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Inventor polaco busca un inversor para lanzar un proyecto y crear una nueva turbina de implosión


Oferta Tecnológica
Un inventor y tecnólogo polaco experimentado con amplios conocimientos técnicos, propietario de numerosas invenciones implementadas y en uso, busca un inversor con el fin de desarrollar un prototipo y probar y lanzar un nuevo generador eólico de implosión de tipo carrusel en el mercado. La turbina está indicada para uso doméstico e industrial y permite generar energía a un bajo coste sin perjudicar el medioambiente. La turbina obtiene energía de una potencia específica (masa de aire de 10 kw) forzada por el fenómeno de resonancia de la fuerza del viento a través de un mecanismo giratorio vertiginoso de la triboización en la multiválvula común. Se trata de un gran avance para los sectores de energía y fuentes de energía renovable. La empresa está interesada en establecer acuerdos financieros.


The Polish inventor is looking for an investor to launch a project to create an innovative implosion turbine
A Polish inventor and an experienced technologist with extensive technical knowledge, possessing many implemented and used inventions, he is looking for an investor in order to create a prototype, test and launch an innovative Implosion-Carousel Wind Machine on the market. The turbine is suitable for both domestic and industrial use and allows the generation of energy at a very low cost and without harming the environment. Financial cooperation is sought.
The Polish inventor is looking for real possibilities of financing, launching a project, performing research and development works, and then implementing for the Implosion-Carousel Wind Machine project. The turbine can be a breakthrough for both the renewable and energy sources sectors.

The work should start with the implementation of the electronic-digital model in the computer version. This will allow, with relatively small expenditures, to carry out all analyzes, simulations and basic tests confirming the correctness of the theoretical assumptions and initial verification of the assumed dimensions of the device (4.4 m height, diameter 2.2 m) to obtain the constant 10 KW of utilized output. The computer method, relatively cheap, will allow to make models from the 3D printer in the next step.

The aforementioned invention is a wind turbine for multiple uses that extracts energy of a specific power, i.e. 10 KW from the influencing air mass, forced by the phenomenon of resonance from the blowing wind through the fast spinning mechanism of the triboisation on the common multivalve. The turbine drives a typical generator. The biggest advantage of the prototype is that it is able to work even during the slightest gusts of wind.

Applications of such a wind machine can be multiple:

- domestic and industrial production of free energy - the total weight of the device will not exceed 250 kg,
- it can be a water pump for constant pumping of water,i
- For the purification and treatment of water reservoirs, lakes, standing ponds, drinking water intakes, as well as watercourses, or effective treatment of highly contaminated sewage through ozonation aeration.

The company is looking for foreign investors interested in such technology and willing to finance commercialisation of this product.
Advantages and Innovations:
The proposed innovative solution eliminates all limitations and disadvantages of existing turbines. The blowing wind is transformed into the energy of the whirlpool, and the resonance phenomenon obtained intensifies this energy.

Characteristic is the mechanism that generates the centrifugation of air in the middle of the turbine, the air in its center densifies, reducing its volume and accelerating the velocity of the air mass creating the so-called the eye of the cyclone (the bowl has the shape of a funnel), and the created vacuum inside the turbine sucks the air from the outside of the turbine to its center, generating the lifting force for the blades giving rotation.

The prototype includes the performance of a classic turbine with a vertical axis of rotation such as are already offered on the market, but it should be radically improved, eliminating any errors in their design as well as in the way of use, of course significantly reducing the cost of turbine production.

After assembly and commissioning of all components of the invented turbine, we focus on its alignment and refinement of the optimal working parameters.

The turbine should supply the generated electricity with a nominal power of 10KW, which allows to meet all energy needs for electricity and heating for the average household.
Stage of Development:
Concept stage
Patent(s) applied for but not yet granted

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The inventor is looking for companies from the renewable energy industry, who would be willing to support the project financially and make their production capacities available, so he can create a propotype and start the testing phase.


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