación para solucionar problemas de corrosión de estructuras metálicas en el entorno marítimo. La empresa ofrece una solución para optimizar el proceso de protección catódica. Como resultado se consigue un proceso de protección mejorado y más económico. El software de simulación se basa en el método de elementos de contorno (BEM), cuya principal ventaja es el rendimiento de cálculo más eficiente para solucionar problemas complejos de ingeniería. La empresa busca fabricantes de estructuras metálicas marítimas o barcos con el fin de establecer acuerdos de cooperación técnica para probar y validar la solución en condiciones reales y de forma gratuita.


Greek SME offers simulation solution for optimizing the cathodic protection in marine structures or vessels and looking for end-user to test it
A Greek engineering SME offers a simulation tool as a solution to the corrosion problems of the metalic structures in the marine environment. The company provides a solution to optimize the process of the cathodic protection which results in better and more economic protection. Partner sought could be the owner of an offshore metallic structure or vessel to collaborate under technical agreement for testing and validating the solution in real and for free.
Founded in 2014, the Greek engineering SME operates in the global market and partnering with engineering companies, product manufacturers, research centers and universities.

The Greek company offers an in-house developed simulation software package based on accelerated Boundary Element Method (BEM). In BEM, the discretization (segmentation of the problem and application of calculations in the segments in order to solve it) is restricted only to the system boundary. The main advantage of BEM is a more efficient computation performance enable the method to solve complex engineering problems, previously very difficult for the methods used.

The simulation software package is ideal to solve the problem of the corrosion of metals in the marine environment. Due to the potential difference between two metals in contact through a conducting medium (water), electron flow is produced which corrodes the structure. The metal with a more negative potential preferentially corrodes (becoming the anode). The more positive metal acts as a cathode and is being protected by the more negative metal. In order to protect the structures in water, the engineers place special metal parts called anodes and apply DC current to help the process. The anodes are corroded by the electric flow while the structure remains intact. Periodically the anodes are replaced due to excessive wear. The process is called cathodic protection. The problem is that there is no clear indication of the time needed to change the anodes. Therefore, the owner of the structure is replacing them much earlier in order to prevent serious damage in the structure. In big structures like boats, pipelines, platforms, wind generators this is very expensive.

The scientific community has proposed to use the simulation for the task of the cathodic protection. Especially the use of BEM is the most suitable for this purpose because the electrolyte (water) is usually an infinite extended medium. Thus, the BEM is the ideal technology since only the boundary of the structure is needed to be discretized. Up to this date, there are very few proposals for using BEM. The Greek company offers one of them.

The offered solution uses BEM and Newton Raphson algorithm, a scientific algorithm to calculate the electrochemical problem. The solution is estimating the potential and current distribution everywhere in the structure. The system calculates the amount of total current to achieve catholic protection and the number of anodes (including the optimum location and the current output in every anode).

The solution can be applied in the maritime, oil -Y- gas and offshore wind turbines industry sectors by studying through simulation how to control corrosion applied to buried or submerged metallic structures.

The Greek company is looking for companies as end users of the solution. The Greek company will work together with the end-user in order to test and verify the results given by the method. The type of collaboration will be technical cooperation agreement.
Advantages and Innovations:
The solution has the following advantages and innovations:
· Boundary Element Method provides solution to the corrosion problem that cannot be achieved by traditional simulation tools
· High performance cloud-based platform. It delivers 10 times faster performance than the competition thanks to a parallel computing process. In the same time, the platform provides 10 times bigger simulation model size.
· Great accuracy and economy for changing anodes exactly when is needed for.
· Applicable to all structures in marine environment.
Stage of Development:
Available for demonstration
Secret Know-how

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The Greek company is looking for end-users to test and validate the results of the method. This requires the collaboration of the two parties in order to study the structure and set the parameters. The Greek company will then use the method to calculate the solution. The solution will then be tested and furthermore optimized. The end-user will take the results for free for a period of time which will be agreed by the two parties.
The type of partners sought could come from various fields as long as they own a structure in contact with water. Ship-owners, oil -Y- gas industries with platforms and pipelines, offshore wind generators, or any other structure of this kind are welcome. The Greek company is looking for technical or research cooperation agreements with the mentioned types of partners.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME 11-49
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