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Explotación de datos ambientales satelitales en tiempo real y totalmente automática para viticultura de precisión


Oferta Tecnológica
Una empresa italiana ofrece un sistema avanzado de apoyo a la decisión para viticultura de precisión capaz de operar en todo el mundo. El sistema combina datos satelitales con otras fuentes de datos (sensores en tierra y aeronaves tripuladas y no tripuladas) que se incluyen en una infraestructura de datos espaciales (IDE) basada también en un enfoque de aprendizaje automático. El sistema de apoyo a la decisión basado en web (DSS) permite a productores, consorcios, asociaciones de productores u organismos de certificación aprovechar información y sugerencias precisas y actualizadas sin interrumpir las tradiciones y prácticas agronómicas históricamente consolidadas. La empresa busca socios industriales y comerciales del sector agroalimentario con el fin de establecer acuerdos comerciales con asistencia técnica, industrias interesadas en la adquisición de derechos de propiedad intelectual para establecer acuerdos de licencia, y compañías y centros de investigación del sector de las TIC para mejorar tecnológicamente el sistema mediante un acuerdo de investigación o cooperación técnica.


Environmental Satellite data exploitation in real time and fully automated manner for precision viticulture
An Italian company that provides an advanced decision support system for precision viticulture able to operate world wide, is looking for: industrial or commercial partners in the agrifood sector, under a commercial agreement with technical assistance; industries interested in IPR acquisition, under a license agreement; companies or research center in the ICT sector to further technological improvement of the system, under research or technical cooperation agreement.
An Italian ICT company, thanks to european funding has collaborate with 6 european research centers to create an advanced Decision Support System (DSS) for precision viticulture, coffee, kiwi and other crops. This system is developed by combining satellite data with other data sources (ground-based sensors, manned and unmanned aircraft) and by including them in spatial data infrastructure (SDI) based also on machine learning approach. The end products are well-structured and user-friendly web decision support systems (DSS) for precision viticulture easily extensible to other crops.
This web based decision support system (DSS) allow single producer, consortia, association of producers or certification bodies, to benefit from timely and accurate information and suggestions, without disrupting the historically consolidated agronomical traditions and practices. Iit will be possible to fine tune wine production within the vineyard, maximizing the oenological potential and providing the decision-makers with daily information.
Hourly weather data are collected by the company´s data collection system. Mathematical models calculate every day, for each pixel, all the plant growth outputs and three-dimensional soil water balance and plant disease. The user can enter the actions performed in the field and correct the output of the models. The expert system combines all the output (models, forecasting, ground measurements), simulates the reasoning of the agronomist, and provides prescriptions and alerts. It is also possible to add direct observation by satellite and/or aircraft, and data measured on the ground manually. The system has the ability to manage all user permissions in reading and writing. Mobile and web user interface are also available.
The system is the product of 6 years of full-time research and development focused on an old system version and its development was funded by the European Commission.
The company is looking in the agrifood sector for:
- industrial partners for the installation of the system (antenna, receiver, server) at the clients´ headquarters, under a commercial agreement with technical assistance;
- industries interested in IPR acquisition, under a license agreement;
- reseller or final users for the distribution and reselling of the services systems, under a commercial agreement with technical assistance;
- ICT companies or research center to further improvement of the system, under research cooperation or technical cooperation agreement.
Advantages and Innovations:
The system will allow the users to:
- address quality and production variability issues, by means of an advanced decision support system (DSS). This DSS is based on the well established and consolidated experience of 6 research centers involved in the european project into the development of models and algorithms applied to viticulture;
- receive notification and alerts by sms and email;
- export final prescription maps for VRT (variable rate technology) or for any kind of intervention in the vineyard assisting the users in day to day management;
- increase efficiency, timeliness and localization of all kinds of interventions, reducing the risks of diseases and increasing the oenological potential of grapes;
- overcome the grapes quality fragmentation in the same vineyard, allowing an holistic vision of all the area vegetative behavior, so that it is possible to monitoring and improving quality;
- boost the new marketing functions of the wine producers, giving them maps, graphs, images and reports of the productions, that can be effectively used also as marketing tool for promoting their wine
- use machine learning approach to provide prescription;
- produce in continuous all outputs, pixel per pixel (from 1 to 30 meters resolution) starting from hourly data
- be independent from ground sensors.
Stage of Development:
Already on the market
Secret Know-how
CommeR Statunts Regarding IPR Status:
The company is the only owner of IPR.

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The company is looking in for:
- industrial partners, in the agrifood sector, for the installation and improvement of the system under a commercial agreement with technical assistance;
- industries, also in the agrifood sector, interested in IPR acquisition, under a license agreement;
- commercial partners for the distribution and reselling of the services systems, under a commercial agreement with technical assistance;
- companies or research center that work in the ICT and agrifood sector, to further development of the system, under research cooperation or technical cooperation agreement.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME <= 10
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
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Technology Keywords:
07001007 Agricultura de precisión
01004007 GIS Geographical Information Systems
01006008 Satellite Technology/Positioning/Communication in GPS
02011004 Sistemas de navegación por satélite