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Interruptor de luz inalámbrico y táctil para control y funcionamiento remotos


Oferta Tecnológica
Una empresa macedonia especializada en domótica ha desarrollado una solución de iluminación inteligente para control remoto y táctil y regulación de los interruptores mediante el uso de un panel con pantalla táctil o aplicación móvil. La solución redefine el proceso convencional de conexión del alumbrado introduciendo nuevas características como regulador de intensidad de luz, simulación de presencia o notificaciones con timbre, y ofrece mayor seguridad, eficiencia energética y un ambiente positivo. La empresa busca socios con el fin de establecer acuerdos comerciales con asistencia técnica.


A wireless touch light switch for remote control and operation
A Macedonian company specialised in home automation has developed a smart lighting solution for remote and touch control and regulation of light switches using simple and stylish touchscreen panel or mobile app. The solution redefines the classical light switching by introducing additional features like dimmer, presence simulation or doorbell notifications and offers increased safety, energy efficiency and positive ambient environment. Commercial agreement with technical assistance is sought.
Smart lighting is becoming increasingly important for the concepts of home automation and smart living. As most of the existing lighting solutions are essentially binary devices (typically one switch), smart lighting gives the customer a greater deal of control from the brightness through the colour of the bulbs to the exact circumstances under which they will turn on. This opens possibilities for introducing special lighting solutions aimed for ambient control for different social occasions and for increased security and energy efficiency of the smart homes. Unlike the most of the smart lighting systems available on the market, the proposed solution does not require special lightbulbs or rewiring of the existing lighting and electrical installations. It is operated by a control unit that once connected to the home router it communicates with the connected devices via secure wireless protocol with 2.4 GHz RF. The maximum distance of the switch with the control unit is 30 meters in a closed space or 500 meters on an open space. The control unit allows the integration of unlimited number of devices and offers the possibility for integration with mobile sim card. The user interface is enabled by dedicated touchscreen panel and mobile application. The touchscreen panel enables manual regulation via soft touch and LED indicators and can be custom made by laser cutting from different materials (e.g. wood, marble and glass) and with specific engravings, thus blend entirely with the interior design of the home. The remote operation is done by the dedicated mobile application that enables the user to combine lightings in a defined mode or activate certain feature with a single click. The user can choose from four available functions: single switch, double switch, dimmer and trigger. Moreover, by activating the presence simulation mode, the user will enable the lights to turn on and off randomly during the predefined period of time. The solution can be programmed with a doorbell function that sends push notifications via email or simply rings the mobile phone each time someone uses the doorbell.
The installation of the solution is done in a simple plug and play method requiring no additional wiring or new cables and there is no need for particular technical knowledge of the users. Once installed, the solution can be connected to several lights in the home and command them simultaneously through various touch combinations. The main benefits from the solution are:
- Increased safety and security achieved by the presence simulation when the user is away for a longer period of time;
- Increased control and energy efficiency through implementation of advanced lighting solutions such as dimmer and remote turn off;
- Considerable positive effect on the health and well-being by increased level of comfort and ambient atmosphere.
The Macedonian company focuses on developing smart ambient control solutions for both residential and industrial buildings. Regarding the industrial solutions, the company has developed a considerable clients base that enable proper commercialisation of its innovative control systems. Nevertheless, as the domestic market for home automation solutions is too limited, both in terms of partners for cooperation and end-users, the company needs to explore the possibility for internationalisation. Therefore, the company is looking for partners that would help further utilisation of the proposed solution under the terms of a commercial agreement with technical assistance. Potential partners should be companies working in the area of smart home automation and manufacturers of lighting devices that would integrate the solution in their existing offerings with the technical assistance of the Macedonian company. The potential partnership will enable mutual benefits of both parties by increasing customer satisfaction, introducing new solutions on the market and increasing overall turnover.
Advantages and Innovations:
- Simple installation, full compatibility with the existing lighting and electric installations;
- Smart lighting solution that reduces costs and increases comfort without any requirement for modification of the existing systems or technical knowledge of the users
- Possibility for connecting several lights and command them at the same time;
- Changeable stylish cover according to customer needs made in glass, wood or marble;
- Presence simulation function;
- Doorbell function with push notifications;
- Touch panel with LED indicator,
- Free mobile app with easy navigation for both IOS and Android.
Stage of Development:
Already on the market
Secret Know-how

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
Type of partner sought: Companies working in the field of home automation systems and manufacturers of light switches.
Role of the partner sought: The home automation solution providers should be interested in replacing their existing lighting solutions with the proposed one whereas the light switch manufacturers should introduce the overall solution into their existing portfolio.
Tasks to be performed: The potential partners should introduce the proposed solution in their existing systems or product portfolios under the terms of commercial agreement with technical assistance provided by the Macedonian company during the overall process.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME <= 10
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
Languages Spoken:


Technology Keywords:
01001001 Automation, Robotics Control Systems
01003021 Control remoto
01003025 Internet of Things