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Identificación electrónica y servicios de confianza


Oferta Tecnológica
Una empresa noruega del sector de TI que ofrece servicios de firma digital e identidad basados en la nube busca socios con el fin de establecer acuerdos de cooperación técnica o en materia de investigación. La empresa ofrece una solución de identificación electrónica que permite a las empresas gestionar de forma eficaz sus actividades comerciales internacionales. La principal ventaja es el punto único de integración, que permite el acceso a numerosas ID electrónicas. La solución puede integrarse en páginas web y aplicaciones web.


Electronic ID and trust services seeks partners
A small Norwegian IT company offering cloud based identity services and digital signature, is looking for partners to establish research or technical cooperation agreements. The Norwegian company offers a cross border electronic ID solution enabling businesses effectively to manage their cross national trade activities. Main advantages are a single point of integration giving access to a wide range of electronic IDs. The solution can be integrated with all websites and web applications.
The Norwegian IT company has developed an Identity as a Service which is used for trusted eServices such as digital signatures, timestamps and electronic delivery in the Nordic countries. The business model, which is based on subscription to services, has been proved over seven years of commercial operation in these countries. The company is now looking for research or technical cooperation partners and with the ambition to become a partner in Horizon2020 project related to the Trust eServices challenge of the Secure Societies workspace.

The Norwegian company delivers Identity as a Service (IDaaS)to private and public organisations in the Nordic countries. Among its clients are banking, finance and online trade entities. The company offers services for identification, authentication and digital signature using a wide range of identity proofs and credentials, with support for all major third party eIDs in use in the regions. All services are delivered in the cloud. The services are used by several large Nordic based enterprises within the banking, finance and insurance sectors to meet their cross-border needs for strong authentication and digital signature in the region.

Creating trust online is a huge challenge. The internet challenges the identification process which is the basis for secure transactions online. Safe and secure identification builds trust before and during a financial transaction. Today the European electronic Identity (eID) ecosystem is a fragmented market of offerings. eCommerce is important for the growing of businesses and online sales channels offers companies new business opportunities.

Online services towards persons, businesses and governments provide advantages related to cost, revenue and efficiency by moving business processes towards an online self-service environment.

It benefits all parties regardless of industry and relationship, whether it´s business or governmental related. To advance this processes in a national or cross border perspective, a secure and confident online identification is one of the most crucial parts for a successful progress.

Nevertheless, with growing eCommerce fraud figures are equally increasing. Companies and their customers mutually benefit if there is a trust enabler which increases the safety and reduces the transaction risk.

As noted in the call for action, the deployment and widespread adoption of trust eServices is hampered by the lack of globally interoperable solutions, mutually recognized or compatible trust models and the absence of solid business cases.

Advantages and Innovations:
Each country in Europe have their own national electronic ID (eID) solutions. The Norwegian company offers a cross border eID solution enabling businesses in Europe effectively to manage their cross national trade activities.

The identity services of the company are very cost effective, simple to integrate with portals and other software used by the client company.

Key advantages:
- single point of integration gives access to a wide range of eIDs
- quick installation and easy to use
- can be integrated with all websites and web applications
- supports certificates stored on PC´s, smart cards, payment cards and mobile phones
- may easily be customised to the graphic profile of customer´s website
Stage of Development:
Already on the market
Secret Know-how,Copyright

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The company would like to find cooperation partners who have the expertise, skills and motivation to build a Single European Digital Identity Community.

The aim of this cooperation is to solve the challenge represented by a fragmented electronic identity market in Europe.

This challenge is also addressed in the Digital Security call within the Secure Societies Work Programme of Horizon2020 addresses topics that are related to this challenge. In particular DS-5-2015 Trust eServices.

The company is looking for partners who also want to contribute to solving this challenge and who offer services or products which are complementary or extends the company´s services.

The ideal partner would be someone who complements, enlarges or enhances the IDaaS ( Identity as a Serviceplatform) which is developed and brought to market by the Norwegian partner. This could be a partner with specific knowledge of the use of eID and digital signature in regions or countries outside the Nordic area and who would be able to use this knowledge to build solutions for cross-border operation on top of the Norwegian company´s platform.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME 11-49
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
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Restrict dissemination to specific countries:
Belgium, Estonia, France, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom


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