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Herramienta online colaborativa para crear y presupuestar proyectos de diseño interior


Oferta Tecnológica
Una empresa ucraniana fundada en 2016 y especializada en diseño de TI, con amplia experiencia en diferentes proyectos, está desarrollando una herramienta online para crear una economía inteligente en los sectores del mueble, arquitectura y construcción. Esta herramienta se ha diseñado para resolver los problemas de usuarios finales, interioristas/fabricantes de muebles, arquitectos y diseñadores de forma colaborativa. La plataforma permite al usuario visualizar diferentes estilos de diseño interior y trabajar con un instrumento de visualización detallado. La empresa busca inversores con el fin de establecer acuerdos financieros.


Online collaborative tool for creating and costing of interior designs
A Ukrainian IT design company has experience with a variety of projects.
The company is in the process of making an online tool that helps create a smart economy in furniture, architectural and construction sectors. The tool is designed to solve the problems of 3 audiences: end-users, interiors/furniture manufacturers, architects, and designers, in a collaborative manner.
The company seeks investors to establish financial agreements.
The Ukrainian company was established in 2016 and was actively engaged in development and design of several types of projects. The main focus of their work was designed solution using IT technology.
This new project of the studio will integrate online and offline solutions of the visual editor for self-design of the room and selection of furniture, a platform where you can find the best architects and designers,
construction companies, interiors and the ability to get in a short time competitive advantage with a market price from 3-4 manufacturers.
By using this tool:
· the consumer understands the actual prices and availability of the goods, and also visualizes the desired interior in several ways;
· salons/manufacturers receive leads, ready applications, automation of a number of processes;
· architects/designers receive customers, readymade briefs for creating the project.
To create a quality and competitive service, the company needs financial and, possibly, advisory support from market experts. To this end, it is planned to conclude a financial agreement with the partial transfer of shares for potential partners
Advantages and Innovations:
The platform gives the next advantages:
· A user can view different styles of interior design and manipulate with it;
· Work with a detailed instrument of visualization of premises (their layouts), and also load an existing project;
· Receive calculation - all objects that have been added in the process of work have a separate value, the total amount would be shown at the end;
· Employ the Architect /Designer - to understand the style, cost, what is included in their work. Also, you will find feedbacks about them and evaluation of cooperation (simulated);
· Get access to current events in the industry in one place and special offers from all participants of the platform, this will close the need to monitor dozens of information channels;
· The project uses a real interior item, so there is no need to physically visit the salons and thus spending heaps of time on it.
Stage of Development:
Prototype available for demonstration
Trade Marks

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The company offers the proposed system to potential investors under the terms of financing agreement. The investors are expected to provide financial resources for further development and market application of the solution. In turn, they will be offered co-ownership. The investors can come from variety of sectors, including commercial and venture capital industries.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME 11-49
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
Languages Spoken:


Technology Keywords:
01004004 Aplicaciones en servidores (ASP)
01003006 Computer Software