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Empresa polaca ofrece un sistema de prioridad semafórica para tranvías y autobuses


Oferta Tecnológica
Una empresa polaca especializada en sistemas multiusuario de tecnologías de la información ofrece un sistema de prioridad semafórica para tranvías y autobuses que mejora considerablemente su movimiento y puntualidad. La unidad vehicular envía una serie de mensajes al controlador de semáforos con información sobre la ruta y estado del vehículo. Las prioridades asignadas en distintos cruces permiten disminuir el tiempo total del recorrido, reduciendo los gastos de la empresa y aumentando la satisfacción de los pasajeros. La empresa busca socios con el fin de establecer acuerdos de licencia.


A Polish company offers traffic light priority system for trams and buses in a public transport via license agreement.
A Polish company specialized in a multi-user information technology systems offers traffic light priority system for trams and buses that significantly improves their movement and punctuality. The company is looking for partners interested in cooperation in terms of license agreement.
The Warsaw, Poland based company was established in 1986, and offers multi-user information technology systems.

For the last several years, the company successively expands portfolio of offered systems with items such as:
· designing, producing and implementation of computerized systems for location, communication and control of vehicle motion
· designing, producing and installation of central and depot dispatcher centers, radio base stations, vehicle equipment (on-board computers, radio units, cameras)
· designing, delivery and installation of radio communication systems
· configuration and installation of video surveillance systems on railroad vehicles
· designing and delivery of tracking systems of any vehicles
· realization of non-standard orders concerning the area of our company activity
Recently the company developed a Traffic Light Priority System. Public transportation is perceived as being attractive to the passengers, when it´s fast, punctual, and vehicles move in optimal way across the transportation network area. Time based analysis performed in different cities proved that waiting for the right traffic signal takes more than 30% of the whole journey time. Traffic light priority for trams and buses significantly improves their movement and punctuality.

The system developed by the company helps vehicles to drive through an intersection where traffic is controlled by light signals. Vehicular unit sends a series of messages to traffic light controller with information about its route and vehicle status. Priorities assigned on different cross-roads make it possible to shorten the total ride time, what leads to lower company´s outlay and increased passengers satisfaction.

Information from the vehicle is sent twice or thrice when it moves past defined control points. Controller´s logic circuit analyses received information from every vehicle that occur near the crossing, and modifies light sequence by advancing or retarding their time on desired movement direction. After the vehicle leaves the junction, the vehicular unit sends information to the controller one more time.

The company seeks potential partners that are responsible for public transportation issues at their cities to cooperate via license agreement, since that form of cooperation has been used numerous times at the domestic market.
A potential partner is expected to employ a light priority system for public transportation, and the expected outcome of the cooperation would be a vastly improved traffic´s issues at its respected cities

Advantages and Innovations:
Traffic light priority system has many advantages:
· The same vehicular unit that is primarily used for voice communication with dispatch is used for traffic signal priorities.
· helps to localize the signal transmission spot (control point) precisely - vehicles receive green light exactely when they need one.
· It is possible to give priority to specific vehicles only (e.g. only to delayed ones), what makes deviations from the schedule equal to all the trams.
· Priority signals are sent automatically, without any action needed from the driver.
Stage of Development:
Available for demonstration
Patent(s) applied for but not yet granted
CommeR Statunts Regarding IPR Status:
Patent applied in Poland

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The company is looking for partners among large cities (municipality´s unit designated with public transportation issues, or company that act on behalf of the cities) with public transportation that wish to improve traffic at their respected cities. Potential partner would be an entity that wants to improve traffic issues of theirs respected cities with special emphasis on public transportation movement and punctuality. Cooperation via license agreement.


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Industry SME <= 10
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