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Estructuras textiles de alto rendimiento para tejidos compuestos de malla abierta


Oferta Tecnológica
Una universidad alemana ofrece licencias para materiales de refuerzo para tejidos compuestos que combinan las ventajas del refuerzo multiaxial y una buena caída. La producción se basa en tejidos de malla abierta. El uso de tejidos triaxiales reduce los residuos hasta un 25%. También se reduce el número de pasos necesarios para el lay-up gracias a las orientaciones de la fibra integrada. Se buscan socios industriales (fabricantes de componentes reforzados de fibra) con el fin de establecer acuerdos de licencia.


High performance textile structures for composites through open reed weaving
A German university offers licenses for enforcement fabrics for textile composites that combine the advantages of multiaxial reinforcement and good drapeability. The production is based on open reed weave. Application potential is in shell components. The feasibility has been proven. Industrial partners are sought for licensing agreements.
Current textile products have many limitations regarding their effectiveness and lifetime due to the limited needle shifting in state of the art weaving systems. Fiber properties are highly dependent on loading direction and even a small angle deviation can cause a significant performance drop. Only small areas of multiaxial fabric can be obtained by the existing production methods and the load path is constantly interrupted.

Scientists at a German university filed a patent relating to the production of the multiaxial enforcement fabrics for textile composites with ORW (Open Reed Weave). The technology helps avoid load path interruptions in composites with textile enforcement. An overlapping of two yarn systems in the textile is created by means of a special weaving pattern. It leads to a continuous load path in bias direction, thus producing a "triaxial" fabric, which is the main approach of the investigation.

The angle of additional reinforcement direction is adjustable and the calculated necessary overlapping is 16.28 mm length. The capability of the system was verified by conducting three-point bending tests. These are performed varying the overlapping length, testing carbon and glass fibers and using reference samples as follows: [0/90°] fabrics and [0/90/45°] fabrics with continuous reinforcement. The results were successful in all cases.


The developed new textile structure has a high potential for reinforcing shell components with complex load cases. By the additional load bearing direction within the fabric the general part stability can be increased significantly where usually, +/-45° layers have to be used. These +/-45° layers cause a lot of waste, especially in complex geometries where woven fabrics have to be used due to their good drapeability.
The use of the newly developed triaxial fabrics can reduce this waste about 25 %. Additionally, the number of necessary process steps for the lay-up can be reduced due to the integrated fiber orientations.

Industrial partners are sought for licensing agreements. Partners could be manufacturers of fiber reinforced components, e.g. shell components. They should participate in the ongoing further development tasks.
Advantages and Innovations:
· Integrated third load bearing direction in woven fabrics
· Combines advantages of multiaxial reinforcement and good drapeability
· Time and resources savings by reducing waste and production steps
· Design flexibility of ORW for precise load path tracing
· Vast commercial potential for shell structures with complex load cases
Stage of Development:
Under development/lab tested
Patent(s) applied for but not yet granted
CommeR Statunts Regarding IPR Status:
An international PCT patent application has been filed. Further International applications are still possible.

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
Industrial licensees are sought. They can be manufacturers of composites, e.g. shell components that need reinforcing. They should be interested in joining the investigations regarding new material combinations and machine set-up.


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02007018 Advanced Textile Materials
02007005 Composite materials
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