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Estimulador de crecimiento para vegetales orgánicos, fruta, vid y otros cultivos


Oferta Tecnológica
Una empresa familiar checa especializada en desarrollo de estimuladores orgánicos de crecimiento y producción de enzimas para ganadería ha desarrollado un estimulador orgánico de crecimiento de alta calidad para vegetales orgánicos, fruta, vid y otros cultivos que se aplica en el suelo y en las hojas de las plantas y se basa en extractos de vermicompost. El estimulador aplicado en las hojas ha demostrado unos excelentes resultados en la prevención de infecciones por hongos en pepino, tomate, pimiento y vid. La empresa busca agricultores especializados en cultivo de vegetales orgánicos, fruta y vid para probar el producto en plantas específicas y explotar la tecnología mediante acuerdos comerciales con asistencia técnica.


Stimulator of growth for bio vegetables, fruit, vine and other crops.
A Czech family run SME has developed a high quality organic stimulator of growth for bio vegetables, fruit, vine and other crops which is applied on soil and on the leaves of plants based on extracts from vermicompost. The SME is looking for growers of organic vegetables, fruit and vine interested in testing the product on specific plants and later exploiting that via closing a commercial agreement with technical assistance.

Chemically treated agricultural soils have an impaired ability to absorb nutrients thus the nutrients are washed out into sub-soil waters. A Czech SME developing organic stimulators of growth for crops and engaged in the production of enzymes for animal husbandry has developed an organic stimulator with the content of Humins which has an ability to increase microbial activity and water absorbability of soils and increases the absorption efficiency of nutrients by plants. As heavy metals and radio nuclides naturally fixate to ligno humins, their migration to food chains using this stimulator is prevented. The liquid preparation is an alkaline extract of the best quality vermicomposts, products derived from organic materials based on digestive process of earth worms and extra added with ligno humins. The liquid preparation is obtained as a result of a special technological procedure and is used for watering of plants, application on leaves, or used as hydroponics. The stimulator applied on leaves showed demonstrable results as a prevention against fungi infections in cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and grape vine. Thanks to the content of humic substances, enzymes, amino-acids, fulvo acids and growth stimulators it:

-improves natural resistance, health and vitality of plants,
-positively influences growth and development of plants and their root system,
-multiplies the number of flowers and extends the time period of blooming,
-fastens maturing of fruits and increases the content of sugars and vitamins in fruits,
-improves the process of photosynthesis,
-increases fertility of soil, its regenerative abilities and microbial life,
-is effective in the form of a leaf spray as an additive agent in biological protection of plants,
-reduces the possibility of damage to leaves caused by acid pollutants and insects.

The SME is offering the product to growers of organic vegetables, fruit, vine and other crops for testing on specific plants. Based on results of testing (while advising on trials) acquisition via commercial agreement with technical assistance is expected.
Advantages and Innovations:
-the liquid preparation helps to bind other fertilisers to organic material in the soil so that they are not washed out into sub-soil waters as it happens when using only chemical fertilizers
-content of ligno-humins prevents the migration of heavy metals to food chain
-significant is an anti-stress effect on plants in droughts, during frosts or when overdosing chemicals.
Stage of Development:
Already on the market
Secret Know-how

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
-Type of partner sought:
Agriculture, crop husbandry.

Growers of organic vegetables, fruit and vine, crop growers, agricultural cooperatives, communities of organic food growers.

Role of the partner:
Trials on particular plants, acquisition of the product, application on crops.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME <= 10
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
Languages Spoken:


Technology Keywords:
07001007 Agricultura de precisión
07001003 Biocontrol
07001004 Gestión de cosechas
07001005 Horticultura