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Equipo de rescate para personas confinadas en espacios estrechos


Oferta Tecnológica
Una empresa rumana especializada en ingeniería eléctrica ha desarrollado un equipo de rescate para personas confinadas en espacios estrechos. El equipo, que consta de un sistema eléctrico y otro mecánico, ha sido diseñado específicamente y probado en espacios estrechos, como pozos, fuentes, cuevas, conductos de agua, etc. La operación de rescate se monitoriza constantemente por el equipo de rescate, que puede cambiar el tipo de rescate si aparece una situación imprevista. La empresa busca socios del sector de productos de rescate con el fin de establecer acuerdos de licencia o comercialización con asistencia técnica.


Equipment used to rescue people confined in narrow spaces for licensing or commercial agreement with technical assistance.
A Romanian company specialised in electrical engineering offers equipment for rescue of people confined in narrow spaces. The equipment was designed and tested in narrow spaces such as wells, fountains, caves, water ducts etc. Partners from the rescue product market are sought for licensing agreement or commercial agreement with technical assistance.
The Romanian company is focused mainly on the production and service in electronics, electrical engineering and automation. The company manufactures equipment and devices for banks, medicine, communications and general security.
The equipment for rescue of the people confined in narrow spaces was designed and manufactured in order to rescue people confined in narrow spaces such as wells, fountains, caves, water ducts etc.
This equipment consists of two parts: the electronic equipment and the mechanical equipment.
The electronic equipment is made of the "Investigation Probe" (I.P.) wire connected, up to 100 m long, to the "Central Unit" (C.U.). C.U. has the role to monitor and control the rescue activities, through video and audio system, a monitor, a microphone, a loud speaker and a LED diode mini projector of high light intensity connected to a controller module; the microphone and the loud speaker of the I.P. are as well connected to this controller module. Due to this controller module, the audio connection is extremely sensitive, permitting the weakest vital signs to be sensed, such as heavy breathing with moaning, when I.P. is close to the confined person. Thus, communication connections may be established with persons being in extreme situations in order to assess their physical and psychological estate.
I.P. can be introduced in numerous narrow spaces, difficult to access, through the mechanical equipment. It consists of square section tubes of aluminium alloy, whith a high mechanical endurance. The 2 meters tubes are easily, rapidly and safely interconnected until they reach the wanted length. The first segment has a particular construction permitting it to become "L-shaped" and thus becoming kind of a "chair". Being light, it can be easily manipulated by the investigator without any particular physical effort.
Due to the existence of the investigation probe I.P., the rescue operation is permanently monitored by the rescue team which is able to change the rescue type when unforeseen situations appear. The mechanical equipment is completed by a subassembly for position stabilization which is jointly connected to the first tube segment. This subassembly stabilizes the position of the person, during the extraction operation, through another system of circular section tubes of aluminum alloy.
The electronic part can also be used to investigate buildings destroyed by natural disasters and where survivors may still exist. The investigation probe having small dimensions can be introduced between the ruins in order to investigate, assess and analyze the existing situations, in order to prevent undesirable events which might appear in the course of rescue operations.
Being equipped with the investigation probe, the inspector can communicate with the other members of the team, exchanging technical information and broadcasting images from the inspection place.
A prototype of the invention has been produced and successfully tested in a simulated situation.
The company is interested for licensing agreement or commercial agreement with technical assistance. The partners sought are industrial producers and organizations that provide services in the safety sector. They will benefit by the introduction on the market of the new equipment.
Advantages and Innovations:
It is safe and cost-effective.
The equipment can be charged by the electric network or by its own accumulator which ensures an energetic independence of almost 6 hours at its total capacity. For emergency situations, it can be connected for charging to an exterior accumulator.
Because the equipment is charged from a source independent from the electric network makes it to be highly used in case of natural disaster and in isolated places.
The electronic equipment can also be used to inspect technological ducts.
Stage of Development:
Available for demonstration
Patent(s) applied for but not yet granted

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The partner sought should work in the safety sector. It can be:
- Industrial producer in order to develop a product series with this technology based on licensing agreement. It should be familiar with rescue products and must insert the product into the market.
- Organization that provides safety services for commercial agreement with technical assistance. It must buy the equipment for own endowment and to receive training in using and maintenance.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME <= 10
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
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Technology Keywords:
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