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Inventor polaco ofrece dos juguetes educativos para bebés y niños en edad escolar destinados a mejorar las habilidades comunicativas y conocimientos básicos de álgebra


Oferta Tecnológica
Un inventor polaco de productos de ocio para niños ofrece dos nuevos juguetes educativos. El primero se utiliza para mejorar la comunicación entre bebés/niños de hasta 2 años y sus padres y el segundo enseña a los niños en edad escolar los conocimientos básicos de álgebra, ayudándoles a comprender mejor la resolución de ecuaciones de forma amena. El inventor busca fabricantes de juegos y juguetes con el fin de establecer acuerdos de licencia o comercialización con asistencia técnica. Puesto que la mecánica básica y componentes principales han sido desarrollados por el inventor, el socio se encargará del diseño final y de la fabricación de ambos productos.


Polish independent inventor offers concepts of two educational toys for toddlers and school-age children, improving their communication abilities and grasp of algebra, respectively
A Polish inventor of children´s entertainment products is offering concepts of two new educational toys. The first one improves communication between babies/toddlers and their parents. The second one helps to teach school-age children basics in algebra, giving them a better understanding of equation-solving through fun and play. Cooperation in the form of commercial agreement with technical assistance or license agreement is offered to producers of toys and games.
An independent inventor of games and toys from the North West Poland has developed and is offering concepts of two educational toys.

The first of the toys is intended for babies and toddlers (age of up to 2 years). At that stage of development, a child usually neither speaks nor communicates in any other way. Such situation is often a source of frustration for both sides, child and its parents. The former would like its needs to be promptly met, the latter desires to recognise them as soon as possible (so that baby stops crying). Moreover, most parents prefer their child to start speaking (communicating) sooner rather than later. So far the only solution has been to teach them a baby sign language. As that requires knowledge, patience and is a time-consuming activity, not many parents undertook it, and even less were successful. The inventor has developed alternative, more accessible solution - a toy that allows a child to communicate its basic needs in a manner clear and comprehensible to the parents. It acts as a sort of an intermediary, a conduit of information between the two.

The second toy is dedicated for school-age children (6 to 12 years young) and its aim is to teach them elementary algebra. Children at that age are taught formulas, mechanics of solving equations (e.g. a multiplication table). As a result, kids may know ´how´ to solve them but they lack understanding of ´why´ (inner workings, logic) behind the formulas. Moreover, things learnt in such a manner (by heart) are considered by specialists as hard to absorb and easy to forget. To tackle those problems, the inventor came up with an idea for the toy that teaches children algebra and equations solving through practical experiments. They learn, i.a. which operations are allowed and which are prohibited (and why), while they play and have fun. Positive emotions reinforce gained knowledge and create warm connotations with algebra (or mathematics in general).

The inventor is offering a partnership to producers of games and toys in a form of commercial agreement with technical assistance or licensing agreement. He is interested in cooperation with foreign partners so that the toys based on his ideas could enter into mass-production and be introduced in the market. Principal element and basic mechanics of the toys has been worked out by the inventor, a partner just has to develop final design of the products and manufacture them.
Advantages and Innovations:
The main advantage of the offered toys is that they tackle problems that so far have been unanswered or overlooked by other designers/manufacturers of children´s entertainment products. Available educational toys for babies and toddlers have been teaching them things of secondary importance, such as shapes or sounds made by animals, but have ignored their vital, most essential needs. In contrast, the first of the offered products helps them communicate those needs in a manner understandable to their parents. The second toy is unique and better than its competitors because it both teaches and explains (gives comprehension of) equations solving methods, while similar products are focused only on the ´teaching´ part.
Stage of Development:
Concept stage
Secret Know-how

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
For both commercial agreement with technical assistance and license agreement
· Type of partner sought: manufacturers of children´s entertainment products
· Role of partner sought: to purchase/license offered concepts of the toys, develop their final design and introduce the products in the market


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