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Fabricación de bajo coste y versátil de dispositivos semiconductores orgánicos complementarios mediante radiación UV-VIS


Oferta Tecnológica
Un centro de investigación español ha desarrollado un método sencillo y eficiente para obtener semiconductores orgánicos complementarios mediante la deposición de una única disolución de material e irradiación de luz. Esto permite poner la electrónica impresa en el mercado a precios bajos y con aplicaciones en el mundo real. Sus aplicaciones se encuentran en el área de generación de energía termoeléctrica, enfriadores Peltier de gran superficie, materiales aislantes inteligentes, textiles inteligentes y electrónica impresa en general. El centro de investigación busca socios industriales para explotar el know-how mediante un acuerdo de licencia de patente.


Low cost and versatile fabrication of complementary organic semiconductor devices by UV-VIS irradiation
A Spanish research institution has developed a simple and efficient method to obtain complementary organic semiconductors by using only a single, solution-processable material and a single deposition step, in combination with light irradiation. This makes it possible to bring printed electronics into the market by focusing on price and real world applicability.

Industrial partners are being sought to exploit the existing know-how through a patent license agreement.
The fabrication processes of n- or p-type semiconducting devices usually require the deposition of both, n- and p-type materials, which have different processing requirements. In the proposed method, only one solution of a p-type material has to be deposited. Subsequently, it can locally be irradiated with light to convert the material to n-type according to the needs (Fig. a).

Because the deposition itself comprises only a single step, this automatically ensures good electrical as well as physical contact between n- and p- regions, thereby minimizing contact resistance and avoiding dewetting and delamination issues. All of this allows to reduce the minimum process complexity, by not only forgoing the deposition step for the complementary semiconductor layer, but also potentially avoiding the need for further deposition steps of metallic interconnect layers in some devices like thermoelectric generators. Another advantage of patterning using light instead of additive techniques like inkjet printing, is the strongly increased resolution that photolithography offers.

Application to thermoelectricity has been demonstrated, using a large-scale, roll-to-roll coating compatible in-plane geometry that showcases the convenience of the developed method, while also using the inherent advantages of flexible substrates to their fullest (Fig. b).
Advantages and Innovations:
· Very simple fabrication processes, to keep costs low.
· Large areas can be coated and then patterned using optical techniques instead of relying on more complicated and less accurate multi-step printing processes.
· Higher thickness homogeneity compared to additive manufacturing.
· Applicability goes well beyond the area of thermoelectric power generation, and will prove useful in other fields, such as large area Peltier coolers, intelligent insulation materials, smart textiles, printed electronics in general.
· The materials used are stable in air over months.
Stage of Development:
Available for demonstration
Patent(s) applied for but not yet granted
CommeR Statunts Regarding IPR Status:
Patent filed in Europe.

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
We are looking for industrial partners from the Printed electronics sector, companies interested in the use and explotation of this fabrication method, under patent license.


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R&D Institution
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02007018 Advanced Textile Materials
04005005 Energía térmica / solar
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