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Empresa portuguesa ofrece servicios de transferencia de tecnologías innovadoras con alto potencial en el mercado desde Europa del Este a Portugal, Suecia y otros países


Oferta Tecnológica
Una empresa portuguesa está especializada en transferir tecnologías innovadoras con alto potencial en el mercado desde Europa del Este a Portugal, Suecia y otros países. La empresa tiene el objetivo de desarrollar y comercializar nuevas tecnologías y productos innovadores e invertir en proyectos en distintos sectores, como fabricación, energías renovables, ecología, agricultura, etc. Se buscan socios con el fin de establecer acuerdos de comercialización con asistencia técnica, financiación, joint venture o licencia.


This Portuguese company transfers various technological innovations with high market potential from Eastern Europe to Portugal, Sweden and other countries for commercialization
A Portuguese company transfers various technological innovations with high market potential from Eastern Europe to Portugal, Sweden and other countries. It aims at the development and commercialization of new technologies and new innovative products as well as investment for related projects, especially in the manufacturing and renewable energy sectors, ecology, agriculture, etc. So, it seeks commercial agreement with technical assistance, financial/ joint venture/ license agreements.

1. Supercavitation devices can be used for obtaining the high-quality technological, nutritional and bioactive solutions. E.g., milk treatment allows increasing its shelf life at 9-12°C by no less than 5 days. In oil industry it allows reducing the consumption of mazut by 20-25%, reducing detrimental effect on environment, lowering the cost of generating the heat and electric energy and saving fuel at 10-27%.

2. Modified zeolite
a. Can be used in the production of building materials (plastering with zeolite mixtures allow substantial increasing of the resistance against humidity and antibacterial properties.
b. In Agriculture
· increases the productivity and improves the quality of plants
· increases the effectiveness in fertilizers usage
· reduces the toxicity and improves the mechanical composition of soil
· regenerates soils
· as a valuable organic-mineral fertilizer
· gets rid off animal odour
· transports medicine to animal organism, etc.

3. Drinking water treatment (technology based on ozonation, silvering and saturation by Silicon). This biosafe environment friendly technology provides deep and effective cleaning and decontaminating of water, while keeping all its useful minerals and trace elements.

4. Pyrolysis of waste -Y- tires. Ecologically clean technique, it gives:
· production of the high-quality charcoal demanded by tire industry
· production of different types of fuels and gasses
· heating the apartments.

5. Modified basalt fiber-based materials for purification of water surface from oil contaminations. Oil capacity in cleaning material is 15-20 kg/kg. Can also be used as fire-protecting cloth and materials, highly effective heat and sound isolation.

6. Economical automated electric water heating system. The device can be used for heating water to use for any needs and for building heating system. The know-how electrode heating element guarantees fast and cheap heating of hotels, houses, etc.

7. Light sources based on LED technologies. Energy saving of up to 10 times vs. the best similar products.

8. Antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, antiphlogistic and immune correcting preparation Izatizon that can be used in medicine and veterinary.

9. System of electromagnetic water pipes treatment. It is intended to prevent and protect the inner surfaces of pipelines, etc. against deposits of lime scale and mineral salts.

10. Electro impulse processing of soil. This method changes soil properties, making it homogeneous and rich with different valuable salts. The productivity of different vegetables grows up to 220%.

11. Heliogreenhouse "Solar Vegetarium" - allows gathering of 3 crops a year, guarantees the cost price of high-quality vegetables at a rate of 0.2 euro/ kg.

12. Drones for the treatment of crops, areas monitoring, obtaining of normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) data, orthomosaics, etc.

13. Inorganic fibres on the basis of the innovative technology. The fibre "LONA" is cheaper and has better characteristics than analogues.

14. Technology of ultrafast building ITG-TMM. It is the know-how technology of ultrafast building of frame buildings using of nanocellular extralight foam concrete and a leave-in-place form.

15. Energized water. Treated by electric current in a special way, water with improved properties can be used to increase plants productivity and growth rate, it has healing properties, and can be used in industry to solve stable water-oil emulsions, etc.

16. Super-cavitational (SC) aerators. SC aerators with know-how allows not only to increase and automatically maintain the oxygen content in water till/above full saturation, but also increase by 180-250% specific density of the maintena
Advantages and Innovations:
The company proposes several innovations that can be used in:
agriculture (modified by know-how zeolite, agridrones, electro impulse processing of the soil, energized water, SC aerators);
industry (modified zeolite, supercavitation devices, modified basalt fibre-based materials, fibre "LONA");
milk and juice processing (supercavitation devices);
ecology (drinking water purification and treatment, cleaning of circulating water and lakes, purification of water surface from oil contaminations by modified basalt mats);
waste management (pyrolysis of waste -Y- tires);
energy saving (economical automated electric water heating system, LED technologies);
medicine and veterinary (original complex preparation izatizon);
Stage of Development:
Already on the market
Secret Know-how,Patents granted,Other

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
Business partner, Investor.


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Technology Keywords:
10002006 Ecología
004008 Energy efficiency
06001012 Investigaciones médicas
07001001 Maquinaria agrícola / tecnología
04005008 Wind energy