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Instituto portugués ofrece un acuífero artificial


Oferta Tecnológica
Un equipo de investigación portugués ofrece un acuífero artificial que permite realizar experimentos de infiltración y trazadores a gran escala para determinar la capacidad de infiltración del suelo y la capacidad de retención y degradación de contaminantes. La instalación tiene una longitud de 3,5 metros aproximadamente, 1 metro de anchura y 2 metros de altura, y puede dividirse en tres compartimentos para realizar experimentos simultáneos. El equipo de investigación busca socios con el fin de establecer acuerdos de investigación o cooperación técnica.


A portuguese institute is offering an artificial aquifer facility (physical sandbox model)
A Portuguese research group offers its artificial aquifer facility (physical sandbox model) for partners to cooperate with via research or technical cooperation agreement. This facility allows laboratory large scale infiltration and tracer experiments to determine the soil infiltration capacity and its capacity for contaminants retention and/or degradation. The facility is approx. 3.5 m long, 1 m wide and 2 m high and can divided up to 3 compartments to perform simultaneous experiments.
The portuguese research unit is part of an institution that undertakes, research and technological development (R-Y-D) in the field of hydraulic structures and of river and aquifer systems, integrated at the river basin scale.
It has an experienced and multidisciplinary team and its activity is continuously developed in close dialogue with partners and customers.
Strategic research is focused namely in the following thematic areas, related to the artificial aquifer:
· Water resources management
· Hydrology and hydrogeology
· Water quality
The applied methodologies include numerical modelling, in situ and laboratory modelling, field monitoring and infrastructure inspections, as well as studies and expert analyses.
Numerical modelling in hydrogeology, water quality, water resources management.
In situ, physical and experimental modelling for characterization of the flow and pollutant transport in porous aquifers, rehabilitation measures.
Monitoring, evaluation of field parameters and treatment of basic information involving measurement and sampling techniques, data acquisition and processing as well as development and implementation of statistical tools.

The Artificial Aquifer Facility in offer can be used to simulate different processes for various situations such as:
· Soil-Aquifer Treatment (SAT) in Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) basins.
· Risk of contaminants leaching from a spill.
· Reactive barriers for groundwater rehabilitation.
· Contaminants release from a contaminated porous material.
Both saturated and non-saturated conditions can be simulated.
The facility is equipped with piezometers, Teflon cups and monitoring devices such as multi-parametric probes (level, pH, temperature, electrical conductivity and redox) to assess flow and transport.
A complementary soil-column experiments apparatus is equipped to study the risk of contaminants leaching through soils and other materials using batch experiments to assess the maximum concentrations of release in equilibrium conditions and soil-columns facilities to quantify the movement of water and contaminants in dynamic conditions.
The research group working with this technology is open to cooperate with partners from industry, universities or other R-Y-D institutions, via the following types of agreements: research cooperation agreement or technical cooperation agreement.
Advantages and Innovations:
A great advantage of the cooperation with the staff and infrastructures of this lab is its potential for innovation due to the versatility of the facility and the consistent quality of its staff skills
The artificial aquifer facility can be used to simulate different processes, such as: Soil-Aquifer Treatment (SAT) in Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) basins; Risk of contaminants leaching from a spill; Reactive barriers for groundwater rehabilitation; Contaminants release from a contaminated porous material.
A complementary soil column experiments apparatus is available as mentioned in the description.
Several other complementary tests can be performed to soil samples, like: humidity, density, porosity, and granulometry.
Besides the physical model, numerical modelling of the flow and transport in porous media can also be performed to simulate the results from the physical models and to allow predictions.
Stage of Development:
Available for demonstration

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
This research group is open to cooperate with R-Y-D Institution, University or SME seeking for knowledge and expertise on theoretical and experimental analysis of flow and transport in porous media, vadose and saturated zones, contaminants risk assessment, rehabilitation procedures, managed aquifer recharge.
The following types of partnership may be considered: research cooperation agreement or technical cooperation agreement.


Type and Size of Client:
R&D Institution
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
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Technology Keywords:
10002011 Contaminación del terreno y de aguas subterráneas
10001002 Evaluación de riesgo e impacto medioambiental
10004003 Reciclaje de aguas residuales
10003004 Reciclaje, recuperación
10004001 Tratamiento de aguas industriales