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Estación externa y automática 24/7 de recogida de paquetes y productos perecederos


Oferta Tecnológica
Una pyme griega especializada en logística e ingeniería ha desarrollado un estación externa y automática de recogida de paquetes de la próxima generación. Esta estación ayuda a transportistas y minoristas que quieren ofrecer servicios alternativos de entrega a reducir costes de envío, ofreciendo una opción cómoda y segura para gestionar pedidos del usuario final. La compañía busca una empresa de mensajería o un minorista online con operaciones de envío para probar la estación y establecer acuerdos de joint venture.


24/7 automated outdoor pickup station for parcel and perishables
A Greek SME with specialization in logistics and engineering has developed an automated outdoor pickup station. The pickup station helps carriers and online retailers, who want to offer alternative delivery options, by reducing delivery cost and providing a secure and convenient option for the end-user´s orders. The company is looking for a joint venture agreement with a courier company or an online retailer with own delivery operations for piloting the station.
A Greek SME has developed a next generation automated outdoor pickup station for parcels and perishables. The company, which operates in the field of supply chain management and more specifically in last mile logistics, having recognized the limitations of the existing parcel lockers, capitalized on the strong logistics and technical background of its team and developed an innovative and complete automated solution.

In Europe, parcel lockers (the most common definition for pickup stations) are expanding dynamically as a delivery system during the last years, offering a convenient alternative for online shoppers. In parallel, pickup is the most efficient fulfillment option for retailers, allowing them to reduce the delivery fees and increase further their sales. Lockers are also expected to contribute in future trading models, where the products will be shipped and kept in local stations, waiting to be ordered. In this accelerated field of online and distant retail, many companies have started recently to innovate by demonstrating new types of lockers.

The Greek SME introduces a complete solution of pickup station with cutting edge functions and characteristics. The whole system combines a structure of lockers with special features and advanced mechanism. The innovative design includes three ergonomic openings to facilitate fast transactions for the users, both consumers and couriers. The maximum capacity of a station is up to 63 slots for various parcel sizes according to customer needs. The pickup station and its mechanism are patented and guarantee certain security, cooling (refrigeration) capacity, ergonomic and user-friendly access.

The station´s exterior material is made of reinforced concrete shell with armored lids, ensuring the maximum security level. Moreover, the functional design with dynamic curves and customizable artwork makes the pickup station an eye catching landmark in the city. These features make it ideal for supporting the branding campaign of each owner company.

In addition, the company provides the software of the station which can be interfaced with the carrier/online retailer´s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). The software is consisted of the machine´s operating system and the customized administrative software which records, monitors and facilitates the process. Last but not least, there is a mobile application which provides services such as interaction between user and pickup station.

The Greek company is interested in collaborating with a courier company or an online retailer with own delivery operations. In the framework of a joint venture the Company will provide next generation pickup station adjustable to partner´s specifications in order to pilot the service in a specific area.

Advantages and Innovations:
Unlike the outdoor parcel lockers, this pickup station is not vulnerable to vandalism and this allows its installation anywhere. In addition, the station provides three accessible openings at 1.20m height from the ground. As a result, the courier´s efficiency increases by 20% in comparison with the drop-off in conventional lockers and the cost of insulation is quite lower. Also, it is easily accessible by disabled persons. Therefore, the companies that will include the specific pickup station in their delivery operations will provide a user-friendly, secure and convenient alternative delivery option to their customers.

The specific functionalities of the pickup station make it suitable for several kinds of goods in terms of size or special requirements such as conservation of temperature. More specifically there is the possibility of using temperature control independently for each slot which allows delivery of sensitive products such as food, cosmetics etc.

The station will be fully operated through the personal device of the user aka smartphone, tablet etc. without using a touchscreen on the outside.

Generally, the inner mechanism of the pickup station allows special add-ons on the outside which could facilitate shared automations and services such as 3D printing by installing one 3D printer device and drones landing platform to facilitate drone delivery.
Stage of Development:
Under development/lab tested
Granted patent or patent application essential

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The Greek company is looking for a joint venture with a courier company or an online retailer with own delivery operations. According to the agreement, the Company will provide next generation pickup station adjustable to partner´s specifications in order to pilot the service in a specific area. The Company is interested to establish a network of pick up stations and develop their technology and offered facilities further optimizing the overall service. This pilot network could be funded by the partner sought or the company could search for a suitable funding scheme together with the potential partner.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME <= 10
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