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Gestor rentable de datos energéticos para edificios y distritos


Oferta Tecnológica
Una consultora italiana ha desarrollado una solución informática basada en un sistema de gestión de datos energéticos basado en web para monitorizar, controlar y comparar el rendimiento energético de diferentes edificios y distritos. Esta solución puede aplicarse en sistemas de gestión energética local e incluye una combinación de plataformas de gestión energética en los niveles de distrito y local. La interfaz gráfica permite al usuario el acceso para gestionar los datos. La empresa busca socios industriales con el fin de establecer acuerdos de cooperación técnica para continuar con el desarrollo y acuerdos comerciales con asistencia técnica.


Cost-effective energy data manager for buildings and districts
An Italian consultancy company has developed an ICT solution based on a web-based energy data management system to monitor, control and benchmark the energy performance of different buildings and districts. The solution can be applied to already available local energy management systems and comprises the combination of a number of energy management platforms from local to district level. The company looks for a technical or commercial agreement with technical assistance.
The Italian engineering consultancy company is operating in different fields of application worldwide. One of their main fields of activity is the energy sector where they have developed competencies, products and services about ICT solutions, energy monitoring (data gathering, visualization, elaboration), energy management and optimization algorithms.
According to European Union´s climate and energy policy objectives, it becomes increasingly necessary to monitor and directly manage buildings´ energy consumption, which in turn calls for efficient and reliable ICT solutions. Collecting and preparing energy consumption data across multiple sites is a feature of particular importance that needs to be provided by such ICT solutions to support users in energy-efficient operations.
The Italian company has thus developed a technology that addresses different issues related to energy performance of groups of buildings owned or managed by the same entity:
-analysis of energy data
-benchmarking of energy data
-support for energy management and control
The technical solution comprises the combination of a number of energy management platforms (EMPs) on local level with an overarching district monitoring platform (DMP) on virtual level. While the EMP is a local solution collecting and pre-processing data from all sorts of sensors at one particular demo site, the DMP is merging and elaborating data from EMPs that are physically not in the same place. A graphical user interface (GUI) provides the user access to manage the data.
Major functions of the energy data manager for buildings and districts:
-collect energy consumption data from different buildings and districts based on new technologies such as Internet of Things
-apply data-mining techniques for obtaining helpful information
-process, report and visualize energy data through graphical user interface in form of tables, charts and reports (see ´web platform´ described below)
-facilitate decision-making through prediction of energy consumption 24 hours ahead and comparison of different scenarios
-benchmark the energy efficiency measures according to the aforementioned scenarios
-provide recommendations for energy-efficient control of HVAC (boilers, heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems
The web platform, in particular, should support the user in the:
-aggregation of energy data from different sensor types of any type of building undergoing renovation
-data analysis and interpretation of the information acquired from the field level, by exploiting the use of identified Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
-management of energy sources and control of smart applications
-detection of defective sensors and control units
-monitoring of energy consumption and cost savings in and across several districts
Application areas are e.g.:
-building and district energy management
-benchmarking by comparison of energy measures from different monitored and controlled facilities
-implementation of new and improved control logic for thermal and electrical load (boilers, HVAC, etc)
-improved awareness of the energy impact of the behaviour of the tenants
-detection of malfunctioning
The company is looking for industrial partners for a commercial agreement implying the integration of a building energy management system provided and installed by the partner sought (hardware and software) into the newly developed solution offered by the company. Moreover, they are looking for a technical co-operation to further develop and customize the product. The product can be optimized and enriched with other modules and parts in order to increase its effectiveness, profitability and the number of customers and markets. The partner should be active in the ICT sector and take part in the product development (e.g. software development).
Advantages and Innovations:
The proposed ICT solution gives the possibility to group buildings/districts to easily manage data related to energy consumption/production and coming from different underlying building energy management systems (BEMS) independently from the communication protocols used by each of them. The main advantage is given by the possibility to apply the solution to different already available local energy management systems
Being a very comprehensive approach, the solution proposed catches some smaller and more complex shares that big players are not looking at. A possible application field are circumstances where - at the interface of energy and building sector - the comparison of multiple districts is of particular relevance.

The solution gives the possibility to manage a ´virtual district´ aggregating data of entities physically separated in different geographical areas.
Stage of Development:
Available for demonstration
Secret Know-how

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:

- Type of partner sought: Industry
- Specific area of activity of the partner: ICT, software developers, ICT hardware manufacturers
- Tasks to be performed by the partner sought:
Commercial agreement with technical assistance: allow the integration of a building energy management system by providing hard- and software
Technical co-operation agreement: product development and customization, optimization and enrichment of the product

The company is mainly looking for partners from France, Germany, UK, Spain and the Netherlands but they are also open for co-operations with partners from other countries


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Technology Keywords:
01003008 Data Processing / Data Interchange, Middleware