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Empresa suiza ofrece experiencia en gestión de sostenibilidad del sistema alimentario con implicación de la industria, gobierno y sociedad civil


Oferta Tecnológica
Una pyme suiza especializada en gestión de proyectos en el campo de sostenibilidad del sistema alimentario está formada por un equipo de profesionales que intercambian experiencias transversales dentro de la cadena de suministro del sector alimentario y consumo de alimentos. Su actividad se centra en la gestión de flujos de residuos, reducción de residuos y participación de agentes de la industria, gobierno y sociedad civil. El fomento de la innovación y la diversidad son factores de éxito claves para un sector alimentario sostenible y sólido. La empresa busca socios con el fin de establecer acuerdos de cooperación en materia de investigación y participar en proyectos del programa Horizonte 2020.


Swiss SME offers expertise in food system sustainability management involving industry, government and civil society
Swiss SME, specialized in project management in food system sustainability. A team of professionals in cross-sectoral exchange within the food supply chain and food consumption. Focus on waste streams, waste management, waste reduction and involvement of stakeholders from industry, government and civil society. Promotion of innovation and diversity as key success factors for a sustainable and resilient food sector. Interested in research cooperation agreements such as Horizon 2020.
Project management, applied research and analysis regarding waste streams have become important elements in complex food and agriculture sustainability projects. The Swiss SME offering its expertise, closely working with government, companies and civil society

Offered expertise:
· Transdisciplinary approach towards food system sustainability
· Design and implementation of participatory processes and workshops, long- and short-term involvement of participants, including application of several methods for different group sizes, like world café, fishbowl, open space, participative mapping, future scenarios and others
· Participative qualitative research design, especially interviews and group discussions based on reflexive photography (photos taken by participants)
· Experience in knowledge transfer and awareness raising among stakeholders, linking of private and public actors, experience in work with stakeholders along the whole food chain, multi-actors processes (businesses, civil society, organisations and other actors)
· Building and managing cross-sectoral alliances/organisations on specific sustainability topics
· Different perspectives on the Societal Challenge
· Planning and delivery of hands-on training with and for food service professionals
· Mutual learning approaches involving food professionals from related fields (particularly butchers -Y- chefs)
· Experience of the development of new education processes in food related apprenticeships
· Introducing compelling ideas in relevant networks and mobilizing strong partnerships for action
· Innovation processes guided by design thinking approach
· Workshop -Y- event moderation
· Science communication capabilities applied to projects (predominantly working with infographics to simplify complex topics)

Fields for applications:
· Values-based food chains: shared values and benefits among all partners of the food chain on territorial level (organic regions)
· Agricultural landscape: awareness rising of landscape values among farmers, relation of farming and landscape
· Social aspects of agroecology: societal issues of agricultural and food systems
· Urban food systems: integration and participation of public and private actors in the food system
· Mobilizing partnerships along the food chain (farm-to-fork-to-gut-and-back) on specific food topics
· Resilience of farming systems
· Community resilience regarding climate change
· Supply chain approaches to waste reduction including producers, processors and wholesale/private consumers (including opinion leader role)
· Waste reduction consulting services in food service/hospitality operations
· Growing expertise and networks in the area of digital transformation of the food sector particularly in technological applications of waste tracking, restaurant operations, big data and the blockchain technology

The company is seeking research cooperation. They are interested in cooperation in the frame of European funding projects, especially Horizon 2020, focus on
SFS-18-2017 (Framework for food and nutrition security) and SFS-30-2017 (Mitigate GHG emissions at farm-Y-regional levels).
Advantages and Innovations:
In comparison to interdisciplinary research projects, the company focuses on transdisciplinary approaches. This means, the integration of different stakeholders in the research and knowledge dissemination processes - beginning from the definition of the research gap until the dissemination of generated knowledge. Experienced researchers in the team work on the intersection of knowledge generation and knowledge transfer, to enable research results access into responsive practice. Engagement in progressive science communication approaches to make evolved projects transparent for all stakeholders and wherever possible interactive. More than 10 successful "waste stream" projects in two years.
Stage of Development:
Already on the market

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
R-Y-D institutions or companies active in the field of agronomy and food, e.g. food producers, food research centres, university food departments R-Y-D Institution.

The sought partner should execute or plan a technology or research project where food system sustainability plays an important role and know-how in this field is needed. The partner might be a coordinator of a H2020 proposal focus on:
SFS-18-2017 (Framework for food and nutrition security) and SFS-30-2017 (Mitigate GHG emissions at farm-Y-regional levels).


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME <= 10
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
Languages Spoken:


Technology Keywords:
08001003 Empaquetado / manipulación de alimentos
07001002 Ganadería / labranza
08002003 Métodos de producción seguros
08001004 Procesado de alimentos
08002004 Trazabilidad de los alimentos