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Herramienta de monitorizaciópn de medios de comunicación y redes sociales


Oferta Tecnológica
Una pyme croata del sector de informática ha desarrollado una herramienta de monitorización y análisis de medios de comunicación que recoge información de millones de fuentes de internet y proporciona en tiempo real la información que aparece en internet sobre una empresa, competidores o industrias (quién habla de ti, dónde aparecen las menciones y cuáles son las opiniones detrás de cada mención). Se trata de una herramienta sencilla para cualquier persona, y especialmente ejecutivos, directores de marketing y profesionales de Recursos Humanos. La empresa busca socios con el fin de establecer acuerdos de licencia y comercialización con asistencia técnica.


Social media listening -Y- media monitoring tool
Croatian SME from IT industry has developed a media monitoring -Y- analytics tool that gathers information from millions of internet sources and notifies in real time whenever company, competitors or some industry are mentioned. It is a simple tool anyone can use, and especially executives, marketing managers and PR professionals. The partners are sought for two kinds of partnership: Licence agreement and Commercial agreement with technical assistance.
Croatian digital performance marketing agency with four offices serving over 100 clients has Facebook Preferred Marketing Developers and Google AdWords Certified Partners. In 2013. they made prototype of a tool designed to predict the popularity of web content - in five years of development and testing they aimed at creating the most powerful tool for online media monitoring.

The tool browses the web in real time and delivers only the best articles, trending news and viral content. Using predictive analytics and over one billion editors it satisfies daily media monitoring, press clipping and content discovery needs of business executives and journalists alike.

The popularity of content is calculated based on a number of social interactions, giving users real time statistics and the content that people are talking about with their friends at the moment. Large number of users that is sharing content across the web, as well as numerous factors, like number of interactions and speed of sharing make it possible to differentiate top quality and popular content from the rest.

Use this tool reports to gain deeper understanding of insights behind every mention - like who is talking about someone among online influencers, where do the mentions come from and what is the sentiment behind every mention. In order to minimize the number of irrelevant articles and spam, they made the whole process as simple as it gets, so that partners could easily fine-tune their queries using advanced features.

The partners,usually PR agencies or SME´s that work in media, are sought for two kinds of partnership: Licence agreement and Commercial agreements with technical assistance. It is expected that partners are representatives of this brand in their market, run promotional campaigns and activities and get into contact with current and potential customers, which should lead to sales.
Advantages and Innovations:
Proprietary web crawler
Focus on real-time performance (1,5 million websites crawled, 10M in database)
Generic backend processes that handle large amounts of data from multiple databases (MongoDB (Toku MX), RocksDB, Cassandra, Redis)
Support for various letter scripts (Latin alphabet, Arabic alphabet, Cyrillic script, Greek alphabet, etc.)
Advanced boolean search (must, may, not, near, at least,...)
Access to and analysis of data collected from various social networks (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram easy "plugin" of other APIs)
Prediction of popularity based on past (dynamic) average of number of interactions
Relevance based on reach and social indices of each website
Mapping and categorisation of web sites
Ability to handle multiple servers and multiple programming languages (scalability)
Clean and user-friendly
Stage of Development:
Already on the market
Secret Know-how

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The partners are sought for two kinds of partnership:
1. Licence agreement (master partners are exclusive for each market) and
2. Commercial agreement with technical assistance (25% commission on their sales).

Their partners are usually PR agencies or companies that work in media. The partners are expected to be representatives of this brand in their market, run promotional campaigns and activities and get into contact with current and potential customers, which should lead to sales.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME 11-49
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
Languages Spoken:


Technology Keywords:
01004004 Aplicaciones en servidores (ASP)
01004015 ICM - Gestión de contenidos de Internet