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Espectroscopía Raman aplicada a tejidos biológicos para transferencia clínica como herramienta de diagnóstico para mejorar la evaluación histopatológica


Oferta Tecnológica
Un grupo de investigación italiano ha desarrollado un nuevo método de diagnóstico de espectroscopía Raman para el diagnóstico histológico de enfermedades tiroideas. La espectroscopía Raman es una técnica prometedora capaz de incrementar la viabilidad del diagnóstico y de ofrecer información bioquímica específica. El grupo de investigación busca organismos o particulares para financiar la investigación mediante acuerdos de financiación. El objetivo de la cooperación es traducir una nueva metodología en clínicas y contribuir al descubrimiento y comprensión de procesos de génesis tumoral.


Raman spectroscopy applied to biological tissues for clinical translation as a diagnostic tool to improve histopathological evaluation.
An Italian research group has developed a new Raman Spectroscopy (RS) diagnostic method to support histological diagnosis of thyroid diseases. RS is a promising technique, that is able to increase diagnostic reliability, providing specific biochemical information. The Italian researchers are seeking an organization or individual interested in financing further research activity via financial agreement.
An Italian research team has long lasting experience in Spectroscopy research field, and recently has acquired also particular experience in Raman imaging of biological tissues and cells and in statistical data treatment and data validation tests analyses. The now-how (RS imaging, Raman spectra interpretation + statistical data treatment) has been already acquired for several thyroid tissue pathologies.
The preliminary results of Raman spectroscopy mapping applied to thyroid tissues, performed by the Italian researchers, have shown that this technique is suitable, in order to distinguish between healthy and malignant tissues, between various thyroid pathologies, and is able to provide specific information on biochemical differences in composition and even biomarkers characteristic for various pathologies.
The proposed technology can have a great impact on the increase of reliability of diagnosis of neoplastic lesions, by coupled histopathologic and RS investigations. For instance, the increase of reliability for follicular thyroid lesions, demonstrates the great potential of RS biochemical fingerprints to contribute to clinical decision-making. Moreover, the obtained results put the basis for the RS method translation into the clinical practice, in order to reduce unnecessary surgery in patients with indeterminate diagnosis. Finally, the evaluation of the Raman spectra may allow the identification of molecular species involved in thyroid tumour-genesis and progression.

The Italian research group is interested in Financial Agreement cooperation with a private person/organization interested to sponsor the above described studies for human wellbeing and health.
The aim of cooperation is to translate a new methodology in clinics and to contribute to the discovery and understanding of tumori-genesis process. In order to apply the new methodology in clinics, it is necessary to increase the casuistry and to prepare Raman databases of various organs and pathologies.
Advantages and Innovations:
Raman spectroscopy (RS) is a non-invasive optical technique increasingly used to get molecular fingerprints of biological tissues. As an analytical tool, RS is able to provide information on any biomolecule with high specificity and without labelling. Recent technological advances have created a fast Raman imaging microscope, able to provide coupled morphological and biochemical investigations of large tissue areas. Biochemical mapping is performed with high resolution and point-by-point spectral analysis of composition. This option is important not only for discrimination between healthy and pathological tissues, but especially for pre-cancerous tissue state earlier detection and understanding.
Numerous recently published studies strongly suggest that RS can be used as an additional clinical tool for cancer diagnosis to increase clinical accuracy. Nowadays, in order to reach a decision on tissue diagnosis, histological evaluation and marker identification are combined with imaging techniques, such as MRI, computed tomography, x-ray and ultrasound, etc. The existing imaging techniques are critical for disease location and lesion border evaluation, but they cannot provide specific information about the nature of the suspected lesion. Although histological evaluation is currently the ´gold standard´ for diagnosis, it is often subjected to intra- and inter-observer variability. Marker detection in body fluids is advantageous due to minimum invasiveness and low cost, but currently not every cancer type has its own biomarker. Therefore, other techniques to increase the reliability of the diagnosis and to contribute to clinical decision-making at every step of clinical cancer diagnosis are necessary. Raman spectroscopy is very suitable from this point of view since it can provide a specific molecular information on the gradual biochemical changes from a healthy tissue to a tumour state.
Stage of Development:
Field tested/evaluated

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The partner sought is an organization or a private person interested in financing the research activity of the Italian group with the objective of contributing to human wellbeing and health and to the discovery and understanding of tumori-genesis process.
The group is looking for funding in order to develop the new solution for clinics, i.e. to translate a new methodology in clinics in order to increase the reliability of diagnosis and the clinical decision-making. In order to apply the new methodology in clinics, it is necessary to increase the casuistry and to prepare Raman databases of various organs and pathologies.


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R&D Institution
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06001005 Diagnósticos, diagnosis
06001002 Investigaciones clínicas, ensayos
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