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Mesilla pequeña con barra lateral para camas hospitalarias


Oferta Tecnológica
Un inventor alemán ofrece un nuevo tipo de mesilla para hospitales, residencias y atención domiciliaria. Esta mesilla se fabrica con cualquier material moldeado por inyección que pueda desinfectarse. En comparación con los productos convencionales, esta nueva mesilla está siempre al alcance de la persona en cama sin que suponga un obstáculo. La mesilla es plegable y puede acoplarse a la barra lateral izquierda o derecha de la cama. El prototipo se encuentra disponible para demostración. El inventor busca un licenciatario para fabricar y distribuir la mesilla.


Small side-rail bed table especially for nursing beds
A German private inventor offers a new kind of bed table for use in hospitals, nursing homes and home care. It is meant to be produced injection moulded from any material that can be disinfected. Compared to conventional products, the newly developed side-rail bed table always remains within the reach of the bedridden person without hindering. A prototype for demonstration is available. He is looking for partners interested in becoming a licensee in order to produce and distribute his invention.
A German private inventor, who is a graduate in mechanical engineering with a long experience in the field of design and manufacturing, developed a new kind of side-rail bed table that combines easy handling and usage, safety and convenience.

The bed table is designed as a small foldable table, which can be hooked onto either the left or right side-rail of a bed. Its tabletop can be placed either above the mattress side (see photo 1) or when turned 180° above the floor (see photo 2).

Since the thickness of the side-rails in most nursing beds varies between 20mm to 60mm, the engaging claw of the table fits to the thickness of nearly all side-rails thanks to its special design.
For use, the table simply has to be hooked. If a safer fixing is required, an optional fastening belt can be attached.

Furthermore, an optional bottle and/or glass holder is provided to be plugged onto an edge of the table top. When not in use the table can be folded flat while remaining attached by the belt to the lowered side-rail (see photo 3).

The inventor is offering a license agreement to partners interested in starting a mass production of his invention to enter international markets.
Advantages and Innovations:
Conventional designs within this price range are bed trays, which have to be put above the patient´s lap and must be removed when not in use. Usually they are also much bigger and require more space, which is not available in every bedroom.

The newly developed product always stays in a solid position and can remain within the reach of the bedridden person all the time without hindering.

Since the construction is very simple, the invention is easy to handle, and it fits to almost every hospital or nursing bed.

It is useful for multiple storage purposes and can be produced at a rather low unit cost.
Stage of Development:
Prototype available for demonstration
Exclusive rights
CommeR Statunts Regarding IPR Status:
registered German utility model

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The inventor is looking for an industrial partner who has a commercial interest in manufacturing and marketing the product and is likely to obtain a license.

The ideal partner comes from the healthcare supplies industry.

The role of the partner will be:

- production of the product
- distribution of the product

The inventor is willing to sell the exclusive rights to the partner.


Type and Size of Client:
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
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Technology Keywords:
02007020 Biobased materials
03004011 Care, Hygiene, Beauty
06001023 Mobiliario médico
02002013 Moulding, injection moulding, sintering
02007014 Plastics, Polymers