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Gestión remota de alumbrado público


Oferta Tecnológica
Una pyme andaluza del sector de telecomunicaciones ha desarrollado un nuevo sistema de gestión del alumbrado público para monitorización de la iluminación y control del mantenimiento. El sistema permite monitorizar y controlar la infraestructura de alumbrado público, detectar posibles desviaciones en el consumo o fallas a nivel operativo y preparar informes sobre el consumo y ahorro a nivel ejecutivo. La empresa busca ayuntamientos y empresas de servicios energéticos (ESCO) con el fin de establecer acuerdos de cooperación técnica, investigación y comercialización con asistencia técnica.


Remote management system for public lighting
A Southern Spanish SME,active in the field of Telecom,has developed a novel management system for public lighting that enables lighting monitoring and maintenance control.The tool is able to manage and optimize lighting, by monitoring consumption and acting on fluctuations.The Spanish SME is willing to contact with municipalities and ESCOs (Energy Suply Companies) for several types of agreements according to needs:technical/research cooperation and commercial agreements with technical assistance
The new operating models of public lighting facilities (contracts from energy service companies, ESCOs, efficiency investments, etc.) have been generalised in recent years. In this situation we find ourselves facing the challenge of improving efficiency in the management of the public lighting system, maximising the value of investments, optimising operations, improving the service provided to the public, and the information available to them. Can we get useful, relevant and immediate information that allows us to control the different factors that guarantee the success of investments in public lighting, thus improving the quality of the service?

A Spanish SME has developed a telemanagement system for public lighting. The system allows monitoring and control of the public lighting infrastructure, detecting possible deviations in consumption or faults on an operational level and permitting the drafting of reports on consumption and savings at an executive level.

It helps public lighting managers to prepare inventories and carry out preventive and corrective maintenance of public lighting infrastructure.

The system consists of a network analyzer that facilitates electrical measurement and hardware component called
Lighting Control Unit (LCU) which manages the measurement equipment, on and off panel box schedules, server
communication, and control additional items in the panel box (for example, flow regulators, door opening sensors, etc.).

The software component runs on Spanish SME servers in the cloud under a SAAS (software as a service) mode, based on a monthly fee per electrical panel box. This reduces the need for CAPEX, lower the operating costs and provides great flexibility.

Alternatively, the system can be installed on customer´s premises. Communication from/to the panel boxes usually
occurs via mobile communications (GPRS) yet the solution can work with any established communications network

The solution is offered in two modes: Telemanagement in header electrical panel and Telemanagement point to point compatible with traditional lamps (halide, sodium vapor, mercury vapor ...) and LED lamps.

Main functionalities of this tool are:

a) Energy management: track the progress of energy consumption, follow the ROI and control public lighting
system in real-time.

b) Maintenance and incident management: Receive real-time alerts and monitor the correct operation of the system.

c) Equipment inventory: Manage assets with geopositioning
information and customized parameters.

d) Reporting: Get data reports on consumption, savings, service level, inventory, fluctuations and billing.

The Spanish SME is interested in getting in contact with several types partners. Collaboration to be approached would depend on the partner request:

a) Municipalities are sought for commercial agreements with technical assitance according to their needs

b) ESCOs (Energy Supply Companies) would contribute to partnership agreement in terms of technical cooperation, commercial agreement with technical assistance or collaborative research projects.
Advantages and Innovations:
a) Detection of deviations in consumption in real time.
b) Control of electricity consumption.
c) Detection of faults in public lighting, improving the response time and the service offered.
d) Reduction of operating costs.
e) Compatible with multiple technologies and manufacturers, including LEDs or conventional lamps.
f) Customizable platform.
g) Compatible with customer information systems.
h) Compatible with point-to-point systems and customer cable theft protection systems.

a) It does not need its own server or an additional communications infrastructure: all information is offered in a safe and personalised way via the internet.

b) Communications designed to be wireless (LORA/SIGFOX) given the geographical spread of the lighting control panels even though the remote public lighting management system can work with any communications network that is already installed.
Stage of Development:
Already on the market
Trade Marks

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
Next type of partners are sought:

a) Municipalities (Lighting management area)
b) ESCOs (Energy Supply Companies)

Tasks to be performed by the partner sought:

a) Municipalities would provide their specific needs for customisation and implementation of the technology by the Spanish SME or any other technical partner. They would contribute to dissemination of the technology as a best practice of lighting management. Commercial Agreements with technical assistance are sought for this type of partner.

b) Several partnerships are considered with ESCOs (Energy Supply Companies) depending on the situation and interest showed:

* Technical cooperation or comercial agreements with technical assistance in terms of: dissemination, technical consultancy, technical support, maintenance and join upgrading of the technology (if necessary)

* Research cooperation agreements might contribute to disseminate and upgrade the technology.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME 11-49
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
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Technology Keywords:
04007002 Alumbrado, iluminación
01003022 Aplicaciones inteligentes
01003021 Control remoto
04007 Eficiencia energética
10002010 Tecnología de sensores remotos